Some Days, I Would Rather Do Anything Else, Than Work

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This happens to me all the time. Especially since I work from home, and I have no one really telling me that I need to get to work, or I need to get shit done. In fact, I could spend my entire day contemplating the length of my fingernails, and no one would be the wiser.

That’s one of the dilemmas of people like me, who work from home, who are creative, who need to get in the mood to create shit, and who sometimes are just not in the mood to do anything.

Just today, as I psyched myself up to write this blog post, I spent 3 hours procrastinating in the following manner. I read manga on a couch that got more and more comfortable as time went on, took a 15 minute nap, cut my fingernails, ate my lunch, drank some coconut water, read some more manga, browsed Facebook for something (anything, please God).

Finally, I sat down on my computer, after I could delay it no further, and I am writing this absurd post on procrastination after procrastinating. How original!

No One Is Going To Fire You If You Don’t Do Your Work

Now that I don’t work in the corporate world, I realize the importance of superiors. They are not there because they are necessarily smarter than us, or that they know more than us. Some of them might, most of them probably don’t.

But they are there for a more profound reason. Yes, indeed. They are there to ensure that we actually get our work done.

No, I’m not joking about this. Many times, it is extremely (read impossible) difficult to motivate oneself to do the work that is necessary. I know. I have been working on this problem of mine for years now.

Having tried everything to motivate myself to do my work, now I have several strategies that I use in order to get my shit done.

The biggest problem, of course, is that no one is going to come after you if you don’t get your work done. You won’t make any money and you might be destitute begging on the streets, if you don’t work. But at least no one will fire you.

Dieting And Working At Home Are Very Similar In Many Ways

I think dieting is a good analogy to use when thinking about working at home. When you first go on a diet, you are doing it entirely for you. The same thing applies to you when you are working at home. Every single thing you are working on, you are working on for yourself. If you binge eat that entire pizza at midnight, no one is going to care (especially if you live alone). If you don’t finish your projects, no one will blink an eye.

But, eventually, you are going to notice that you are gaining weight, and your clothes don’t fit anymore. And similarly, you are going to start noticing that you are not bringing any cash in, and at this rate, you are going to have to think about selling a kidney or two, to stay afloat.

Just like staying fit is an inside job, working at home, especially creative work, is an inside job. It has to come from within you. The motivation, I mean. You are the only one who can get yourself from scarfing down an entire family-sized tub of Haagen Daz icecream. And you are the only one who can motivate yourself to do the work every single day that will bring you closer to your goals.

Keeping Your Goals Close At Hand Works Beautifully In This Scenario

One of my girlfriends recounts a story of how she decided to go from chubby to fit. She used Victoria Secret models’ pictures as motivation. She pasted as many as she could all over her refrigerator, bathroom mirrors, and bedroom walls. Every single time, she felt like eating unhealthily, or breaking her diet rules, she was reminded of her motivation through the pictures literally stuck everywhere.

The same thing applies to us when we are doing creative work from home. What is our goal with regards to the work we are doing? Why do I need to post one blog every single week on a Monday, even though most Mondays I don’t feel like doing it? Seriously, why do I need to post a YouTube video every single morning? Why do I need to put out one podcast every single week?

It is all related to the vision and mission that I have clearly pasted inside of my head. It’s related to my ‘Why.’ I check off all of the items on my to-do every single day, even though some days I feel like killing myself rather than doing work, because it is all moving me closer to that goal post. That goal that is stuck stealthily to my head. Just like the pictures that were stuck on the wall for my friend.

Even Today, I Would Rather Die Than Work, But I Still Did It

I woke up today and realized that it was going to be one of those days, where I had to write a blog post. Instantly, my skin started crawling from fear. Procrastination, my old enemy, reared its head once again.

Oh no, I don’t think I can do it. I have nothing to write about. I have nothing interesting to say. No one reads my shit anyways, so why bother? Why am I doing this to myself?

All of this self-doubt started pouring down my back like a cold sweat, so that by the time, I decided to write out my blog post, I was in a state of panic. No, I didn’t want to write. I didn’t want to do anything. All I wanted to do was laze around, and self-sabotage my future self, by reading manga.

