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July 2016

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[Ep 4] Stop Comparing Yourself With The Gurus – That’s Just Torture

In this episode, I’ll be talking about one of the easiest way to feel bad about ourselves as new entrepreneurs. It’s called Comparison syndrome, that is, comparing your stuff to the experts who have been in the field years longer than you. These gurus have been slogging it out in the field for decades longer than us, but for some reason, we have this incessant desire to compare ourselves to them, and then make ourselves feel terrible about the comparison. It’s the…

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4 In Consistency

10 Tasks That Show Consistency Is Boring (That’s Why Most People Don’t Stick With It)

How did I move from being an utter and complete failure, to the success I am right now? One simple technique. Consistency.  I know, I know! It isn’t as exciting as winning money in a lottery or hitting a really great penny stock. But it is the only thing I know of that has been the secret to success for hundreds of thousands of people. Those people who are quietly and boringly making a tiny little bit of progress every single…

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[Ep 3] The Fear Of Quitting Our 9-5 Jobs Paralyzes Most Of Us

Fear Is A Mind Killer In this episode, I’ll be talking about my own journey (a somewhat “rocky” journey) of quitting the 9-5 and starting my own online business based on my passions—meditation, spirituality, and digital nomading. We all want to quit the cubicle, travel the world, and work on a business that is based on our true passions (at least I think so based on the people I meet). We know we need to get out of that shit,…

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My Online Business Is My Life Purpose And It Drives Every Moment Of My Life

I woke up at 439am today to work on my life purpose – my online business. Yes, I’m a morning person. Please don’t hate me. But before I quit my 9-5 and started my own online business, I used to wake up at 7am thinking that’s early enough. Even so, I had no real purpose in life or aim. I meandered for a whole decade (from 22 to 32) I spent way too much of my time on drama. You…

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