Archetypes Narrative And The Jungian Shadow

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In this article, my aim is to demonstrate the abstraction of our cultural (archetypes) narrative from the human experience and vice versa. How our stories are reflections of our journey through life and how they are encoded into the structure of the psyche.

I will draw heavily on the concept of The Heroes Journey as put forward by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I will also use Mythology, Religion and Jungian Psychology to demonstrate their consilience and relationship to our experiences as human beings.

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Why Do I Think I Will Change If I Don’t Work At It?

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Is change without effort possible? Of course not, but then why do we believe that it is.

Recently, my goal has been to change the way I do my yoga practice in the morning. Normally, what I do is I do a half-assed job of practicing. I am standing there, in a yoga pose, in an asana, and completely not focused on what I am doing. My body is in the pose, in the asana, in the correct posture. But my mind is far far away, in a land not even in the same dimension.

That’s really the worst way to do a yoga pose, because there’s really no awareness or attention there, and it would be the same as not even doing the pose at all. All of the benefits of the pose are negated, because I am spending all of my time thinking about the recent thing that happened to me, negative and terrible thing, I should add, and how I am going to bash that negative thing to the ground, by saying this or doing that.

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