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Do You Care About What You Are Doing With Your Life?

soul death hits hard

The question I ask in the title is a question I ask myself on an almost rhythmic daily basis. Every moment of every day, I am sitting down doing something either on my own, or with someone. And the question comes up for me in those moments. Our life, as a human being, as a sentient being, is made up of moments. Each life is a string of moments. We think it’s about the days, and the weeks, and the…

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Is A Project Only Successful If It Makes Money?

money measures success

You guys know most of the posts I write on here are based on real life meanderings of my brain. I literally spend hours in my apartment pondering over random ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and other stuff. I share most of it on here, because I have a philosophy in life – If I am going through something, there are probably hundreds others who are going through exactly the same thing. It is a certainty to me, as it gets…

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Should You Do It Your Way Or The World’s Way?

right path

They say, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” That has never been more true than right now. We are at a crossroads of time and space, where more than ever we are capable of living a life that is sculpted truly by our hands. A life that is uniquely suited to every random and non-random aspect of our unique selves. A life that is built to suit us so perfectly that we…

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Are You Focusing Your Energies On The Wrong Questions?

common business question asked

I get asked this particular question a lot from newbie business owners, or people who are trying to set up an online business, and it always acts like a stumbling block for people. The question being, “Should I build my business under my name, or under a random moniker, like you have done with The Millionaire Hippie?” It’s weird to me, how this question seems to paralyze the people who ask it for weeks, months, or even years on end.…

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Your Thoughts Are Creating Your World All The Time

thoughts create everyones reality

A few days ago, I went over with a couple of friends to hike a waterfall near the city. We are so lucky to live here in Chiang Mai. There are lots of waterfalls, and forests right around the corner from our homes. We rode on a motorbike for ten minutes and we were in a jungle area. It was a fun and difficult hike, at least for me, as it was a hot day. But when we got to…

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How To Keep Things Simple In Our Business And Life

KISS businesses better

Recently, I have started working on a new project – a membership site with all of the different lessons and courses. This way all of my tribe can have access to all of my stuff in one platform without any complications. Well, as always, I was planning out my project, in the most creative way possible. Is it a trait of creative people or perhaps all people that we like to complicate things beyond the necessary? I am definitely guilty…

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When You Reach Your Goals And Think Now What?

achieve happiness right now

A friend of mine, Henrik Nordstrom, whom I really admire recently shared a story of his. He is originally from Sweden, and when he was 11 or so, he was overweight. He was made fun of in school and his life was pretty miserable. His mother had these Tony Robbins cassette tapes that she had bought, and one summer as he was sitting there bored, he started listening to these tapes. All about NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and modelling. He was…

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Your Life Is Perfect In Hindsight, So Why Not In The Moment?

amor fati

I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately – Amor Fati. I am building a membership site at the moment. And, it is fascinating to me how so many skills that I have developed over the past 2 years (and more) have aligned perfectly so that I can create this site right now without much technical help from the outside. It’s so odd to me because for the longest time, I was a creative person. I believed myself…

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How To Create Unstoppable Momentum In Business?

create unstoppable momentum

When I first started this business and brand, I did what everyone does. I started off by building a website. I went around the Interwebs and looked at all of the successful people in my field, and looked at their website. Of course, that was the worst thing to do as a newbie. I saw all of their amazing professional spick and span websites, and I looked at my starter website and I faltered. This made me think, I am…

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