Be Specific in the Way You Use Meditation

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Most of us know that meditation is a powerful tool that can absolutely and completely transform our lives for the better. Then why aren't we using it in the specific ways that it is meant to be used? Why are we being so fickle or temperamental with its usage? Meditation is a powerful tool, but not just that. In my opinion, it is the ultimate tool to get yourself from 0 to 100 reasonably fast. But most of us end up using meditation as a mind-scrubber rather than a transformative tool. Read on to see how you can use meditation in very specific ways to improve your life. Meditation Is a Powerful Tool To Relieve Anxiety Most people start meditating as a way of relieving their stress and anxiety. It is the ultimate tool for that. In fact, that's one of the reasons I started meditating diligently. I noticed that I felt a whole lot better about my life and everything that…

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Rushing Through Life Instead of Being Here and Now

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Are you rushing through life instead of living each moment in the here and now? Are you imagining that there’s something better at the end of the tunnel, at the end of all of that rushing?

I have done that too many times to count. For example, I will be doing my yoga practice, and instead of actually paying attention to what’s going on in my practice, my mind will be a million miles away, thinking about my to-do list.

Even now, as I write this post, no matter how much I try to concentrate and focus entirely on the clicking of the keyboard keys, and the words that swirl in my mind, I feel my mind wandering and thinking, planning and dreaming.

Is this really necessary? Why do I do this to myself?


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Meditation Is All About Unmuddying The Mind

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Whenever I think about all of the wonderful benefits that meditation has bought my way, I’m so grateful that I started meditating. I feel absolutely lucky to have discovered the practice of meditation so early on in my life (I think I was 28 when I started meditating).

I am forever and always discovering more and more reasons why I love to meditate. Every year, researchers are discovering new and varied reasons why meditation is so good for us.

All of this to say, that meditation really matters as one of those cornerstone habits that can absolutely transform your life, your body, and your soul.

But one of the primary benefits of meditation that has truly transformed my life has been the unmuddying aspect of it.

I want to use this blog post as a chance to explain my thought on what is unmuddying, and how meditation helps with it.


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Mindfulness Gives You Time, And Time Gives You Freedom

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Why does mindfulness matter so much? Why is every guru out there, harping about meditation, and its benefits? And why is everything nowadays laced with this idea of being present and being in the moment? Is it really that important, this mindfulness idea?

I used to wonder about all of this, as you probably have. I couldn’t understand why it is so important for all of us to become present, and come back to stillness and silence at least once a day.

The more I meditate though, the more I realize what all of the fuss was all about. Ah, I see now, I think to myself, every single day, as the cobwebs in my mind get cleaned up, and I see more clearly.


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Peace Doesn’t Come To Us In A Moment In The Future

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When we are here in this moment in time, and if we aren’t happy in this moment in time, we believe our peace and happiness lies somewhere in the future. It’s there, out there somewhere. It’s not here, it’s not here with me, but out there.

Maybe, our happiness is attached to some car, or some purse, or some person, or some destination. Once, we get there, we will be happy. By now, all of you must know this story and how it ends.

The universe can be rather dastardly in giving us its teachings. We teach that thing that we had been working towards, and all of a sudden, we realize we are still not happy.

Damn! Okay, no worries. I’m sure my happiness is somewhere in the future, somewhere out there, somewhere in that next t-shirt I will buy. Or that beautiful person that I will date. Or that Korean drama that I will watch.


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Why Did I Start Meditating? What Did It Get Me?

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Recently, I started thinking about the first time, I meditated, and it bought up a host of memories for me. Such an interesting journey it has been for me, and I wanted to share a bit of it with you. Hopefully, you will find it interesting, enlightening, and engaging.

I did my first meditation session when I did my Yoga Teacher Training in 2011 in Toronto. One of our instructors would sit us down in a tiny closed off room, with the lights dimmed down, and guide us through a brief meditation, perhaps, 15 or 20 minutes. I remember the feeling of sitting down, and having nothing to do. Sitting down, and being able to think of nothing. Really being in my body, and feeling every corpuscle of it. It was absolutely amazing.

When my teacher training finished, I wanted to continue on with it, and so I searched for some music that I could play, and I downloaded it and burned it onto this CD. I don’t remember now what song it was, or who was singing. But I remember that there was a didgeridoo playing, which was an interesting experience in itself. (more…)

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Have a Shitty Life? Make It Better Now.

