Simplify Everything Now

Everything Is Simpler Than We Actually Make It Out To Be

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This post is all about the philosophy I follow – simplify everything now. A few months ago, I heard this story about entrepreneurship from Denise Duffields-Thomas who wrote the book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. It exemplified for me the importance of going back to the basics, of taking back control by making things as simple as possible. She said this, …

Total And Utter Freedom Is The New Real Wealth

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I have been in observation mode since I landed in Chiang Mai (CM), watching the Farangs (the foreigners/expats), and the local Thai people. I started wondering what exactly indicates someone is wealthy, or someone is poor, in today’s world. If you walk around the markets in CM, you will notice knock-offs for any and every brand you can think of. I …