Strategies To Counteract This Procrastination Problem

Thankfully, I have encountered this situation several hundred times before. I know how to deal with it. First of all, I let myself be distracted for a few hours. I know I am going to do it anyways, so I do it with intention. I give myself a couple of hours in which I just laze around, fart around, and do nothing important. The thing about lazing about is that eventually it gets boring. At least for me, I get bored of it very fast, and then I am hankering to do some real work.

Secondly, I will allow myself days where I get nothing productive done. I have had some days where I will wake up and know that I am not going to do anything useful today. On those days, I will allow myself to get into absolute lazy mode, and do nothing. Because the day after that, I am so excited and motivated to work, that I get so much more shit done than normal.

Lastly, I always remind myself that I am lucky to be able to do the work that I do. I get up every morning, and I get to work on stuff I really care about. This isn’t some reality TV. This is my real life, and I get to live it everyday. I’m lucky enough to live this life, and I am not going to throw it away, because I didn’t ‘feel’ like working one or two days.

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Think Of Everything You Do As Seeds You Are Planting

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When an oak tree puts out acorns, it knows not all acorns are actually going to result into another oak tree. In fact, one oak tree can put as many as 10,000 acorns in their masting year. And statistically, only one of those acorns is going to take seed properly and grow into a fully-grown oak tree. If you think those are poor stats, I absolutely agree. (Btw, these stats are from the fascinating book, The Hidden Life Of Trees, which I highly recommend).

I actually use the same analogy for myself when I do my work. People ask me why I do so many things, and I work such long hours. There are many reasons for it, one of them being that I wasted my entire 20s drinking, partying, and being stupid, so now it’s my time to catch up.

But more importantly, I know how this universe works, and how the planting of ideas takes fruition. Out of the hundreds of things I will do in a week and out of the thousands of ideas that I will plant in a year, only maybe four or five of those will actually come to fruition.

You Plant Seeds Knowing Almost None Of Them Will Go Anywhere

That’s the delightful thing about life, I think. You never know which idea will take root and grow into something magnificent. And you don’t know which ideas will turn into duds, and wither away. 

I have no idea when I plant my various ideas which ideas will actually give germ to something brilliant. And, which will result in revenue or any kind of impact. That’s why, I think of all of my ideas as little seedlings. I take the oak tree’s view, and just put out as many ideas as I can out there into the ether.

I don’t worry about where the ideas are going, or how far they are going to go. Or, even how fast they are going to come to fruition, or any of that. That’s not my concern. I have done my work. I have planted my seeds. And I have done the due diligence that was required of me. I will continue planting my seeds until the day I die.

Some of them might come to fruition after I die. Some of them might never come to fruition. And some of them might turn into brilliant stars that will shine brightly for the rest of eternity.

That is again none of my concern.

My concern is the work I put out there.

Get Up Every Day And Put Good Work Into Planting Seeds

That is our only concern as human beings – to put seeds into the ground, over and over again, day in and day out, and forget about the results. Unfortunately, we spent way too much as human beings, worrying about the outcome. Also, we have this thing that says we don’t want to put too much effort into something if it isn’t going to result in anything. 

That means that unless you have an absolute certainty that your idea is going to go somewhere, you are not going to put any effort into it???! That is absolutely ridiculous. No one and I mean, no one has any absolute idea of where their ideas are going to go. Some ideas will be successful, most will not.

All we can do as human beings is keep on putting our effort into the ideas that come to us, planting our seed ideas, and then moving on. Do not wait to see if any of your ideas are taking hold or root or if they are turning into trees.

You do not need to worry about that. The universe will let you know automatically when one of your ideas is becoming successful. You have nothing to worry about. Rest easy, and keep on planting your seeds. The rest will happen as easily as everything else you are doing.

Just plant your seeds, the rest shall come. Or not. And it’s none of our concern either way.

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Don’t Let The Internet Rush You – No One Is Posting Their Failures

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Recently, I read this awesome quote attributed to Wesley Snipes (on his Twitter account), and I instantly copied and pasted it into my archives of useful quotes. It’s basically the title of this post – Don’t let the internet rush you; No one is posting their failures.

Boom! Bam! Bing! Absolutely on point. As soon as I read it, I got goosebumps, and that’s when I know something that I am reading (or listening to or whatever) is important. That’s how your body’s intelligence tells you that something is important. It’s not a random coincidence that your body chose that exact moment to get chilly.

The reason I wanted to write a blog post on this topic was because it’s so relevant to all of us creatives and entrepreneurs out there. All we see are the success stories. All we see are those people out there making millions and smashing every business goal set in their lifetime.

