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September 2016

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[Ep 18] World-Travelling Ukulele Player Shares How She Lives And Works

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of chatting with another amazing influencer, Brooke Palmer. I met Brooke years ago online when she read one of my posts about living a real life on my other blog, BrownVagabonder. She messaged me and we started a conversation and an online friendship that has lasted years now. I love the internet for this exact reason. You might not believe it but I have never met Brooke face-to-face, but we are still…

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My Meditation Practice Has Affected Every Single Aspect Of My Life

When I first started meditating, I did it, because it sounded like a good way to learn more about myself. Who am I, I asked in my journal over and over again. They said, meditation is a good way to get to know yourself. For whatever reason, I have always been interested in learning and knowing more about myself. The physical world is awesome, and I like living in it. But I spend a lot of time in myself, in…

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[Ep 17] You Are Never Too Old To Start An Online Business

In this episode, I had the great pleasure of chatting with Nick Pearson. I met Nick in an online forum for entrepreneurs and instantly realized that his style is different. I wanted to bring him on the show to show you that people of all ages and genders are changing their lives and living their passions every single day. He decided to start his online craft business, Endless Inspirations, at a point in his life, when most people his age…

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Life Purposes Are Malleable and Change Over Your Lifetime

Having life purposes matters. So many people ask me how I came up with my current life purpose (I help people live their Level 10 lives with my words, videos, and podcasts). They wonder about my brand name, The Millionaire Hippie, and about the FB group with the same name that I created. Why are you doing all of this, they ask? The Journey To My Life Purpose When people start asking me all of these questions, I know it is…

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3 Reasons I Have Decided To Move To Chiang Mai For Six Months

A few weeks ago, I decided that I will move to Chiang Mai for six months to work on my online business. The decision actually came as a surprise not only to myself, but all of the people around me. I have been happily plugging away on my business in Toronto in my little oasis of a condo downtown. I love Toronto, and I love the life I have here. Three Reasons I Decided To Move To Chiang Mai Here…

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