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It Can Be Easy To Lose Hope In This World But We Must Not

I have been kind of noticing a trend in the world where a lot of us empaths, and HSPs, and others, are kind of losing hope in the world. There’s so much bullshit happening in the world, where sometimes all I want to do is throw up my hands in the air, and say, “I give up. You win. I give up. Take over the world, damn Nazis, and just go away. Leave me alone, and just do your thing.…

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How Doing Improv Improved My Business Self

I started reading ‘The Artist’s Way’ by Julia Cameron on Sep 11th, 2016. Due to the book, I started the practice of ‘Morning Pages’ which are one of the major tools she recommends in order to unblock your creativity and start un-smudging yourself to reveal who you truly are. The Morning Pages I have been doing morning pages consistently for the past month and a half. Basically, they are 3 pages of long-hand stream of consciousness writing in the morning as…

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10 Fears Keeping Us From Living Fulfilling Lives

What Causes Success Do you know fear – it’s our archenemy? When I was younger, I used to wonder why some people had a lot of success in their life – people look up to them, people admire them, people want to be them… Whereas, there were other people who lived lives of quiet desperation – no one even cared if these people lived or died (harsh, I know). I read hundreds of books on self-help, personal growth, and development,…

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