“The work of the eyes is done. Go now and do the heart-work on the images imprisoned within you.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

Meaning behind “Millionaire Hippie”

I have spent way too much of my time believing the false idea that spirituality and abundance are mutually exclusive, that if you believe in the divine or love God, that you cannot love abundance or money or luxury at the same time. I think this idea is the reason a lot of spiritual people are broke, and reliant upon others for their daily bread. Why does it have to be this way? If God created everything on this planet, then he created money as well, and thus, it is also Godly. Of course, humans can put the wrong spin on everything, as we have seen time and time again with sexuality and its convoluted meanings.

Money isn’t bad. Nothing is good or bad, only thinking makes it so. That’s why I wanted to create a website where I speak about everything under the sun, not excluding anything. I also want to be as abundant as the wind and the sun while I do this. I’m not holding back anymore. The world is my oyster, and the limit doesn’t exist. I want you to feel the resonance of my teachings and inculcate those ideas into your own life. I hope this makes sense to you all.

About the Millionaire Hippie

Hey everyone!

My name is Boom Shikha, and I welcome you to my little piece of the world. I am a writer at heart and I have been writing since the age of 12. I love being creative and am always working on a new creative project, be it a novel, a website, or a membership site. I quit my corporate job in March 2016 and I have been on my own ever since, building my business, writing, and creating YouTube videos. I also have two podcasts, the INFJ Whisperer, and the Millionaire Hippie Podcast.

I am big into minimalism, and I love the idea of being able to pack everything I own into one bag, to travel around the world. I am a digital nomad, so I earn my income from online endeavors, and I am location independent, time-free, and I am working towards financial freedom. I write a lot, and you will find my books on the website.

I created this website, because I wanted one space where everyone in the world could come to see what Boom Shikha aka “The Millionaire Hippie” is all about. I want you to purchase my books and my courses, join my membership site, and communicate with me through this one medium.

I also have a lot to share, on varied subjects, like spirituality, consciousness, awakening, flow state, creativity, nutrition, alternative healing modalities. And more. You will notice that I’m pretty prolific in my writing, and video creation, as you browse the site.

My mission with my writing is to help you become better and better every single day, to feel less alone and lonely in the world, to fill yourself up on your Soul Vitamins, and to awaken to the truth of the world and its realities. I guess I could say I am a spiritual counselor that uses words, and videos to awaken the souls of the people reading and watching. If I can open your eyes and heart up to even a single new idea through my work, I will feel that I have accomplished my life’s mission.

Why do I write and create?

There’s this deep hunger within all humans, and particularly within me, to create, to make something new that didn’t exist in the world before. This hunger has been within me since I was a little child. I created many stories then, mostly recited to my friends after long days in the park, cycling and running around. I am still creating stories, but also more than that.

I have a voice that had been suppressed for so long, because I was a woman in a patriarchal society and I was expected to be a good little girl who stayed quiet, who was seen but not heard, who got good grades, studied, but did nothing else out of the ordinary. I wanted to break out of that mold and I used my writing to break free. Whenever I write, I feel free. Like nothing can hold me back anymore. Like I am flying in the sky, unencumbered. I feel the same when I create videos, or websites, or membership sites, or any other product of mine.

My throat chakra comes alive, and I feel like I am ready to soar into space, into the different dimensions, into the astral world, into the parallel universes.

If you want more of me…

… if you want to pick at my brain, or ask me questions, to learn from me, and grow, then the best way to do it is to get coached by me. You can message me by filling out the contact form below or emailing me at boomshikha at themillionairehippie dot com. It’s the way you can get a piece of my soul.

It doesn’t get more Boom than this.

Boom Shikha

Here are some other things you might like to know about me…

  • Shikha means “the peak of a mountain” in Sanskrit (I’m originally from India)
  • Boom is my nickname from my modeling days where my male colleagues would emulate a bomb blasting as I walked past them
  • I was born in New Delhi, but then moved around a lot almost all of my life, to the Middle East, Canada, Thailand, and more
  • I’m an INFJ (Myer Briggs Personality Type) and Type 4 Enneagram (Individualist)
  • I was born on the 24th of August and am a Virgo
  • Elemental sign: Earth
  • Favorite gemstones: Turquoise, Quartz, and Amethyst
  • Favorite color: Purple
  • I adore anything that merges psychology + spirituality + quantum
  • I’m a professional writer and YouTuber
  • I’m an introvert, empath, old soul, and highly sensitive person

Comments 22

  1. Hello Boom Shikha! Thanks so much for the videos. I’m an INFJ & its so hilarious to listen to your videos as you remind my of a female version of myself. Your education on our type is the best I’ve seen & of course I dig your sense of humor! Keep up the amazing work you’re doing, it is a treasure for helping the younger INFJs to help develop as well helping others understand our type:)

    1. Boom Shikha Post
  2. I really appreciate what your doing for people.im new to your channel and every thing you speak about resonates with me totally.May God bless you in all your endeavors.

    1. Boom Shikha Post
  3. Hi, I am used to listen to your videos and they are good and touching. I want to talk to you in person, if possible please share your Skype through email()

    Keep going…All the best..


    1. Boom Shikha Post
  4. I stumbled upon this lady Boom Shikha talking about her personality type and watched her YouTube video kind/evil WOW , I’m identical, she’s my soulmate,and I love this woman!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Boom Shikha Post
  5. Hi Boom Shikha, I am currently a senior in hs going off to college soon, and I am also an INFJ. I struggling to find what I want to do with my life. I decided to study business, but I feel like I only decided on that because it will get me a decent salary. I am living in a generation where there are so many opportunities and I can live the life I want, yet I feel like I have to submit myself to a boring corporate job. Can you share your advice?

    1. Boom Shikha Post

      Of course, you have to submit to a corporate job, if you don’t have any other options. Unless you are able to build something outside of it, you have no other choice. 🙂 That’s life, my friend. Being an adult requires making sacrifices.

  6. Hello I have just found you and after 60 years of life I have only just found out that I am a INFJ from another infj woman I have recently met I have started watching your videos and I am now starting to understand who and what I am thank you

    1. Boom Shikha Post
  7. Hi Boom!
    37 year old from Brisbane Australia here.
    I had the MBTI/INFJ realization / epiphany only just a few weeks ago.
    And like all those that have come before me, I have since been single minded in my determination to consume every piece of available information in existence!

    Your Youtube channel has become my ‘INFJ home base’ and I’ve been listening to your podcasts when I’ve been traveling around. This is the first time that I have ever felt the urge to provide feedback on the internet – I guess that might be because it feels like you already know me so well ! Ha ha…

    You are doing a fantastic job shining your light and guiding others down the path that they were meant to walk.
    PS. Another first for me – I’m going over now to donate on your Ko-fi!

    1. Boom Shikha Post
    1. Boom Shikha Post
  8. I Just found you and I really enjoy your words, writing, and videos; you have a good energy. It’s nice to know I’m not the only ‘loner’ and ‘alien’ here on this planet. Thank you for being here. I’m mad that I didn’t find you five years ago, but am grateful for it now. And Thank You for some hope and motivation.

    1. Boom Shikha Post
    1. Boom Shikha Post
    1. Boom Shikha Post

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