Add Slowing Down To Your 2021 List

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I’m sure you have hundreds of ‘important’ things on your to-do list, but perhaps slowing down isn’t one of them. Maybe it isn’t even on your radar.

But as Mother Earth and the universe has given us clear direction over 2020, the planet as a whole needs to slow down, particularly humankind. We have been rushing our way through the Iron Age, the Renaissance, and the Internet Age.

Perhaps the universe has had enough of our nonsense. They must be looking down at us from wherever they are and thinking where are these fools running to? What are they running from? Why is slowing down so hard for them?


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How I Am Trying To Bring Conscious Shopping Into My Life

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I am truly now understanding the meaning of conscious shopping. There are so many things to think about when you are going to buy something somewhere.

First of all, plastic – are they using plastic or not, and if they are, is there anyway for you to avoid it. Second, are they using sustainable items, things that are compostable, or renewable, like bamboo, hemp, or second hand items, that are not going to use more resources. Third, are they using any animal-related products, to prevent all of the load on the environment.

The main thing about purchasing an item, is can you go without this item. Thats the biggest thing to think about.

It’s so easy nowadays, especially since there are so many stores selling cheap things, to say, “Okay, I am just going to buy this because, its so cheap, and if I don’t use it, I can throw it out or I can donate it. But it took hundreds of litres of water, and hundreds of acres of forest, and other resources to create this one item. You might use it once and then throw it out. But, it will stay in a garbage dump producing heat, and methane, and pollutants for a long time.

And all of this, just because you didn’t take the time to think, okay, do I really need this? Do I really, really need this? Can I go without it? Are there any other options? Can I borrow from someone else? Can I use something I already have?


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Without Time For Integration, All Healing Is Meaningless

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I’m part of this awesome spiritual community in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are dozens of different modalities of healing being practiced by everyone almost at the same time.

I hear of my friends doing five or six Ayahuasca medicine ceremonies, and then going off to do a Vipassana Meditation, and then going to a Tantra immersion course, all in a matter of a couple of months.

When I hear of this, it actually really scares me. Not because these individuals can’t handle it. They can. They are strong, powerful beings, who are more than capable of handling anything that is thrown at them.

But, the thing that scares me is the fact that they are not giving themselves any time at all, to integrate any of the healing that is being performed on their minds, bodies, and souls.


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