Why Are You Getting Annoyed When You Have To Work?

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Over the past few months, I have been getting this revelation about work that I would really like to share with my readers. With you awesome people, that is. When I was a child and in my teens, I absolutely loved school work, and all of the other work that I got to do. It was a privilege to me. A lot of people in the world, I used to tell myself, don’t get to go to school or do all of this awesome work, because they are too poor, or too busy supporting their families.

I am lucky enough (and was lucky enough) to have parents who supported me, so I could go to school unfettered. I didn’t have to worry about bringing home the bacon. My parents took care of that for me, so I could study. I loved to study and I loved to go to work. It was all a major privilege and gain to me.

But as I entered my twenties, I started working at a job with the government, where the opposite viewpoint was held fast. For the first time, I was surrounded by people who hated their jobs, and hated working. They hated everything about it, and they expounded upon it for long periods of time to anyone who would listen. I ended up doing a lot of the listening, because I was young, and a junior member of the team. (more…)

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My Gypsy Heart Is So Ecstatic To Be In This Creative Sinkhole

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When I was younger, I always knew that I wanted to be a writer. It was like, that had been imprinted into the insides of my heart, irrevocably and forever my destiny. But, as the world intervened, I was made to realize (falsely) that I will never make any money from being a writer, and I should find some other vocation. Some other vocation that paid better, much better, has more security, and more stability associated with it.

Ah, if only, I had been stronger in my mindset, and realized that it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how much money I could have made from the writing thing, because it was something that my gypsy heart wanted to do.

For the next 20 years (I am 34 now), I worked on various odd and end jobs. Marketing. Sales. Officiating. And so much more. It was all for naught. There was no point to it. My heart kept on going back to creating, and writing. It wanted to do that so badly. (more…)

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It’s The Process Of Doing That Teaches You How To Do

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I am writing a 1000 words of my novel every single day (this doesn’t include blog posts, journaling, and all of the other writing I do during the day). It is the one of the few non-negotiable things that I have to do every single day with my time. Even if I get nothing else done, and I get these words done, my day is a success. Based on the rate that I’m going, I’m going to be publishing a novel every 2.5 months.

Some people look at the rate I’m churning out novels, almost like a mass production line, and they scoff at it. These are the individuals who value perfectionism (and perhaps never putting anything out there), vs. shitty material that gets seen by the populace.

Whatever their quirks might be, I have started sending out the story below to individuals who think my method of writing a lot, and publishing novels at a rapid rate to be the wrong approach.  (more…)

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