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When You Reach Your Goals And Think Now What?

achieve happiness right now

A friend of mine, Henrik Nordstrom, whom I really admire recently shared a story of his. He is originally from Sweden, and when he was 11 or so, he was overweight. He was made fun of in school and his life was pretty miserable. His mother had these Tony Robbins cassette tapes that she had bought, and one summer as he was sitting there bored, he started listening to these tapes. All about NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) and modelling. He was…

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Your Life Is Perfect In Hindsight, So Why Not In The Moment?

amor fati

I have been thinking about this topic a lot lately – Amor Fati. I am building a membership site at the moment. And, it is fascinating to me how so many skills that I have developed over the past 2 years (and more) have aligned perfectly so that I can create this site right now without much technical help from the outside. It’s so odd to me because for the longest time, I was a creative person. I believed myself…

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Hell No To Fuck Yes – Make That Transition

fuck yes life

I notice a curious trend among people nowadays. They are never truly excited about anything they are doing. Is it ‘uncool’ to be excited about anything anymore? Are we supposed to maintain a facade of boredom and cynicism on the outside? Or is it that nothing exciting happens on Earth anymore, and we need to travel into space to experience anything new and meaningful? Drugs don’t do it anymore either. After the hundredth hit, even drugs seem to lose their…

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Everything Is Perfect In Hindsight So Make It So Right Now

hindsight makes everything perfect

If you looked back at your life right now, you will see a pattern in your life. A pattern that is apparent to everyone in hindsight. Think about the last time your life was imperfect, and something went wrong. You were in dire straits, you were crying, or angry about it, you felt like your life would never be the same again. Everything was tumbling upside down in that moment and perhaps for a few more moments after that. Then,…

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