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November 2017

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Do You Care About What You Are Doing With Your Life?

soul death hits hard

The question I ask in the title is a question I ask myself on an almost rhythmic daily basis. Every moment of every day, I am sitting down doing something either on my own, or with someone. And the question comes up for me in those moments. Our life, as a human being, as a sentient being, is made up of moments. Each life is a string of moments. We think it’s about the days, and the weeks, and the…

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Is A Project Only Successful If It Makes Money?

money measures success

You guys know most of the posts I write on here are based on real life meanderings of my brain. I literally spend hours in my apartment pondering over random ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and other stuff. I share most of it on here, because I have a philosophy in life – If I am going through something, there are probably hundreds others who are going through exactly the same thing. It is a certainty to me, as it gets…

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