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November 2018

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5 Powerful Practices That Are Free And Life-Changing If Done Daily

I was sitting a few days ago, doing my morning routine, and I realized that all of the different things that I do for my health, wellness, and well-being, are free. Well, almost all. And I couldn’t believe it. The idea that your health can be repaired and rejuvenated for free, is a mysterious idea, isn’t it? I mean, we are all always looking for that special pill, that magical fountain. We think these cures will cost a lot of…

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Digital Nomads Are Living An AntiStagnation Lifestyle

When I first heard of the Digital Nomad lifestyle, I imagined that it would be the absolute perfect fit for me. In so many ways, it has been. But the reason why I love being on the road so much is because to me, a digital nomad is living the antistagnation lifestyle. There is no way that a digital nomad after all of that travel, movement, learning, and personal growth, could stay stagnant in any area of their life. Not…

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Having An Internal Point Of Reference Makes Decision Making Easier

I visited my friend Zita, recently at a tiny beach town in Mexico, called Sayulita. She was chatting at a dinner about her recent trip to Las Vegas, and how when she told her friend about the trip, the friend said immediately, “You are so lucky you are in party central.” My friend quickly informed her that she sleeps early and has no intention of going to any parties, drinking, or clubbing at all. Her friend was so disappointed in…

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0 In Doubt

Comparison, Not Fear, Is The Real Mind Killer

You are not good enough, comparison says to me everyday. I look at social media posts, and comparison tells me, I will never be good enough. I was never good enough to start, and I am going to end up being not good enough, even more. Comparison tells me that I am ugly, fat, and stupid. It tells me that everyone else, out there, in the real world, is having more fun than me. That they are doing it better…

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