Meanwhile, we are sitting here, making piddly amounts of money, hoping that one day, our work will pay off; someday in the far, far, far off future, perhaps.

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If You Are Not Going To Be Serious About Your Work, No One Else Will

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When I first quit my job to start my own business, I didn’t take it seriously, or as seriously as I take it now. I would let people distract me from my work, I would roam around during my most creative hours looking for dates or doing groceries, and I got embarrassed when people would tell me I didn’t have a real job.

I bought it upon myself. I didn’t take the work that I was doing seriously. The problem was that I thought that I wasn’t working on a full-time job anymore, and therefore, I started behaving as if I were on a perpetual holiday. Thankfully, that didn’t last long, because I realized I had to start making money soon or move back in with my parents. And I was not moving back in with my parents.

Now, my mentality towards my business is completely different. No matter what else is going on in the world, my business and my creative work comes first. 

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[Ep 3] The Fear Of Quitting Our 9-5 Jobs Paralyzes Most Of Us

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Fear Is A Mind Killer

In this episode, I’ll be talking about my own journey (a somewhat “rocky” journey) of quitting the 9-5 and starting my own online business based on my passions—meditation, spirituality, and digital nomading.

We all want to quit the cubicle, travel the world, and work on a business that is based on our true passions (at least I think so based on the people I meet). We know we need to get out of that shit, but most of us don’t do it.


The answer is easy: we are afraid.

But there are reasons – really great reasons in our heads that say we cannot quit our 9-5 to pursue our passions.

I had a long list of my own reasons – fear of failure, of the unknown, of disappointing my parents, of succeeding, of taking on too much too fast, of poverty, of bankruptcy, of being on my own, of jumping into the abyss, and much more.

I still quit my job.

You know why?

Because the reasons didn’t matter anymore. I had to get out and do my own thing. It was time.

I knew if I delayed any further I would be delaying forever! I didn’t want regret to take over my psyche.

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My Online Business Is My Life Purpose And It Drives Every Moment Of My Life

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I woke up at 439am today to work on my life purpose – my online business.

Yes, I’m a morning person. Please don’t hate me. But before I quit my 9-5 and started my own online business, I used to wake up at 7am thinking that’s early enough.

Even so, I had no real purpose in life or aim.

I meandered for a whole decade (from 22 to 32)

  1. I spent way too much of my time on drama. You know that needless drama created by yours truly to add some spice into your life (watch out for that drama creator in yourself and stop her before she gets too big for her britches).
  2. I spent way too much time:
    1. Crying over being single or
    2. Being in relationship with someone unworthy or
    3. Meeting the wrong kind of guys or
    4. Meeting the right kind of guys at the wrong time.
  3. I spent way too much time in my head:
    1. Over-analyzing useless crap,
    2. Incessantly worrying over inconsequential matters, and
    3. Feeling anxiety over the unrealized (and unpredictable) future.
  4. I spent way too much planning out my future purchases and spending the money I was going to earn before I had even earned it. All of my cash was earmarked for cute shoes, and lots of travel (travelling for the sake of travelling).
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[Ep 2] Building Your Passion Based Business – Make Money Doing What You Love

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In this episode, I’ll be talking about building a passion-based business. This way, your business will be based on something you love, rather than based on something you think will make money (which is how a lot of people end up building businesses – and end up hating what they are doing).

We are The Millionaire Hippies, so in our case, we want to build businesses which are spiritual, abundant, easeful, and prosperous.

If you are a major snowboarder, we would try to build a business based upon that, or if you are a yogi and nutritionist, the same applies.

As Ed Dale (one of my mentors) says every market is a market, and the possibilities are endless. You really can make money in any business you put your mind to.

In this episode, I want you to realize this fact before jumping head-first into a business that you aren’t really passionate about.

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6 Reasons Why I Quit My Job To Start My Online Business Without Any Safety Net

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I don’t have a safety net. That’s why I’ll succeed. Let me explain why.

Before I quit, for three months straight, I sat at my desk wondering why I was still there.

Don’t get me wrong.

I loved my job, I loved my boss, I loved my colleagues. I was lucky enough to be one of those rare individuals with a great boss and a great job. But there was this urge inside of me to start my own thing.

I would look at the CEO and founder of our company and I would feel this insane jealousy bubble up inside of me.

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