Your Heart Space Is Waiting for You to Pay Attention

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Heart Space

Yesterday it was a full moon. Normally, the full moon affects me a bit. But yesterday, it affected me a lot. It was as if everything in my life should be rewritten. I hated my job, my country, my life, my limbs, my everything. My heart space was tight.

I wanted to hit the reset button, but there was none to be found. It was as if I was in the middle of a great storm, and I couldn’t see my way out of it. I was in the thick of things, and I was mired with doubts, frustrations, and anxieties.

It was not a good place to be in.

Normally, what I do with these situations is I hit the reset button on myself, by going to sleep. A meal and a nap, if it’s the middle of the day, or a long night of restful sleep, if it’s nighttime, does the trick.

Perhaps, this sleep tactic works for you as well?

But I also realized that by sleeping my problems away, I might be running away from them.


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Voice Journaling - Use Your Voice to Journal When You Are on the Go

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Voice Journaling

Something I have noticed for myself is that I love to journal, but after a full day of sitting on my behind, at my desk, or on my meditation cushion, I’m ready for a change of pace. That’s why Voice Journaling is the key here.

It’s not just that I want to go for a walk, because that isn’t enough. I want to vent, I want to grumble, complain, and moan, I want to whine, and bitch. Yes, I want to journal, but I don’t want to sit anymore.

I have figured that creating voice memos (on the iPhone) or voice notes is a great way of doing this. 

Whenever I am ready to go for a walk, I pick up my phone, my house keys, and go for a walk, with my headphones on. As I walk, stuff comes up that I want to speak to myself about. Things that I want to vent about or to untangle in my mind.

I walk and talk. And the more I talk, the less confused I feel. Eventually, after a 20–30 minute walk, I’m clear-minded again.


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Archetypes Narrative And The Jungian Shadow

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In this article, my aim is to demonstrate the abstraction of our cultural (archetypes) narrative from the human experience and vice versa. How our stories are reflections of our journey through life and how they are encoded into the structure of the psyche.

I will draw heavily on the concept of The Heroes Journey as put forward by Joseph Campbell in his 1949 book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I will also use Mythology, Religion and Jungian Psychology to demonstrate their consilience and relationship to our experiences as human beings.


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A Tragic Story Of Someone Who Waited Too Long

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A good friend of mine was telling me a story they heard from an OkCupid date. The story was about the girl’s father. This man was taking early retirement. He had dreamed of retiring for a while now and he was finally getting close to that magic number of 55 years of age. He counted down the weeks: 20 weeks to go, 19, 18…

A week or so before the big day, he was hit by a pick-up truck. He was paralyzed from the waist down. He spent the next ten years in a wheelchair, unable to do any of the things he had dreamed of doing – all of those things that he had put on hold until the age of 55. The age when he would finally be free to follow his dreams.

He died in his wheelchair.

Did you get goosebumps reading that story? I did, and everyone I have told this story to, did as well. 


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The Day My Life Changed Forever

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I had just come back from Thailand – it had been a dream trip. The trip had been absolutely epic. I had spent 3 weeks sitting by the ocean, under the sun, or the stars, contemplating the surf. No thoughts ran through my mind. I was calm, relaxed, and happy. I hadn’t touched a computer or looked at a screen for 3 weeks. My body felt the effects of it, too. I came back more flexible in my hips and my shoulders. I spent those beautiful moments with Harry. That was our first trip together. We danced together, and ate together.

I came back to Toronto and I had to go back to work right away, even though I was extremely jet-lagged. Although I was exhausted, I dragged myself to work. I had a 1-1 with my boss that Tuesday, and it wasn’t good. She wasn’t happy with my performance. I wanted to tell her right there and then to stuff the job and leave to go spend time with Harry. But I didn’t. I stayed and listened. I felt bad for being the person I am, who couldn’t work in a corporate field.

Then, Harry left on Jan 26th to go back to Alberta, and I had to go to work. I couldn’t even see him off to the airport. We had to say goodbye in the morning.


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I Want To Live Little No More

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Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection. – Amit Ray

One meditation style that is extremely hard for me, but something that I like to practice from time to time, is ‘Observing the observer.’ I’m not an expert in this style, but what I have found is that there are thoughts that flow back and forth across my consciousness, and if I lift the veil on those thoughts, there is a deeper me.

This deeper me is the essence of me.

She (for lack of a better pronoun) is always there – serenely sitting and observing everything. She is unaffected by the waves of thoughts, the turmoil of emotions, and the ups and downs of life. I compare her to the deep ocean – the storm might affect the top layer of the ocean and cause it to be tumultuous, but the deeper layers are unaffected, serene and calm.


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From Now On, If You Want My Advice, You Gotta Pay For It

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When I first went down this path of putting myself online and giving people advice, I did it, because I was called to do so. I had no idea where it would go. But I was happy to keep on taking a step at a time, and see where the trail would end.

Now, I have been blogging and podcasting for 3 years now, and I get a lot of viewers, and listeners, who message me on a weekly basis, asking me dozens of questions.

Of course, I am not famous or anything, but certain people tend to connect with my words, and they message me asking for support.

In the beginning, when I was just starting, and I had more time, I gave my time to people freely. I have answered hundreds of questions till now, through email, messenger, and other formats.


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Our Heart Always ‘Knows’ Faster Than Our Heads

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I was speaking to a friend of mine recently and she asked me a question that acted like a sort of eureka moment for me. She asked me how much longer I was going to keep thinking that I had some kind of time debt to pay off. And how much longer would it take for me to pay off that debt.

You see, even though, I am living my ideal life right now, I feel like I wasted my life basically from the time I was 21 to around the age of 29. It was all about partying, wasting time and energy on nonsense, clubbing and drinking, buying too much shit, and running after the next shiny object. Even speaking about it makes me really angry and disappointed in myself.

Of course, if you believe that everything is happening for a reason, then that phase in my life had to happen for this phase in my life to begin. But, and this is a big but in my head, I couldn’t accept that theory for the longest time. The only thought that went round and round in my head was that I wasted my best years, on nothingness. I wasted my time, and energy on nonsense.

I felt like a failure, and if I had to stop feeling like a failure, I had to pay back those years, by working twice or thrice or ten times as hard right now.


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You Get What You Are Looking For

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Have you noticed there are certain kind of people in your life who always end up in a fistfight with someone? They might be at a bar or on a cruise. It doesn’t really matter. For them, life is a fistfight, and therefore, it ends up being so. For others, life ends up being a TV drama, and so one after another, they deal with drama after drama. If its not one thing, it’s another.

As humans, we have a tendency to bring what we want into our life, just by thinking about it. You might be afraid of a certain something happening, and lo and behold, that certain something happens. Did it happen because it was meant to happen or because you made it happen by worrying about it?

For example, I am always worried that I am going to end up in a fight with my father, because our opinions are so similar to each other, and we are both so hotheaded. Because I am always so worried about ending up in a fight with him, I feel like I am always on high alert when I am around him. Thus, I end up sometimes causing a fight, because I take everything he says, in a negative way. I end up angering him because he wants to be jovial with me. I won’t allow him to do so, because I am expecting us to fight.

It’s really the most foolish way to live life. (more…)

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