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Digital Nomads – Who Are They, And Why Do They Matter?

digital nomads matter

I dislike using the word ‘Underground Revolution’, because it makes Digital Nomads, DNs for short, seem like some nefarious rock band. But they are far cooler than that, in my opinion and that’s not because I claim to be part of that not-so-nefarious group. I think Digital Nomads matter in a way like most important revolutionary groups matter. I have been speaking to a lot of people in mainstream businesses, and they have told me the same thing over and…

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Yes To Science! I’m In The Best Shape Of My Life!

scientific research enhances fitness

Three years ago, I had a health scare. At 30, I found out I had high cholesterol. It was a shitty thing, of course, but it was shittier, because I thought I was doing all the right things. I had been been going to yoga 2-3 times a week, I had been restricting my calorie intake as much as possible, I had been taking one cheat day a week, and I had been avoiding juices. But it was obviously not…

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Do You Know What It’s Like To Be Hungry?


We are the lucky ones. I have never ever had occasion to be hungry in my life. I have never known what it’s like to skip meals, unless I did it deliberately to lose weight, or follow a meditation retreat’s bylaws. Have you ever known what it’s like to be hungry? I have never. Even when I was young, and my family had very little, one thing my parents always made sure was to feed us. Even if there wasn’t…

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Chiang Mai Is The Flow Capital Of The World

access flow state easier

I have discovered this fact about Chiang Mai, with a bunch of other dilettantes and I had to share. Why not keep the secret to myself? Because the people who are going to feel flow in Chiang Mai are the kind of people I want to meet. In reality, most people will not feel the flow quality of Chiang Mai and they will leave. This post is going to be all about what is flow state, and why I think…

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Hows That One Year Plan Working Out For You?

one year business plan

I met up with a friend recently. In fact, I have met up with a bunch of friends recently in Toronto as I have come back for a short sojourn to say hello and goodbye all in the same breath. I sit down with each friend, in a different location, but the conversation surprisingly runs exactly the same. The questions are asked entirely by them. All of my attempts to ask them about their life is thwarted by the comment,…

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Money Mindset Issues? Meditate To Bring Abundance Into Your Life.

money mindset issues

Having hung out with people of all statures, I realize that the only different between people with money and without is their mindset. It is actually fascinating to me, to hang out with really rich people, vs. not-so-rich people in the same day. The difference is quite stark. There is no distinguishing between the two. Anyone who wants to become a millionaire or abundant in anyway needs to work on their mindset before anything else. It has been said, that…

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When You Are Working On Your Stuff, You Are Never Alone

lonely entrepreneurs

I was having coffee with a friend of mine the other day, and she asked me a question that made me think. So as usual, I used it as fodder for a new blog post, and here we are. She asked me the following question. ‘Do you ever get lonely when you are working all day by yourself? Or when you are travelling on your own as a digital nomad?’ Wow. Such a great question. She said a lot more,…

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Energy Management Should Be Your Highest Priority

energy management

The more I move around in the world as a digital nomad, the more I get to interact with people from all different backgrounds, and different energies. Not everyone I come into contact with is balanced, and knows how to keep their energies equanimous. So sometimes, actually, often times, I run into people who are energy vampires of sorts. They use drama, high emotions, and arguments to bring more excitement into their lives. And because we are human, and we…

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People Be Like, How Much Money Are You Making Now?

successful businesses make money

In normal society, asking someone how much they make is absolutely taboo. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad. But that’s how it is. But for some reason, the tables turn when you start a business. All of a sudden, all the inner workings of your finances, and your business are fodder for everyone’s conversations, and questions. Strangers will emerge from the woodwork like scary zombies, and ask you extremely personal questions about your business and work…

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