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Money Mindset Issues? Meditate To Bring Abundance Into Your Life.

money mindset issues

Having hung out with people of all statures, I realize that the only different between people with money and without is their mindset. It is actually fascinating to me, to hang out with really rich people, vs. not-so-rich people in the same day. The difference is quite stark. There is no distinguishing between the two. Anyone who wants to become a millionaire or abundant in anyway needs to work on their mindset before anything else. It has been said, that…

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Is Pain Killing You? Meditate To Diffuse The Hell Out Of It

pain meditation

Recently, I got this pain in my right shoulder blade. It was debilitating. I couldn’t even get out of bed without my back spasming. This was a recurrent pain, so as usual, I tried to ignore it, and get on with business. I hoped it would go away on its own. Of course, it did not. It was trying to send me a message and until I got that message, it wouldn’t leave. I decided to spend a few meditation…

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