The Future Is Being Created Right Now In The Present

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I was sitting over the New Year countdown in my bed, pleasantly sleepy, and pondering over the past year, and what the future would bring to me. It’s just so exciting to be able to sit here in the present moment, and basically decide what your future will look like. It’s such a powerful feeling indeed.

We are the makers of our future.

But the thought that illuminated my soul that night was the idea that my future, whatever my future self and life looks like, is being created right now, by all of the things I do right now.

The future isn’t some ethereal or mystical concept that cannot be engaged with. It’s not some monster in the future that we cannot relate to. It is here, and it is now. It is being created right now, as you sit at your desk, and as I sit at my desk. It’s being created through all of our actions, ideas, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and tantrums, that happen right now.


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Hope Is The Most Beautiful Emotion Out There, In A Screwed Up World

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Recently, I went to India to visit my mother’s relatives and to enjoy a bit of sun, spices, and shopping. I ate a lot of food, I did a lot of shopping with my mother, and I spent a lot of time groaning about the heat.

But more than that, I felt so much gratitude in my heart and mind for the life that I had been gifted. I saw the way people in India live. They are happy, yes. But they also live really hard lives. Some of them are working in really harsh conditions, under the blazing sun, doing back-breaking construction work. Others are using all of their sinewy muscles to ride these cycle rickshaws, filled with hundreds of pounds of material.

Indian people have such an abundance of hope for the future. No matter where they were, what they were doing, or how they were living their life. It truly was a thing of beauty. I wanted to share the experience with you. (more…)

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Be Careful What You Wish For – You Just Might Get It

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There are so many things I want to say about this topic. I have been thinking a lot about wishes, hopes, desires, dreams, and goals. I turned 35 this year. And thankfully, I have never been the kind of person who has to have accomplished a bunch of meaningless tasks before a certain age. I am not disappointed in myself or my life because I am not married. Or because I don’t have babies, or I don’t have a dog.

I am happy that I am who I am, I have done what I have done, and I own what I own.

Interestingly enough, I no longer have a bucket list. I used to have a long, long one when I was in my twenties. There were so many things on it, and I wanted to accomplish them all by the age of 35. But thankfully, I have either accomplished a lot of those things already, and realized they weren’t as much of a big deal as I thought they would be. Or I realized that most things, once achieved, lose their lustre, and turn out to be nonsensical wishes anyways. (more…)

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Until Your Current Situation Becomes Unbearable, You Will Not Change

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Why am I so driven now to change my life and live the life that I have always wanted to live? This change, this driven attitude, this motivation in me, didn’t happen overnight. But it seems sometimes that it did. I realize now that the change that I had wanted, the motivation that I had always craved was always underneath the surface. Waiting to appear. Waiting to bubble up to the surface.

But it didn’t. Why?

Because there wasn’t enough impetus for it to come to surface. There wasn’t enough gumption.

Once, my life became unbearable to me, then it was time. The volcano erupted and the lava in me, the motivational lava in me is still flowing strong.

My life was pretty bearable for a long time, and that was, of course, a problem. As long as my life was bearable enough, it didn’t matter. I was fine. I could take it. It was good enough. No need to rock the boat. No need to change anything.

You are lucky, people would say to me. You have a good job, and a great salary, and a family who loves you.

Why am I so unhappy then? I would ask myself occasionally. But I would cover up the asking, the question with a facade of shopping, consumerism, and Television.  (more…)

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Here Are 9 Steps To Manifest Dream Job In 9 years

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I am not writing this post so you can admire me from afar, gazing at me with adulation, looking at me with envy, and all of that jazz. I am writing this post to show you that good things come to those who are persistent and consistent about it.

Not for a second do I want you to believe that you will get your dream job if you do all of these steps for 9 years straight. I don’t want you banging on my door in 9 years, telling me, I’m a fraud.

In fact, I do not believe that most people will read this post and actually follow all of the steps.

Of course not! I mean, 9 years?! That’s way too long. I might be dead by then. I might be in jail, or handing out candy to strange kids in Thailand. Or who knows what. You know??

I get it. Absolutely get it. I get it up the wazoo.

But I had to write this post for myself. To prove to myself that I am not crazy, that I have my dream job, that I am not dreaming, that dreams do come true, that consistency works, and that I am so freaking grateful. (more…)

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Why Is Trust And Surrender My Word For 2018?

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I have been having a lot of conversations with friends, and family, about how I can improve myself in this new year. I have been doing a lot of creative work, which is nice. But I think I would like a bit of balance, and I would also like to keep on growing. So, of course, I go to the people who I think know me best, and ask them. What do you think I should be bringing more of in 2018? What am I missing that would enhance my life and my growth?

It’s weird how the same thing came back to me over and over again. No matter who I asked, they all said that I needed to stop being so hard on myself, stop working so crazy hard, and start trusting the world, and people more.

Now, I don’t know if they all had an intervention-style meeting, and discussed this before talking to me. But, I got the hint.

Not only do I realize that people think I need to let go and trust more. But I realize this for myself. (more…)

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Do You Care About What You Are Doing With Your Life?

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The question I ask in the title is a question I ask myself on an almost rhythmic daily basis. Every moment of every day, I am sitting down doing something either on my own, or with someone. And the question comes up for me in those moments.

Our life, as a human being, as a sentient being, is made up of moments. Each life is a string of moments. We think it’s about the days, and the weeks, and the months, and the years. But the reality is that it’s all about the moments. A moment passes by, and whatever we were doing in that moment, that is our life.

Each time, we do something we love in a moment, that moment has meaning, and is powerful. But every time (and this is more common), we do something in a moment that we dislike, or despise, that moment has been absolutely and interminably wasted. (more…)

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Sick Of People Saying They Are Jealous Of Me

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At least once a week, I get an email or message from someone saying that they are jealous of me, or jealous of my lifestyle, or jealous of my courage. Whatever they might be jealous of, I am sick and tired of them saying it. Don’t get me wrong, I used to say exactly the same thing over and over again, with regards to people who I was following. These people were living my ideal life, but in my heart of hearts I believed that I couldn’t live my ideal life as they were. I had something missing within me that made it impossible for me to live the kind of life that I wished to live.

So I sat around feeling sorry for myself, and telling them in messages or comments, how jealous I was of their life. (more…)

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Once You Were Brave And Ready To Take On The World…

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Do you remember a long time ago, or perhaps not so long ago, there was a time, when you were so brave, and courageous, you could do anything you put your mind to? You were that child in school who said yes to singing the National Anthem in the school assembly in front of everyone… Or you were that child who didn’t have any qualms about taking on the school bully even when you were half his size? Perhaps, you were that child who was always the lead in the school play, and you did an awesome job at it every time?

What happened to that person, that brave soul that was inside of you? Where is he or she now? Where did that part of you go and die?

I don’t know about you, but I was an extremely brave child. Auditioned for all the school plays. Answered all the questions in class, even sometimes when I wasn’t absolutely sure of the answer. And even though I was a terrible dancer, I still danced my heart out at the Talent Competition every year. That was me when I was 7 or 8 years old. (more…)

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