How Do You Know If You Are Doing The Right Thing?

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I have been thinking about this question a lot recently because there has been a barrage of people doing wrong things on this planet. Like being racist, or sexist, or homophobic, and more. But then people argue with these exact same individuals about the fact that they are being cruel or wrong in what they are doing, these people don’t understand. They don’t get why they are wrong in how they treating these other human beings.

In their minds, it is completely and absolutely justified.

Now this has happened many times in history and will probably keep on happening many times again, especially if as humans we don’t learn from our past or our mistakes.

The reason concentration camps and their cruelty happened was because the people running the camps believed that they were in the right. They were doing something right to fix the world that according to them would be broken until a certain type of people were completely annihilated.

This kind of thing still exists, and is happening all over the world and has happened all over history. (more…)

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