Our Heart Always ‘Knows’ Faster Than Our Heads

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I was speaking to a friend of mine recently and she asked me a question that acted like a sort of eureka moment for me. She asked me how much longer I was going to keep thinking that I had some kind of time debt to pay off. And how much longer would it take for me to pay off that debt.

You see, even though, I am living my ideal life right now, I feel like I wasted my life basically from the time I was 21 to around the age of 29. It was all about partying, wasting time and energy on nonsense, clubbing and drinking, buying too much shit, and running after the next shiny object. Even speaking about it makes me really angry and disappointed in myself.

Of course, if you believe that everything is happening for a reason, then that phase in my life had to happen for this phase in my life to begin. But, and this is a big but in my head, I couldn’t accept that theory for the longest time. The only thought that went round and round in my head was that I wasted my best years, on nothingness. I wasted my time, and energy on nonsense.

I felt like a failure, and if I had to stop feeling like a failure, I had to pay back those years, by working twice or thrice or ten times as hard right now.


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Think Of Everything You Do As Seeds You Are Planting

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When an oak tree puts out acorns, it knows not all acorns are actually going to result into another oak tree. In fact, one oak tree can put as many as 10,000 acorns in their masting year. And statistically, only one of those acorns is going to take seed properly and grow into a fully-grown oak tree. If you think those are poor stats, I absolutely agree. (Btw, these stats are from the fascinating book, The Hidden Life Of Trees, which I highly recommend). I actually use the same analogy for myself when I do my work. People ask me why I do so many things, and I work such long hours. There are many reasons for it, one of them being that I wasted my entire 20s drinking, partying, and being stupid, so now it's my time to catch up. But more importantly, I know how this universe works, and how the planting of ideas takes fruition. Out of the hundreds…

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Peace Doesn’t Come To Us In A Moment In The Future

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When we are here in this moment in time, and if we aren’t happy in this moment in time, we believe our peace and happiness lies somewhere in the future. It’s there, out there somewhere. It’s not here, it’s not here with me, but out there.

Maybe, our happiness is attached to some car, or some purse, or some person, or some destination. Once, we get there, we will be happy. By now, all of you must know this story and how it ends.

The universe can be rather dastardly in giving us its teachings. We teach that thing that we had been working towards, and all of a sudden, we realize we are still not happy.

Damn! Okay, no worries. I’m sure my happiness is somewhere in the future, somewhere out there, somewhere in that next t-shirt I will buy. Or that beautiful person that I will date. Or that Korean drama that I will watch.


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The Stoic Concept Of Loving Your Fate Is So Beautiful

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I was listening to some beautiful Japanese anime music, when it happened. My car was hit in the back by someone who didn’t stop in time because perhaps they were distracted. Of course, they were at fault. Not only because in my city and province, the rule states so, but also, because he admitted that he was in a hurry.

I ended up consoling the poor guy, because he was so filled with fear, and was shaking with it. His lips and hands were trembling. I felt so terrible for him. As I sat back in the car, after exchanging insurance information with him, I had this interesting thought. I wondered to myself why the beautiful and generous universe had decided to send me this car accident at this time. What was her reasoning?

I am a sort of reverse paranoid, where I believe the universe is always working towards ensuring that I am happy, healthy, and living my best life. Everything the universe does for me is to ensure that something good happens for me.  (more…)

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5 Powerful Daily Practices That Are Free And Life-Changing If Done Consistently

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Powerful Daily Practices

A few days ago, during my morning routine, I realized that all of the different powerful daily practices that I do for my health, wellness, and well-being, are free.

Well, almost all. And I couldn’t believe it. The idea that your health can be repaired and rejuvenated for free, is mysterious, isn’t it?

We are all always looking for that special pill. That magical fountain. We think these cures will cost a fortune. But we tell ourselves it’s okay, because the idea is the more something costs, the better it works. Right??

Your Health Doesn’t Require a Lot of Money, but These Powerful Daily Practices

The reason I wanted to share this with you, is because perhaps a lot of you out there are thinking the same thing. That your health requires a lot of money and a lot of time to repair.

