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Saying No Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Learn

When I was younger, I thought a mark of a successful person, a successful woman, was one who would say ‘Yes’ to everyone and everything. IF I could be one of those superwomen, who does everything, and who is able to balance everything, then I would be successful. I needed to be the perfect daughter, perfect sister, perfect employee, perfect friend/coworker, perfect lover, perfect dresser, and more. If I wasn’t saying yes to everything, and moreover, doing everything perfectly, then…

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It Isn’t Enough To Be Talented Anymore, You Need To Have Edge

If you spend any time on social media of any kind, or any online forum, you realize one thing quickly enough. There are a lot of extremely talented, creative, and mindblowingly original artists and people out there. Seriously! There are so many crazy weird ways to be creative nowadays, that it absolutely makes my mind spin and boggle. Okay, so there are a lot of talented people out there. What does this mean for the rest of us? That’s the…

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Biggest Mistake Is To Assume Other People Think Like You

One of the first times I realized that people think differently from each other was when I saw the post about the glass half full, and glass half empty. How an optimist vs. a pessimist views a glass of water. It was really fascinating to me, that people could be looking at the same exact thing, and be seeing completely different things. I also read that people have different colour rods in their eyes, and that means, that if you…

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All People Want Is To Be Heard And Understood

A few months ago, I started speaking about a specific kind of personality type on YouTube called INFJs. We are supposedly the rarest personality type in the world, and highly misunderstood, and confused about ourselves. I know, because I am an INFJ, and it took me a long time to understand myself. It took years of journaling, reflection, observation, meditation, and yoga for me to get to a basic understanding of myself. I decided to start this YouTube channel because…

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It Is Your Aversion To Suffering That Hurts More (Love Suffering)

When I am out in the world, I feel like a sophisticated, adult, mature, and generally well-rounded person. I feel good. Awesome. Exceptional at times, even. But, as soon as I visit my parents, through no fault of their own, but all because of the ideas and prejudices that I have cultivated in my mind palace, I feel like I am a child again, who doesn’t know what she’s doing, and has no clue where she’s going in life. I…

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Its Better To Be In The Arena Getting Stomped By The Bull

The professional keeps his eye on the doughnut and not on the hole. He reminds himself it’s better to be in the arena, getting stomped by the bull, than to be up in the stands or out in the parking lot. – The War Of Art, Steven Pressfield I would say for 90% of my life, I was not in the arena that I wanted to be in. In fact, I was so far away from the arena, that I…

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I Don’t Want To Be Numbed, I Want To Feel Life Fully

Recently, I was sitting with a couple of women friends of mine. Not close friends or anything. Acquaintances. People I want to get to know better, I think. It’s always iffy with me, because people tire me out so much. But it was a beach party, and I was sitting with them, and I felt like it was a good decision overall. I mean, I was being social. “Look ma, I’m out with people. Not in my room doing my…

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Can We Just Stop Talking About Shit And Actually Do Something?

Recently, I was sitting with an acquaintance of mine. She wanted to pick my brain, and even though, I absolutely despise that phrase, I decided to do it, because I don’t want to be a completely selfish human being. As we were sitting down, and chatting, I explained to her that I go to bed at around 730 or 8pm, because my nighttime routines take a bit of time, so I actually fall asleep around 830 or 9pm. And then,…

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Turning 30 Triggered Some Kind Of Fire In Me

I’m sure this is the same for a lot of people on this planet. My quarter-life crisis didn’t come to me until I turned 30. When I was 25, I was still foolish, still searching, and still dreaming. I thought everything would work out perfectly, because I still had a lot of time. But when I turned 30, all of a sudden, there was this alarm bell that rang out in my head that said, “Warning, warning, you are 30,…

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