Why Did I Start Meditating? What Did It Get Me?

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Recently, I started thinking about the first time, I meditated, and it bought up a host of memories for me. Such an interesting journey it has been for me, and I wanted to share a bit of it with you. Hopefully, you will find it interesting, enlightening, and engaging.

I did my first meditation session when I did my Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 in Toronto. One of our instructors would sit us down in a tiny closed off room, with the lights dimmed down, and guide us through a brief meditation, perhaps, 15 or 20 minutes. I remember the feeling of sitting down, and having nothing to do. Sitting down, and being able to think of nothing. Really being in my body, and feeling every corpuscle of it. It was absolutely amazing.

When my teacher training finished, I wanted to continue on with it, and so I searched for some music that I could play, and I downloaded it and burned it onto this CD. I don’t remember now what song it was, or who was singing. But I remember that there was a didgeridoo playing, which was an interesting experience in itself.

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Here Are 9 Steps To Manifest Dream Job In 9 years

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I am not writing this post so you can admire me from afar, gazing at me with adulation, looking at me with envy, and all of that jazz. I am writing this post to show you that good things come to those who are persistent and consistent about it.

Not for a second do I want you to believe that you will get your dream job if you do all of these steps for 9 years straight. I don’t want you banging on my door in 9 years, telling me, I’m a fraud.

In fact, I do not believe that most people will read this post and actually follow all of the steps.

Of course not! I mean, 9 years?! That’s way too long. I might be dead by then. I might be in jail, or handing out candy to strange kids in Thailand. Or who knows what. You know??

I get it. Absolutely get it. I get it up the wazoo.

But I had to write this post for myself. To prove to myself that I am not crazy, that I have my dream job, that I am not dreaming, that dreams do come true, that consistency works, and that I am so freaking grateful.

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Do People Call You Lucky? Why Do People Attribute Success To Luck?

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I recently got my dream job offered to me on a platter. It was unexpected on all counts. Not only was I not expecting to get the job, even though I applied for it with a full heart, I didn’t expect to get it so quickly. I applied one day in the afternoon, in a random meeting with my current boss, and then the next day, I met with the owner and my boss, and they offered me the job. I mean, it is insane. I still can’t believe it. I have to pinch myself every day to believe it.

Now, I am surprised that they offered me the job for many different reasons. But the main thing is that in my head, I had this delusion or disillusion that I am not ready to work at my dream place yet. I have to grow more. Maybe even become more. I have to do more work on myself. I have to learn more about myself and this world. There were all of these assumptions that I had in my head.

But I didn’t let them hold me back. Even if I didn’t believe I would get the job, I applied wholeheartedly with visualizations, and affirmations. “I believe I will get the job. I believe I am ready for the job. I believe I am the perfect person for the job.” And so on.

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Why Is Trust And Surrender My Word For 2018?

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I have been having a lot of conversations with friends, and family, about how I can improve myself in this new year. I have been doing a lot of creative work, which is nice. But I think I would like a bit of balance, and I would also like to keep on growing. So, of course, I go to the people who I think know me best, and ask them. What do you think I should be bringing more of in 2018? What am I missing that would enhance my life and my growth?

It’s weird how the same thing came back to me over and over again. No matter who I asked, they all said that I needed to stop being so hard on myself, stop working so crazy hard, and start trusting the world, and people more.

Now, I don’t know if they all had an intervention-style meeting, and discussed this before talking to me. But, I got the hint.

Not only do I realize that people think I need to let go and trust more. But I realize this for myself.

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If You Are A Private Individual, But You Want To Be Online

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So many people message me all the time asking me a similar question. How are you able to put yourself out there on social media and online, in so many different ways, all the time, without feeling afraid of the repercussions? It’s such a weird question for me to be asked, because this is such a recent phenomena for me. It was only 2 years ago, that I was one of those people asking this exact same question in my head.

I wanted to build an online business. I wanted an online presence, because that’s where the market is moving towards, but I was afraid to be online. Afraid to put my face and image and stuff online, because that meant that people could “find me”. Afraid to put myself out there, because that meant that people could make fun of me, and could reject me, or send me nasty messages.

So much fear inside of me. I was afraid of so many things.

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