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Shitty Life

It’s a weird journey that we are all on, isn’t it? I mean, we think we are growing, and we are getting somewhere, wherever that place might be to each person. And suddenly, a roadblock appears, or worse, something much harsher. Our shitty life begins.

The few steps forward that we have taken are all taken away from us. We stumble backwards. We try to crawl forwards, but nothing really gives. Stuck, we try this and that and the other. But again, nothing gives.

We are lost. Alone. Lonely. Sad. Stressed. Depressed. And a hundred other emotions course through us, mostly bad ones. We wonder if we are ever, ever, ever, going to be relieved of the burden under which we live. Are we ever going to get out from under this rock that is pressing down on us? Preventing us from breathing, and from living to our fullest?

Crying About Your Shitty Life?

We wake up every day crying about our shitty life. Weeping. Bawling. People avoid us. They think of us as that person who mopes around a lot. “She just lost a boyfriend, or a job, or some money. Can’t she get over it already? For God’s sake.” They say in groups, huddled around, judging, and condemning us for feeling.

Why don’t they get it, we wonder? They have been through this before. Why don’t they commiserate with me? But they know, as we know, as everybody knows, that this is just a temporary thing. It comes as fast as a flash flood. And it leaves as slowly as a peaceful brook.

They know it’s going to leave us soon. So, they are just waiting for that. But in our minds, we are thinking, “I’m never going to be over this. I am going to suffer this shitty life forever!!”


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Want To Be Unfuckable? Meditate And That Gift Is Yours.

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Okay, so swear words in the name of the blog post – perhaps that is not a good start, and perhaps it is. You gotta take the plunge into the deep end, right? Anyways, why would anyone want to be unfuckable? And what the hell does that even mean?

First of all, it’s not a real word, so there. If you are going to message me with an excerpt from the Webster’s Dictionary 21st century edition showing me an empty space, where unfuckable is supposed to be, don’t.

Second of all, Unfuckable is an attitude and an agenda. It isn’t something you can show to the world. Just like you can’t pierce your chest, tear your heart into two, and show the world where the love of your life resides. The same way you cannot show the world that you are a beast. Or that you are in beast mode.

All the world sees are the residual patterns. It sees that you are resilient, and bouncy. You are Anti-Fragile, as Nassim Taleb would say. You not only bounce back from things. But you look forward to the bad shit as much as the good shit. (more…)

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Meditation Kills All Of The Mind-Killers

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I started meditating a long time back, because I wanted to calm down my crazy mind. I had a lot of anxiety and I knew meditation would help me with that. Why did I choose meditation out of all of the other different things I could try? I mean, I could have started smoking weed, or taking Prozac, or exercising like a fiend, or eating a lot of sugars and carbs, or a hundred other things.

I guess, I was lucky. Or in the right place at the right time. I did a Yoga teacher Training in Toronto, because I inadvertently discovered Hot Yoga, and fell in love with it. Our main teacher for the teacher training was a meditation fanatic. She taught us a lot about it. We meditated a lot. In circles. Solitary. Facing each other. Facing outwards. It was an interesting experience.

Still it doesn’t explain why I started meditating regularly.

Well, this might sound hippy-dippy, but I realized the power of meditation, when I was sitting one day in the meditation pose, in a room with ten others, and I felt this ball of furious, white energy in my hands. It was powerful and white-hot. I felt like I could manipulate it and move it around. It was my first experience with manipulating and working with energy this way. It was quite fascinating.

I thought to myself, if I could have such an experience with just a few sessions of meditation, imagine what would happen if I did many many more sessions. I was hooked.

Imperfect Meditations

Of course, that experience wasn’t replicable every single time. Sometimes I meditated and it was quite powerful. Sometimes, I had a hard time keeping my monkey mind from bouncing around all over the place. Yet other times, I spent the whole meditation session thinking about food, all the food that I was going to eat after the session, or sex, all of the sexual fantasies that I was going to reenact after the session. It was definitely a challenge.

But I realized no matter how the individual experiences of meditation were, the overall effect of them on me was palpable. I could feel the changes happening inside of me. I was becoming someone different. I didn’t even look the same anymore. (more…)

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