Why Is Delegating Tasks to Someone So Nerve-Wracking?

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I have hired someone to help me with some of the tasks I do on a daily basis, and I am freaking out, in a good way. Well, it’s my first time delegating tasks, which is a great thing, because it means I’m doing well.

But it’s also my first time hiring someone because I am a control freak. Well, I am not that bad. I’m pretty nice actually. I like to believe that I am nice. I also have high standards. And I hold myself to those high standards.

This means that I have a hard time trusting someone else to do the same job as I have done. This is silly because there are lots of people out there, who can do a much better job of things than I can.

A million times better.

And that’s what I am noticing with this new hire.


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The Pandemic 2020 Is a Spiritual Test – Are You Thriving or Surviving?

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It’s easy to believe that if you are going through a difficult situation that it’s an excuse for you to put your legs up, watch Netflix for days on end, and not do anything productive at all. Pandemic 2020 has shown us that.

A day or two of this is acceptable. Even a week. But I have noticed many of my friends behaving as if the end of the world is here, and they have battened down the hatches to get ready to die.

They are passing their time as if it’s only a matter of time before they are done for.

Is that the best approach to this spiritual test that we are undergoing right now? I have an opinion on this that I will share below. Read on to see what it is.


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Archetypes Narrative And The Jungian Shadow

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In this article, my aim is to demonstrate the abstraction of our cultural (archetypes) narrative from the human experience and vice versa. How our stories are reflections of our journey through life and how they are encoded into the structure of the psyche.

I will draw heavily on the concept of The Heroes Journey as put forward by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I will also use Mythology, Religion and Jungian Psychology to demonstrate their consilience and relationship to our experiences as human beings.


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Why Do I Think I Will Change If I Don’t Work At It?

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Is change without effort possible? Of course not, but then why do we believe that it is.

Recently, my goal has been to change the way I do my yoga practice in the morning. Normally, what I do is I do a half-assed job of practicing. I am standing there, in a yoga pose, in an asana, and completely not focused on what I am doing. My body is in the pose, in the asana, in the correct posture. But my mind is far far away, in a land not even in the same dimension.

That’s really the worst way to do a yoga pose, because there’s really no awareness or attention there, and it would be the same as not even doing the pose at all. All of the benefits of the pose are negated, because I am spending all of my time thinking about the recent thing that happened to me, negative and terrible thing, I should add, and how I am going to bash that negative thing to the ground, by saying this or doing that.


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A Brief Introduction To The MBTI Cognitive Functions by Cat Sawyer

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This is a guest post written by Cat Sawyer – I consider her one of the foremost experts in cognitive functions, as labeled by me.

In this Introduction to Cognitive Functions, my aim is to give you a basic understanding of the eight Functions, how they are ordered inside a personality type and how they manifest in the behavioural traits.

I won’t overload you with a breakdown of all the sixteen types. However, I will use a few, particularly the INFJ personality type, to illustrate how this system works. As an introduction to Cognitive Functions, I am assuming that most of the audience here has a basic understanding of the MBTI. In that most of you have identified as INFJ personality type and are familiar with the dichotomies of introversion vs extroversion, etc and the list of typical personality traits of the INFJ as well as some understanding of other types.


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I Feel Like An Imposter – Everyone Else Seems To Know What They Are Doing

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Imposter Syndrome hits us all and it hurts us all. I hear over and over from my friends, and coaching clients, that they feel like they are the only ones in their circle who have no idea what they are doing with their lives. They are the only ones who are lost. The only ones who are searching. The only ones who are misspent. And the only ones who don’t have their shit together.

Everyone else they know is happy, well-adjusted, in a content relationship, loving their jobs, own a big house, and are steadily saving towards retirement.

They don’t understand what’s wrong with them that they can’t figure out this life business.

Why are they having such a hard time launching their adulthood?, they ask me. 


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A Tragic Story Of Someone Who Waited Too Long

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A good friend of mine was telling me a story they heard from an OkCupid date. The story was about the girl’s father. This man was taking early retirement. He had dreamed of retiring for a while now and he was finally getting close to that magic number of 55 years of age. He counted down the weeks: 20 weeks to go, 19, 18…

A week or so before the big day, he was hit by a pick-up truck. He was paralyzed from the waist down. He spent the next ten years in a wheelchair, unable to do any of the things he had dreamed of doing – all of those things that he had put on hold until the age of 55. The age when he would finally be free to follow his dreams.

He died in his wheelchair.

Did you get goosebumps reading that story? I did, and everyone I have told this story to, did as well. 


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Decisions May Be Hard For INFJs Because They Have A Tendency To See 8 Sides To Everything

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One of the main reasons my INTJ sister and I fight is because she doesn’t understand that I see the world in extreme shades of gray. Whereas for her the world is more a case of black and white, with a little bit of gray somewhere in there, sometimes. Decisions are easier for her, and not so much for me.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why I despised myself for the longest time. I used to think that I am weak or I don’t really have a mind of my own, because I would flit from opinion to opinion, depending on the day, and my mood. Even now, I have a tendency to occasionally negate my awesome ability to see both sides of the situation, and mediate on the subject matter. 

Why are INFJs like this? Our ability to see all sides of the situation comes from our deep empathic capacity. We have a big heart, but we are also able to use said big heart, to peer into people’s minds and hearts, and see life from their perspective. Whenever I am in the middle of an argument between two people I love, I have an extremely difficult time siding with one person or the other, because truly I can see the world from both of their sides, and both of their sides are right in their own way. How could I possibly choose one more than the other? It seems an impossible task. 


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Why Is The INFJ I’m Dating Slowly Pulling Away From Me?

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One of the magnificent things about having a YouTube channel about INFJs is many non-INFJs message me asking questions about their beloved INFJs and about a potential doorslam. This really makes me ecstatic. I know how hard it can be for an INFJ, one of the introverted Myers-Briggs personality types, to be in a relationship, especially a romantic one. So, I take these questions as an opportunity to help my fellow INFJs find long-lasting love. 

Time after time, INTJs, INFPs, ENFPs, and others ask me the same question about their particular INFJ. “I finally told the INFJ that I like her/him, and at first things seemed fine. But now, it seems like they are slowly pulling away from me. I’m not sure if they are no longer interested in me in that way, or if they are just taking time to evaluate their feelings.”


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