The Pageant

The Pageant

Asian fetishes are so last year. Or that’s what you would imagine. Not so for Ti. She has had to deal with them her entire life, making her wonder if men actually like her for who she is, or for a fantasy in their head, propagated by porn and other mass media crap. But finally, finally, she has a chance to prove that she’s beautiful on her own accord. She has entered a pageant, and she actually was selected out of the hundreds that applied.

She is going to prove to the world that she’s beautiful. And more than that, she’s going to prove to herself that she’s beautiful.

But as with all things in life, Murphy’s Law applies, and it turns out that the pageant is actually a front for a weird kind of sex-slave ring. Not the typical style of things, but something involving Love Potions, Chemical Romances, and other random things like that.

Ti can never catch a break, can she?

Stuck in a love triangle of the weirdest sort, this is her story. She doesn’t find herself declared beautiful by the world, but she does find some romance, adventure, and makes some interesting new memories.

Published:June 29th, 2018

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