You might be thinking that you need fancy equipment or measures in order to become the best version of yourself. I’m here to tell you, you are absolutely wrong.

The powerful daily practices I mention in this blog post are so simple to do. Moreover, they are free and can be done without any equipment, in the comfort of your bedroom.

They don’t need any preambles (except perhaps speaking to your family physician, in case you have certain medical contraindications).

There are many different things you can do to repair and rejuvenate yourself, but in this blog post, I will be focusing on the ones that I have already tried. These are tried and tested by me, which means, I know that they have worked for me.

Of course, your body might be different, so I would recommend trying out these techniques for yourself and seeing its effects on your own health.


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Digital Nomads Are Living An AntiStagnation Lifestyle

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When I first heard of the Digital Nomad lifestyle, I imagined that it would be the absolute perfect fit for me. In so many ways, it has been. But the reason why I love being on the road so much is because to me, a digital nomad is living the antistagnation lifestyle. There is no way that a digital nomad after all of that travel, movement, learning, and personal growth, could stay stagnant in any area of their life. Not only are you learning a lot from the process of travelling for a majority of your life, but also, you are learning from the other like-minded and un-like minded folks on the road. Each culture, and city that you travel to and live in, teaches you something new about the world. In addition, each travelling day when you are far away from family, friends, and familiarity, teaches you something about yourself. What Is Your Mettle Like? Digital Nomads Know. Until I started…

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Having An Internal Point Of Reference Makes Decision Making Easier

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I visited my friend Zita, recently at a tiny beach town in Mexico, called Sayulita. She was chatting at a dinner about her recent trip to Las Vegas, and how when she told her friend about the trip, the friend said immediately, “You are so lucky you are in party central.” My friend quickly informed her that she sleeps early and has no intention of going to any parties, drinking, or clubbing at all. Her friend was so disappointed in her, and said, “You HAVE to go to at least one party when you are in Vegas.”

We then started talking about internal points of reference vs. external, and how this was a really good example of a person who holds themselves by external points of reference, rather than internal. My friend, Zita, of course, had a very strong internal point of reference, which told her, that if she didn’t want to dancing, or partying, even if everyone else in Vegas was doing that, she didn’t have to.

An internal point of reference makes judgements, decisions, and holds beliefs, based on something inside of them, some belief system or vision that they hold dear to themselves. They are the kinds of people who will do something even if no one else on the planet is doing it, if it is important to them. And they are the kinds of people who refuse to do something if they don’t wish to, even if every other person on the planet is doing it. (more…)

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Comparison, Not Fear, Is The Real Mind Killer

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You are not good enough, comparison says to me everyday. I look at social media posts, and comparison tells me, I will never be good enough. I was never good enough to start, and I am going to end up being not good enough, even more.

Comparison tells me that I am ugly, fat, and stupid. It tells me that everyone else, out there, in the real world, is having more fun than me. That they are doing it better than me, no matter what ‘it’ might be. They are better at yoga than me. They are better meditators than me. Hell, they are even better lovers than me.

Comparison tells me I suck at life, I suck at adulting, and I suck at everything that I put my head and heart into. I hate myself, because of comparison. Comparison makes my life a living hell. (more…)

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You Are A Writer, Because You Write. You Are A Dancer, Because You Dance.

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I have noticed this tendency in me to brush off people when they tell me, “Oh, that’s wonderful. You are a writer.” This usually happens when I tell them that I write every single day, that I am a writer at heart, and that I have a few novels published on Amazon. I laugh it off. “Oh, no, I’m not a ‘real’ writer. I don’t have ‘real’ novels published, by ‘real’ publishing houses, and I am not recognized by the literary world as a ‘real’ writer.”

Of course, I have realized that this is all nonsense. I never say this exact thing to someone else who tells me they have a novel published or they are writing a blog. If they are writing, they are a writer to me. I realize that people unnecessarily put random criteria on these things.

I’m only a writer if I have a book published by a major publishing house. Or I am only a dancer if I appear on a dance show or in a dance troupe. I am only a musician if I have an album, and fans. I am only something if I am recognized by hundreds of others for it. And perhaps, also paid hundreds of dollars for it. Preferably millions. (more…)

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