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Turning 30 Triggered Some Kind Of Fire In Me

turning 30 triggered massive change

I’m sure this is the same for a lot of people on this planet. My quarter-life crisis didn’t come to me until I turned 30. When I was 25, I was still foolish, still searching, and still dreaming. I thought everything would work out perfectly, because I still had a lot of time. But when I turned 30, all of a sudden, there was this alarm bell that rang out in my head that said, “Warning, warning, you are 30,…

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Why Does Everyone Want To Be 20 Again?

no regrets club

I’m in my 30s now, and it’s a weird thing. I have never been happier, and I have never felt better. But so many people message me or talk to me all the time about wanting to be 20 again. “I wish I could be 20 again.” They say over and over again. I also recently watched an Anime (love them) and it was again portraying this emotion of wanting to go back, wanting no regrets, wanting to go back…

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Without Suffering, There Is No Happiness

without suffering, no happiness exists

“Olive is crushed to make the best oils. Grapes are squeezed to make the finest wines. Roses are pressed to make the most fragrant perfumes. Have you been crushed, squeezed and pressed by life’s trials and difficulties? Be glad…” – Heiralchy As a minor online influencer, I get a lot of people messaging me all the time asking me questions. Mostly, the questions run in one direction. “I feel so lost, I don’t know what I am doing with my life,…

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Flow State Changes Everything, From The Mundane To The Exciting

flow state changes everything

Recently, I was walking around the streets of Chiang Mai, and I realized I hadn’t read a science-fiction novel in ages. I am a big science-fiction fan, and I love to write science-fiction, but its been a while since I picked one up. So I dropped by one of the many well-stocked used book stores in the old city of Chiang Mai, and picked up a few (8!) science fiction novels. These were really old ones from the early 90s…

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Everything Is Simpler Than We Actually Make It Out To Be

simplify everything now

A few months ago, I heard this story about entrepreneurship from Denise Duffields-Thomas who wrote the book, Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. It really exemplified for me the importance of going back to the basics, of taking back control by making things as simple as possible. She said this, “A few years ago, I was at a conference for six figure income business owners who wanted to move to the next level. I had a six-figure business, but I wanted to…

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All Of The Help You Want Is Already Within You

every answer exists within us

When I was younger, in my twenties, I didn’t believe in myself enough. Whatever the reason might have been, I believed that I wasn’t strong enough to handle everything that life sent at me. I thought I was weak, and I needed other people. There wasn’t enough stuff inside of me to handle all of the shit that the universe hurled at me (of course, I hadn’t discovered that adage that the universe only sends at you, what you can…

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Why Are You Getting Annoyed When You Have To Work?

work passionately now

Over the past few months, I have been getting this revelation about work that I would really like to share with my readers. With you awesome people, that is. When I was a child and in my teens, I absolutely loved school work, and all of the other work that I got to do. It was a privilege to me. A lot of people in the world, I used to tell myself, don’t get to go to school or do…

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Why Did I Start Meditating? What Did It Get Me?

start meditating now

Recently, I started thinking about the first time, I meditated, and it bought up a host of memories for me. Such an interesting journey it has been for me, and I wanted to share a bit of it with you. Hopefully, you will find it interesting, enlightening, and engaging. I did my first meditation session when I did my Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 in Toronto. One of our instructors would sit us down in a tiny closed off room,…

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Here Are 9 Steps To Get Your Crazy Dream Job In 9 years

manifest dream job

I am not writing this post so you can admire me from afar, gazing at me with adulation, looking at me with envy, and all of that jazz. I am writing this post to show you that good things come to those who are persistent and consistent about it. Not for a second do I want you to believe that you will get your dream job if you do all of these steps for 9 years straight. I don’t want…

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