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5 Ways Meditation Helps Entrepreneurs Be More Successful

Meditation helps you see the world clearly. It can be a muddy world out there with all the different messages floating towards you from society, family, government, and your own crazy mind. But when you meditate, all of that peripheral stuff drops off. Everything becomes clearer. Life becomes less muddy. Your path is lit up showing you the way. Meditation Helped Me Decide To Quit Corporate When I decided to quit my job to start my business, I did it…

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How I Used My Money Meditation To Remove My Money Blocks

Money Meditation anyone? A little background on me. I used to have a poverty mindset. There, I said it. I used to believe that I’m not worthy of luxuries. Maybe you are in the same boat? Maybe you believe you don’t deserve nice things. I want to share my story with you and how I changed my life to the way I live right now; spontaneous, open, and abundant. There were so many ways I deprived myself because I felt…

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[Ep 1] Meditation for Beginners – How I Started And How You Can Too!

Meditation Made Simple Hi guys! It took me some time to believe that I have something important to say and that anyone would ever listen to me. But finally, here’s my very first podcast and I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it (and all of the next episodes)! In this episode, I wanted to talk about the most important thing anyone on this planet could do in order to improve their lives in all aspects (business, personal, health, relationships, and…

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