INFJs Have A Tendency To Be Insomniacs When In Their Default Mode Of Obsessing, Learning, And Growing

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INFJs don’t know how to take care of themselves. We really don’t. I mean, we are good at taking care of others. We know exactly what all of the people, whom we love in our life, need. Exactly and always. We will be able to tell you how much food you need, how much alone time, how much water, and …

INFJs Wear The Label Of Counselor Quite Seriously – We Don’t Take Other People’s Needs Lightly, But That Ends Up Hurting Us Sometimes

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The label of a counselor is a heavy one to carry. Just because INFJs are supposedly counselors, it doesn’t mean that we are counselors 24/7, or that we are on the job 24/7. Unfortunately, that’s what people assume about us, and that means that we spend a lot of our time being counselors when we are just too exhausted for …

Why Do INFJs Hate Being Touched By Strangers? – It’s All About Contamination In My Opinion

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I’m originally from India. Although I was 5 months old when my parents moved us first to the Middle East, and then to Canada. I’m grateful as an INFJ that my parents did move us, because Indians have really no concept of personal space. Which means that whenever I go back to visit my relatives, even though I love them …

Introverts Overanalyze Situations Because We Are Afraid Of Not Being Prepared For All Eventualities

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One of the reasons introverts spend so much time by themselves, and in their heads, is because they are spending a lot of their time in overanalyze mode, and overthinking. We do this, not necessarily because it’s enjoyable in any shape or form. It’s not as if we like to spend time suffering in our mental prisons.