My Online Business Is My Life Purpose And It Drives Every Moment Of My Life

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I woke up at 439am today to work on my life purpose – my online business.

Yes, I’m a morning person. Please don’t hate me. But before I quit my 9-5 and started my own online business, I used to wake up at 7am thinking that’s early enough.

Even so, I had no real purpose in life or aim.

I meandered for a whole decade (from 22 to 32)

  1. I spent way too much of my time on drama. You know that needless drama created by yours truly to add some spice into your life (watch out for that drama creator in yourself and stop her before she gets too big for her britches).
  2. I spent way too much time:
    1. Crying over being single or
    2. Being in relationship with someone unworthy or
    3. Meeting the wrong kind of guys or
    4. Meeting the right kind of guys at the wrong time.
  3. I spent way too much time in my head:
    1. Over-analyzing useless crap,
    2. Incessantly worrying over inconsequential matters, and
    3. Feeling anxiety over the unrealized (and unpredictable) future.
  4. I spent way too much planning out my future purchases and spending the money I was going to earn before I had even earned it. All of my cash was earmarked for cute shoes, and lots of travel (travelling for the sake of travelling).

I’m sure there are other things I wasted my precious time on, but let’s start with those for now.

The lack of a life purpose really defines everything you are and everything you do.

A person with a life purpose

A person who has an aim and a major definite purpose in life (as tagged by Napoleon Hill) wakes up every morning with a definite plan and a long list of to-dos to get there. They wake up knowing how their time on this Earth will be spent.

They also choose to include time with family and friends and fun on that list because they know that life is too short. They realize the importance of each and every moment and they use them wisely.

A person without a life purpose

A person without aim wakes up grumpy and miserable. They are annoyed by the fact that they have to get up and that their alarm clock wakes them up way too soon. They want to sleep in, so they do, choosing to wake up at the very last minute possible.

They go to a job that they perhaps don’t like very much or one that they tolerate (one that they fell into by chance as everything else in their life). They spend time with people they don’t like or they can barely tolerate. They come back home and spend time watching other people live their lives through social media and television.

They don’t do anything differently because they have nothing they are working towards.

My online business is my purpose

As soon as I figured out my life purpose (sharing my message with the world through my words, videos, and podcasts), I stopped meandering. I stopped drifting. I stopped getting distracted by drama and sex.

I don’t understand my life purpose completely. I’m still learning about myself and where I am going in life, but I know that I’m moving towards it slowly but surely. This movement itself excites me. The fact that I’m going forward towards some definite purpose fills my day with meaning.

Each moment has a deeper sense to it now as I work on my goals, and my plan.

Life isn’t just about going through the motions, but about moving toward something specific. I don’t have to waste my time on nonsense anymore, because I’m bored, or looking for a quick fix.

This also translates into good health because I don’t eat cause I’m bored anymore. Even eating has a purpose now – to sustain me, get me stronger, and keep me fresh to do my work.

Why am I writing about this now?

I want to share with you the importance of finding your life purpose. I myself didn’t realize how important it is until I found it. It’s like you don’t know how great an avocado tastes until you actually taste it. After that, you can’t get enough of it (Avocado lovers unite!).

Most people don’t realize the importance of finding a rudder in their life. 

And if they do, they don’t think it’s important enough to start the search (or they believe they aren’t good at anything and can’t contribute to the world in anyway so they give up on the search before they even begin). 

But I want you to be different!

I want all of us to make finding our life purpose a priority – it should be as important as feeding yourself, clothing yourself, and finding a life partner.

Finding your life purpose is something that will affect all the other areas of your life (just like meditation which is why I am on a mission to teach the world how to meditate).

Here are three practices I recommend you start off with:


Meditation is a game-changer. It affects everything!

I don’t mean it in a small way. Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques that you can start doing right now. It can be executed anywhere in the world – all you need is yourself. It changes you from the inside out which is the stickiest kind of change. It makes you invincible and healthy. It teaches you about yourself which is the most important learning of all (Know Thyself).

If you start meditating right now, and do it consistently over a period of just 7 days, you will notice a huge change in your psyche and physical health.


Start writing shit down.

You cannot process all of the stuff going on inside of you by keeping it inside of you. It just doesn’t work! Let me repeat this, you need to write stuff down. It gets all of that stuff from inside of you out onto paper and all of a sudden you are able to see everything so much clearer. The fog lifts, and the vision appears before you.

Some people recommend Bullet Journal or The Five Minute Journal. For me, writing out long hand with a pen and paper on one 8.5×11 sheet (or more) is the best way to get clarification. Do what works for you, as long as you do it.


Imagination is the key to all brilliant future. Without imagination, you cannot imagine a brighter, better, and more abundant future. You can call it visualization or dream-boards or vision boards. Whatever you want. All of it is the same. Imagining the future you want and making it happen through a definite plan.

But until you can imagine it, you cannot make it happen.

Imagination is the key to your better future. Start dreaming. Make a dream board if you are visual. Or write out stories of your future self if you are better with words. Create a future in your mind, and then create a plan for it to make it happen.

Life isn’t passive

My beautiful friends, life isn’t supposed to be passive. It isn’t something that happens to us. It is something that we have to go out and make happen. Tame the bull by grabbing the horns and being swayed around by it. Stay steady on course, and keep on looking to your imagination.

You can do this. I’m right here by your side.

Boom Shikha

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