The Untouchables


“We are all different from each other. That's what makes us so unique and brilliant. But it's when these differences become barriers to connection that life fades away into the background, and mental jails arise. I am Sha. I am from the lowest caste possible in this beautiful land of Oz. I think the founders of this land based the name Oz on a magical book that they bought over with them from the promised land. It was a beautiful world, they tell us. It had so many trees, that your eyes would bug out from looking at all of them. It had so much beauty that life just popped out from everywhere. That's where I wanted to live. That's where I wanted to be. But I had to come here.”

In this book, Sha, an untouchable, falls in love with an Aryan. Typical, you might say. But wait, this book is anything but typical. There is time-travel, and Big Worms, and Black Holes. Science fiction never moved so fast.

Published:February 13th, 2017

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