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June 2016

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[Ep 2] Building Your Passion Based Business – Make Money Doing What You Love

In this episode, I’ll be talking about building a passion-based business. This way, your business will be based on something you love, rather than based on something you think will make money (which is how a lot of people end up building businesses – and end up hating what they are doing). We are The Millionaire Hippies, so in our case, we want to build businesses which are spiritual, abundant, easeful, and prosperous. If you are a major snowboarder, we…

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13 Questions That Will Help You Find Your Life Purpose

Are you living up to your infinite potential? This is a hard post to write because it reminds me of the time in my life when I was miserable and unfulfilled. But I want to do it to help everyone who’s dealing with this misery. It is such an important topic that I want to shout it out from the top of rooftops. I wish everyone knew what I know now. Before I Knew My Life Purpose Before I figured…

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[Ep 1] Meditation for Beginners – How I Started And How You Can Too!

Meditation Made Simple Hi guys! It took me some time to believe that I have something important to say and that anyone would ever listen to me. But finally, here’s my very first podcast and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it (and all of the next episodes)! In this episode, I wanted to talk about the most important thing anyone on this planet could do in order to improve their lives in all aspects (business, personal, health, relationships, and…

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6 Reasons Why I Quit My Job To Start My Online Business Without Any Safety Net

I don’t have a safety net. That’s why I’ll succeed. Let me explain why. Before I quit, for three months straight, I sat at my desk wondering why I was still there. Don’t get me wrong. I loved my job, I loved my boss, I loved my colleagues. I was lucky enough to be one of those rare individuals with a great boss and a great job. But there was this urge inside of me to start my own thing. I…

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12 Ways Taking Advantage Of The Consistency Factor Has Changed My Life

A few years back, I was rudderless. I had no direction. I went to university and got my Master’s degree only because everyone else I knew was doing that. I bought a condo because it seemed like everyone else was as well. I worked full-time in a 9-5 job because everyone else was doing that. I was living some one else’s life, because I was too lazy to think for myself. I was also extremely lazy. I could have stayed…

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