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April 2017

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Creative People Need Time To Play And Frolic

Recently, I have been having a lot of conversations with myself about play. It is a really recent phenomenon, actually, only ever since I moved to Chiang Mai (CM) and started playing a lot, and allowing my inner child to play and frolic. It’s been a long time. As most children that have to grow up way too fast in this competitive and mad-about-money world, I was the same. I needed to get rid of my stupid inner child mentality…

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Build Momentum In Your Life And Business Every Day

I had a dream recently. I was sitting down with a famous guru, and we were playing chess. I moved one chess piece, and then, he moved one, and we kept on playing over years it seemed. Time stood still at times, and then it rapidly moved at others. But when I woke up, I felt like my subconscious was trying to tell me something really important. It was so interesting to me, as my life right now is exactly…

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I Have Built Indestructible Trust In Myself

Over the past two years, I have done a lot of things that I was too afraid to do before. I built my courage one brick at a time, by doing what I was not comfortable doing. Every single time, I was able to beat my wavering self and do what needed to be done, despite the odds, I built a little bit of trust in myself. Until this point in time, right now, when I am at that point…

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Results Oriented To Process – How To Focus On The Right Stuff

From the time we are children, we are taught a mistruth. It’s such a mind-boggling lie, that I’m surprised society still deigns to teach little susceptible minds such a lie. I was taught this lie, as were you. It is the lie below. The only thing that matters in all that we do is that we succeed. It doesn’t matter if we gave our level best, or that we enjoy doing said items. If we do not succeed, that item…

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What Is Your Definition Of Success?

Society defines success in a weird manner. It is really f-ed up. Most people have this random goal in their head, that if achieved, would be the definition of success for them. So many of us believe that when or if we become millionaires, we will finally have that life that we dream of. One million dollars is that elusive and awesome goal that so many of us aspire to. I had the same random goal placed in my head…

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Trust The Universe Will Work For You Perfectly

One of my major failings as a human is that I don’t trust the universe enough. The good thing is that I am reminded constantly by forces all around me that the universe is kind, benevolent, and working in my favour 24/7. Why is this so important to remember? Because as entrepreneurs, we are understandably high achievers. We are also hard-aholics. We have this incessant desire or need to make everything harder than it needs to be. Most times if…

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