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Saying No Is One Of The Most Important Things You Can Learn

When I was younger, I thought a mark of a successful person, a successful woman, was one who would say ‘Yes’ to everyone and everything. IF I could be one of those superwomen, who does everything, and who is able to balance everything, then I would be successful. I needed to be the perfect daughter, perfect sister, perfect employee, perfect friend/coworker, perfect lover, perfect dresser, and more. If I wasn’t saying yes to everything, and moreover, doing everything perfectly, then…

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I’m Not A Writer. I’m Not A Singer. I’m Not An Actor. I’m Not A Dancer.

Ever since, I moved to Chiang Mai (CM), not that long ago, I have been on a personal pilgrimage. I started off thinking this trip was going to be about one thing – working on my business, and that alone was my reason to come to CM. The first week passed in a flurry of getting used to my apartment, finding internet, finding a water delivery service, finding good places to eat at, fixing broken microwaves, lamps, and finally, getting…

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