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You Need to Believe In Yourself to Sell Yourself

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I recently started reading this book by Daniel H. Pink called To Sell Is Human, and I am loving it!! The basic tenet of the book is that all of us, no matter if we think so or not, are salespeople. We are all involved in the art and science of selling day in and day out.

Be it something simple like selling others on the restaurant we want to visit, or the movie we want to watch. Or something more complicated like selling our courses or our business idea.

It really astounded me because until now I have thought of myself as the most non-salesperson ever. I never imagined or believed that I am good at selling or that I do any of it at all. But his book made me realize my entire life is a sales pitch in a way.

Not only am I pitching to all of my viewers on my YouTube channel to watch my videos and to subscribe to me, but also to people interested in my courses, my blog posts, and more. This blog post is a pitch for you to read this and many other posts on my website.

I’m Forever Selling Something or the Other

Once I realized that I am involved in selling no matter if I like it or not, then I actually started getting into it. It’s fun, It’s a sort of game I play with myself. And it makes me money or gets me more views.

As soon as I started having fun with it, rather than making it out to be such a dire dreary slimy thing, I actually started becoming more successful at it. Surprising how that works, right?

I am selling people on becoming healthier INFJs, or on taking care of themselves. I am selling people on improving and bettering themselves. And I am selling people on loving God and trusting in the divine spirit.

It’s kind of selfish because it increases my income. BUT it’s also because I truly believe in myself, and my products. I know my courses help people because they have said so to me. I know that my YouTube videos change lives because I have hundreds of testimonials about that.

So why wouldn’t I promote my stuff as much as I can? In fact, it’s selfish of me to keep it all to myself. How dare I do that?

The More I Believe in Myself, The More Easily I Sell Myself

I couldn’t sell myself when I was younger, because I didn’t believe in my talents, my abilities, and in what I had to offer to the world. Foolishly, I thought I was useless. I didn’t believe in my self-worth.

Now I know better. Much better. That’s why I can keep on increasing my self-belief and thus, my selling capability.

I am not saying that I wake up every day with the perfect belief in me and my products. Not even a little bit. I wake up some days and I think I am shit, and everything I do is shit.

So I pass on those days. I don’t sell anything. I play small.

I hide.

Then something changes in me, or someone says something nice about my video or courses – how it’s helped them. I realize I am actually doing the world a disservice by hiding my valuable talents and gifts.

The more I hold back, the more the world suffers and misses out. I don’t want to do that anymore.

I have received so much from this magnificent world, I want to give back as much as I can to it. No matter how much I give, it will never be enough, but nevertheless, I want to keep trying.

Sell Yourself in Small Ways at First and Then Grow Into Bigger Pitches

It’s no longer necessary for you to think of selling yourslef as a dirty or slimy thing to do. You are empathic enough to know, I’m sure, how much selling to do in what way. It’s not about using people, but giving them somethign that will enhance their life.

When Apple sells me an exorbitantly expensive product, I am happy to pay the price, because I know it will be a great product that will last forever and give me much benefit. It’s a beneficial transaction on both sides.

That’s the same as when I sell something to someone else. I believe in my products. I truly do.

It’s okay for me to sell. It’s not shameful. It’s not something to run away from.

I started small with small sales pitches. For example, convincing my family to be more green in the household was my first venture into sales. Then I grew my YouTube channel. And now I have Soul Vitamins.

It didn’t start off big. I started with baby steps.

What is your first step in becoming a salesperson going to be? I would love to hear. Share in the comments below.

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