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Think Of Everything You Do As Seeds You Are Planting

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When an oak tree puts out acorns, it knows not all acorns are going to result in another oak tree (this also applies when you plant seeds).

In fact, one oak tree can put as many as 10,000 acorns in their masting year. And statistically, only one of those acorns is going to take seed properly and grow into a fully-grown oak tree.

If you think those are poor stats, I agree. (Btw, these stats are from the fascinating book, The Hidden Life Of Trees, which I highly recommend).

I use the same analogy for myself when I do my work. People ask me why I do so many things, and I work such long hours. There are many reasons for it, one of them being that I wasted my entire 20s drinking, partying, and being stupid, so now it’s my time to catch up.

But more importantly, I know how this universe works, and how the planting of ideas takes fruition. Out of the hundreds of things I will do in a week and out of the thousands of ideas that I will plant in a year, only maybe four or five of those will actually come to fruition.

You Plant Seeds Knowing Almost None Of Them Will Go Anywhere

That’s the delightful thing about life, I think. You never know which idea will take root and grow into something magnificent. And you don’t know which ideas will turn into duds, and wither away.

I have no idea when I plant my various ideas which ideas will give germ to something brilliant. And, which will result in revenue or any kind of impact.

That’s why, I think of all of my ideas as little seedlings. I take the oak tree’s view, and just put out as many ideas as I can out there into the ether.

I don’t worry about where the ideas are going, or how far they are going to go. Or, even how fast they are going to come to fruition, or any of that.

That’s not my concern. I have done my work. I have planted my seeds.

And I have done the due diligence that was required of me. I will continue planting my seeds until the day I die.

Some of them might come to fruition after I die. Some of them might never come to fruition. And some of them might turn into brilliant stars that will shine brightly for the rest of eternity.

That is again none of my concern.

My concern is the work I put out there.

Get Up Every Day And Put Good Work Into Planting Seeds

That is our only concern as human beings – to put seeds into the ground, over and over again, day in and day out, and forget about the results.

Unfortunately, we spent way too much as human beings, worrying about the outcome. Also, we have this thing that says we don’t want to put too much effort into something if it isn’t going to result in anything.

That means that unless you have an absolute certainty that your idea is going to go somewhere, you are not going to put any effort into it???! That is ridiculous.

No one and I mean, no one has any absolute idea of where their ideas are going to go. Some ideas will be successful, most will not.

All we can do as human beings is keep on putting our effort into the ideas that come to us, planting our seed ideas, and then moving on. Do not wait to see if any of your ideas are taking hold or root or if they are turning into trees.

You do not need to worry about that. The universe will let you know automatically when one of your ideas is becoming successful. You have nothing to worry about.

Rest easy, and keep on planting your seeds. The rest will happen as easily as everything else you are doing.

Just plant your seeds, the rest shall come. Or not. And it’s none of our concern either way.

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