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Your Heart Space Is Waiting for You to Pay Attention

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Yesterday it was a full moon. Normally, the full moon affects me a bit. But yesterday, it affected me a lot. It was as if everything in my life should be rewritten. I hated my job, my country, my life, my limbs, my everything. My heart space was tight.

I wanted to hit the reset button, but there was none to be found. It was as if I was in the middle of a great storm, and I couldn’t see my way out of it. I was in the thick of things, and I was mired with doubts, frustrations, and anxieties.

It was not a good place to be in.

Normally, what I do with these situations is I hit the reset button on myself, by going to sleep. A meal and a nap, if it’s the middle of the day, or a long night of restful sleep, if it’s nighttime, does the trick.

Perhaps, this sleep tactic works for you as well?

But I also realized that by sleeping my problems away, I might be running away from them.

Lean Into Heart Space First, and Feel the Emotion if You Can

Usually, this is what I try first, if I can, if I have the energy for it, and emotional wherewithal. I lean into the problem that I feel – usually that means feeling into my heart, and seeing what’s coming up there.

For example, yesterday, I felt weepy, frustrated, and angry. It was a hodge-podge of emotions, and it confused me. So, I felt into my heart. It basically feels like poking your head into your hear space, with your consciousness and taking a look around.

What does it look like in there? Have you ever taken a look? Have you ever seen what’s going on in your heart space? Probably not.

Unravel Your Heart Space and Let It Speak to You

That’s what I did yesterday. I was laying in bed, so it was easy. I poked my head into my heart, and felt into it. Once I brought this level of consciousness to my heart, it started to soften and unravel itself.

Like a ball of yarn that’s been tangled up so tight, that no matter how hard you pull at the threads they just keep on getting tighter. But with a bit of patience, and a lot of consciousness, you figure out which thread to pull at, and in a few minutes, the whole thing unravels, and the tightness of the yarn disappears, leaving you with yarn you can work with.

The same with your heart space. Because most of us are not used to peeking in there, it remains an unknown, and rather intimidating space.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not even a bit.

Speak to Your Heart Space Daily if Possible

The problem is that most of us feel that our heart spaces are some sort of unknown and unknowable territories. We steer clear of them, as if they are a danger zone, marked up with big boards saying, ‘Do Not Enter.’

But it’s not like that at all.

In fact, if you can make it a practice to go into your heart space at least once or twice a week, if not daily, you would notice that your heart space reveals a lot of information to you.

Even though we might consider emotions to be an annoyance, they are actually guideposts to something greater. They are there to give us a signal to the inner workings of our subconscious.

When we don’t exactly know what our emotions are, we get disturbed or confused by them.

But when we deal with them on a regular basis, by leaning into our heart space, we get to learn their specific nuances, which teaches us what their deeper messages are.

When I peeked in yesterday, to my heart space, it told me that I was feeling frustrated because I wasn’t allowing myself enough time to play and have fun with the stuff I was doing. I was becoming way too serious about my projects, and about life in general.

Phew! Big lesson to drop on me. But highly poignant.

If We Don’t Pay Attention, We Don’t Understand the Lessons From Our Heart

The problem is that our mind likes to convolute the messages that come from our heart space. It likes to believe (and we do as well) that our mind knows better.

We are a society that lauds the mind, and denigrates the heart space.

The mind is superior to the heart, we believe in Western civilization. But the truth is that the mind can be easily manipulated, but the heart cannot. The heart space knows what it wants and that’s all. No arguments needed or wanted.

As soon as you start listening to the divine wisdom that sits in your heart space, all of a sudden, you will start blossoming like a sunflower in strong sunlight. It’s beautiful to witness and experience.

The heart space has so many lessons for you, and instead of ignoring them or being fearful of them, start listening to them, and start using them to better your life, right now.

The Mind Needs to Be Quietened up for Us to Hear the Heart

Most of our minds are so loud that we cannot hear what our heart space is trying to tell us.

Therefore, the first step in this journey of peeking into your heart space is to make your mind a bit quieter. It’s so noisy in there, you can’t hear anything at all.

Stop. Be still. Meditate. Quieten the mind.

And you will notice as soon as the quiet alights upon you like a bee upon a flower, that the heart space has so many important things to tell you.

Messages that you have been missing out on, because your mind was too loud. Too loud for you to garner those messages.

Have you ever tried to peek into your heart space? Have you ever stilled the mind enough to listen to your heart space? Probably not. If you have, good for you. If not, start now. It might sound abstract, but it’s important enough to get you moving on the right path.

The path towards self-awareness and the knowledge of your supreme self.

Boom Shikha

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