How To Manifest Awesome On A Daily Basis

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Do you want to manifest awesome daily? I know you do. Who wouldn’t?

I was sitting down with a friend the other day at a birthday party and we started chatting about all of the random stuff that keeps on happening to me. I told him the story of my mastermind group meet-up. A few days ago, my two person mastermind group met up to discuss money blocks. We were busy chatting away at this beautiful coffee shop in Chiang Mai called Graph Table, when a random man walks up to our table and stands there staring at me. I remembered at that point that I had asked this individual to drop off a book I was interested in borrowing from him. I introduced him to my friend, and he sat down to have a coffee with us.

Four hours later, he was still sitting with us, now part of our money blocks discussion. It was one of the most enlightening discussions I have had in a long time. It was even crazier because I was discussing deep dark money secrets with a complete stranger.

I wondered out loud at the birthday party why this stuff keeps on happening to me where I manifest awesome daily.

My friend replied, ‘It’s because you are so open to everything. Most people would have shut the person out and told them that you are having a private conversation. But you accepted the universe’s gift to you and invited him to your money blocks discussion. That’s where the magic happens. It happens at the extremes. It doesn’t happen when we are safe and secluded, but when we are open and out there.’

Instantly, it was as if a light bulb went off in my head. It wasn’t because I was in a magical place called Chiang Mai that my life was so magical, but because I had become a magical person. I had become the person who holds a magic wand and roams around with it daily. There is no shield, because there is no necessity for a shield. Once I started analyzing my life from this angle of magic, I was able to see so many things that I do on a daily basis that bring magical beginnings into my life. I want to share some of them with you.

Open Heart, Body, And Soul

Do you have an open heart? What about an open body? Even more, do you have an open soul/spirit? In every moment of every day, we have a choice. We can either be accepting of what is going on outside of us and be open to it. Or we can shut ourselves out, and be closed off.

Most people unfortunately spend a lot of time tightening up, closing off, shutting out, and pushing away everything and everyone. It is a sort of defence mechanism. We believe it will help protect us, when all it really does is help keep everything great out. If we really want to become that person who manifests awesome daily, then we need to become more open.

Doing yoga will open up our body. Meditating will open up our heart. Staying present and mindful will open up our spirits. But, these are not the only techniques. There’s laughter yoga, tantra yoga, ecstatic dance, dance mandala, singing, and so much more.

The main way I stay so open is to remember in every moment that the universe wants to take care of me. Seriously. That is my main thought process. The universe wants to take care of me. Everything that is happening is for my own good. Nothing is random. Everything is happening to somehow make all of my dreams, wishes, and hopes come true. I am a reverse paranoid. This way if something does happen that seems to contradict my path, I stay committed, and remember that this too will help me in my journey.

If I believe EVERYTHING is happening for the very best, then I can stay in the moment and stay open to everything coming at me.

Meditation/Morning Routine

I have a LONG morning routine. It goes like this. I wake up, journal for 3 pages (celebrations, goals, obstacles, gratitude), meditate for 30 minutes, yoga/stretches for 15 minutes, reading for 15 minutes, writing my daily words (1000 words), and a live video every morning. All of this ends up taking me about 2.5 hours give or take.

This morning routine ensures that I start off on a solid basis.

  • If I start off my day finishing off all of the things that are important to me, the rest of my day can go to shit, but I still have an awesome day.
  • Starting the day with a solid routine helps ensure that I stay on track the rest of my day. I hate to waste a beautifully started day.
  • Meditating in the beginning of the day helps calm me down and centre myself. Journaling gets rid of all the shit inside of me out onto paper. Reading ensures I absorb some great masters learnings deep into my soul. Yoga ensures I move and engage my body as it is meant to be engaged. Writing is my ONE THING. I have to do it every single day to ensure that I’m living according to my talents.

Do you have a morning routine? Or do you rush through your mornings after pressing snooze a billion times? Pretty much, the worst way to start the day is rushing through it. I spend at least a few minutes in silence, contemplating and listening to the birds chirping outside of my window. It really sets me up perfectly to receive any and all of the wisdom that the universe has to send my way.

Slow Down, Listen To The Birds

To continue on that vein, how slow do you go about your day? Are you the kind of person who cannot sit still for more than ten seconds? I know so many people who are always puttering about, moving about, thinking, planning, analyzing, and doing. They never sit still. Just being around such people tires me out.

