I Feel Like An Imposter – Everyone Else Seems To Know What They Are Doing

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Imposter Syndrome hits us all and it hurts us all. I hear over and over from my friends, and coaching clients, that they feel like they are the only ones in their circle who have no idea what they are doing with their lives. They are the only ones who are lost. The only ones who are searching. The only ones who are misspent. And the only ones who don’t have their shit together.

Everyone else they know is happy, well-adjusted, in a content relationship, loving their jobs, own a big house, and are steadily saving towards retirement.

They don’t understand what’s wrong with them that they can’t figure out this life business.

Why are they having such a hard time launching their adulthood?, they ask me. 


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Everything Always Takes Longer Than You Expect And Costs More

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I think human beings are optimistic creatures, almost to a fault. We get excited about something, and we work on it, believing that everything is going to turn out perfectly, without any effort, or with very little effort, time, and money invested. In this article, I speak about the relation between optimism and realism.

The hopefulness is a good thing. Optimism is absolutely a ‘positive’ quality to have (no pun intended). It is overly optimistic people who end up believing in their own power to make change, and end up creating impact on this planet. If the entrepreneurs of the past and present did not believe that they had the capacity to influence the world, if they didn’t run with that positivity, they wouldn’t have lifted a finger to make their dreams come true.

But everything has to be gauged with a sort of filtered optimism. Yes, be optimistic, believe that everything is possible, and everything is going to turn out roses and butterflies.

And then pour on a little bit of realism onto those roses and butterflies, to turn them into lily pads and caterpillars. A healthy dose of realism along with a dollop of optimism is the true recipe to success in any endeavour.


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Are You Focusing Your Energies On The Wrong Questions?

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I get asked this particular question a lot from newbie business owners, or people who are trying to set up an online business, and it always acts like a stumbling block for people.

The question being, “Should I build my business under my name, or under a random moniker, like you have done with The Millionaire Hippie?”

It’s weird to me, how this question seems to paralyze the people who ask it for weeks, months, or even years on end. I know of one friend who hasn’t been able to figure out the answer to this question, and it has been at least 8 years for her.

I want to tell you guys one thing, and only one thing (which is usually what I tell the people who ask me the question as well) – It doesn’t matter. (more…)

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How To Keep Things Simple In Our Business And Life

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Recently, I have started working on a new project – a membership site with all of the different lessons and courses. This way all of my tribe can have access to all of my stuff in one platform without any complications. Well, as always, I was planning out my project, in the most creative way possible. Is it a trait of creative people or perhaps all people that we like to complicate things beyond the necessary?

I am definitely guilty of this quality. Thus, instead of keeping my membership site as simple as possible, I made it so complicated, bloated, and complex, that I was mystified at how I was ever going to make this site happen.

The More Complicated, The Easier To Procrastinate

Why did I do that? Well, I was procrastinating in a way, wasn’t I? I mean, I didn’t know that directly but as I analyzed my actions after, I realized that I was sneakily procrastinating. If I made my site simple, then it would be ready faster, and it would be in front of my customers faster. This would mean feedback faster, negative and positive. And I wanted to keep this baby close to my heart and in my head for as long as possible – away from all of that. (more…)

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Your Life Is Perfect In Hindsight, So Why Not In The Moment?

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I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately – Amor Fati. I am building a membership site at the moment. And, it is fascinating to me how so many skills that I have developed over the past 2 years (and more) have aligned perfectly so that I can create this site right now without much technical help from the outside. It’s so odd to me because for the longest time, I was a creative person. I believed myself to be creative, and non-technical.

But in 2014-5, I joined a company called Blueprint with a colleague and a boss (Sab and Ruth), both of whom pushed me constantly to become more technical. I am so grateful for their encouragement now, but at the time I used to wonder why they are torturing me with all of this extra work.

According to Sab, I had to learn how to become more technical right now. He wanted me to learn how to code HTML and CSS right at this moment. He knew I could do it, and he encouraged me constantly. He was a self-taught master and he knew that it was possible for me as well. He also asked me to use Adobe Photoshop to create simple graphics.  (more…)

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Don’t Take Advice From People Who Barely Know Who They Are

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Being online and posting so much stuff on the Internet all the time, I get a lot of feedback, good and bad. Feedback is fine with me, because the meaning inherent in giving feedback is, “I’m giving you this feedback, because I think you can do something with it. But if you choose to throw it away, then I’m fine with that.”

Some feedback I incorporate into my life and some I don’t. No one ever comes after me with a battleaxe. But advice – now that’s a different beast altogether.

People who give advice are giving it because they know something or they think they know something better than you. They are imbibing all of these pearls of advice (wisdom) over you so that you can someday aspire to be as good as them. But, seriously, would you ever be able to get close to them? Never!

The meaning inhere in advice is that “I’m giving you this advice, because I am better than you somehow, and you better take this advice. Otherwise, you are going to burn in the fires of hell forever and ever.” (more…)

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Hows That One Year Plan Working Out For You?

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I met up with a friend recently. In fact, I have met up with a bunch of friends recently in Toronto as I have come back for a short sojourn to say hello and goodbye all in the same breath.

I sit down with each friend, in a different location, but the conversation surprisingly runs exactly the same. The questions are asked entirely by them. All of my attempts to ask them about their life is thwarted by the comment, ‘But you have a more exciting life than I do. Tell me about you!’

Alright, so I do. These are the questions they ask me. ‘What have you been up to? How is your business going? How much money are you making from it now? What do you spend your time doing? How was Chiang Mai?’ And the final question, the whopper of a question, that always hits right where it hurts, without meaning to, ‘Where do you see yourself in a year or five years with this business?’ (more…)

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Energy Management Should Be Your Highest Priority

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The more I move around in the world as a digital nomad, the more I get to interact with people from all different backgrounds, and different energies. Not everyone I come into contact with is balanced, and knows how to keep their energies equanimous. So sometimes, actually, often times, I run into people who are energy vampires of sorts. They use drama, high emotions, and arguments to bring more excitement into their lives. And because we are human, and we want to help, their drama-filled existence sucks us in deep.

This has happened to me wherever I have been. It’s been really interesting to me, how I used to get pulled into so much drama before my meditation practice. It was almost impossible for me to step away. It was as if I was being pulled into a cyclone, and I had no way of running away. The force pulling at me was too great.

Since, I started my meditation practice, I have become more of an observer. The more I observe, the more I realize how much of my energy in the past was wasted in these meaningless confrontations. So much energy gone down the drain because I couldn’t control myself or prevent myself from being sucked in. (more…)

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People Be Like, How Much Money Are You Making Now?

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In normal society, asking someone how much they make is absolutely taboo. I don’t know if it’s a good thing or bad. But that’s how it is. But for some reason, the tables turn when you start a business. All of a sudden, all the inner workings of your finances, and your business are fodder for everyone’s conversations, and questions.

Strangers will emerge from the woodwork like scary zombies, and ask you extremely personal questions about your business and work life. It doesn’t seem odd anymore. And if you try to turn the question around back at them, they bristle as if you have offended them.

Okay. That’s fine. I guess, I am not human anymore. Or at least part of this society. I feel like an untouchable of sorts, an outcast, a person pushed to the edges of society, to live in scourge and filth. (more…)

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