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May 2020


Why Is The INFJ Iโ€™m Dating Slowly Pulling Away From Me?

One of the magnificent things about having a YouTube channel about INFJs is many non-INFJs message me asking questions about their beloved INFJs and about a potential doorslam. This really makes me ecstatic. I know how hard it can be for an INFJ, one of the introverted Myers-Briggs personality types, to be in a relationship, especially a romantic one. So, I take these questions as an opportunity to help my fellow INFJs find long-lasting love.  Time after time, INTJs, INFPs,…

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INFJs Need A Couple Of Hours Every Night To Detox, Process, And Let Go Of A Busy Day

Mood swings suck, don’t they?? I am visiting my family at the moment in Toronto, Canada. Even though, I absolutely adore them to death, I have realized that if I spend too much time with them, without a break, I start feeling an immense amount of rage, and resentment towards them. Itโ€™s wholly without reason, and I know it is related to the lack of alone time, and not related to them at all.ย  Nowadays, I am able to catch…

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