I used to be one of those people so I know exactly what they are going through. It is scary to sit still. Once you are still and quiet with yourself, it comes time to deal with all of the demons that are inside of us. That is not fun, and not something anyone really wants to do. I get it.

But if you want the joys of manifesting to come to you, you need to quieten down your mind, body, and spirit. Meditation helps with the first and second. Living your life purpose helps with the third.

I know when I start rushing with my day or with a particular task, I’m not being mindful, and I’m definitely not being present. Both are necessary items in the ignition of manifesting. If I rush through the day, I end up not manifesting awesome at all. Instead, it ends up being a typical mundane day for me.

Those days when I can slow down, chill out, and listen to the birds, ends up being the magical extreme days. Which kind of days do you want more of in your life?

Move, Dance, Sing, And Connect

I have this weird routine during the day (and the main reason I like to live alone). Random dance music on. Dance really on. Maybe someone who saw me would describe it as going crazy, but to me, it is dancing. I believe every human is designed to move, dance, sing, and connect. These are all givens.

If we can do all four of these everyday in some form, life will be perfection. So I move and shake my body at least once a day in a dance crazy mofo format. I will sing some mantra or song that I like poorly, but with passion. I spend time talking to a friend face-to-face as much as possible at least every other day.

All of these things make me feel more connected to myself. I feel grounded, authentic, safe, and secure in this world. I feel like my ego disappears, and I can deal with everyone as myself, without any barriers. As soon as barriers disappear, manifesting appears. Try it for yourself, and see what magic occurs in your life. Also, don’t forget to email me and tell me about it.

Write/Journal/Let Go

Do you have a lot of shitty negative thoughts? What do you do with all of them? If you are like most people, you store them in your head and stroke them while they get bigger and bigger eventually taking over your entire life.

How about letting them go? I journal every single day as much as possible, sometimes twice a day, if I have had a crazy tumultuous day. I write about all of the shitty stuff that I have been thinking about myself, my life, my friends, my family, and I get it all out of me onto paper. Once, I’m able to let it all go by writing it out, I feel cleaned out.

My thoughts come out clearer after, as I am not muddled or smudged by negativity.

How do you let go of your shitty-ness? If you believe in physical detox, then a mental detox is absolutely freaking essential. You cannot allow magic into your life, if you are stuck in the dumps. You need to peak out of the shadows in order to see the light.

A side note about this. Stop watching the news, and any other negative stuff if you really want to get rid of negativity in your life. I read this stat by researcher Kelly McGonigal who said that the people who spent six hours or more watching coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing suffered from higher levels of PTSD than the people who had been involved in the bombing themselves. Can you freaking believe this? Get away from that news channel, and spend your time listening to the birds or dancing to some great music.

Manifest Awesome Daily By Believing In The Limitlessness Of Life

What does your belief system tell you about the universe? Do you think the universe is limitless? Does your world tell you that anything and everything is possible, or is your life limited in someway?

In my world, I’m limitless. I can do anything, be anything, and get anything that I put my mind to. Seriously. There are no limits except the limits I place on my mind.

The more limitless I believe myself to be, the more limitless I become. And the better manifester I become. It’s all about believing.

Do you believe?

Conclusion – Shitty Life Vs. Awesome Life

Could it be this easy? Just doing a few things on a daily basis and your life becomes magical? Seems a little too good to be true. I must be lying about this.

Why the hell would I do that? I already have my magical life. Not only do I have no need to lie to you, but I don’t want to lie to anyone. I know it seems simple. But simple doesn’t mean easy.

How many people are actually willing to follow this rigorous morning routine I have set out? How many people are willing to slow down and really notice all the signs and signals the universe sends at them? Not many.

I want to empower you, but I cannot do the work for you. You have to be the one who sits down and follows the morning routine that works for them. I want you to experience the awesome manifesting life that I lead, but you need to take the first step towards it. Believe it’s possible for you, and keep on walking on the path laid out.

Life can be limitless, but first we have to believe in its limitlessness, and then move towards it one baby step at a time. Nothing happens right away, but after months and years of practice, lives change.

Yours can as well. Just take the first step.

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