If You Want To Be Anything, You Have To Work Like A Dog. Or Do You?

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As with everything else in life, I come across exactly what I need to hear in the moment. It is exactly what I need to read in that moment. Or be with.

This quote came across my laptop screen from a friend, who shared it with me, because he was going to use it as his new mantra. I agreed with him, because I am in this mode of being lazy. Wanting to follow the pace of nature, I realized that nature never hurries, yet everything, everything gets done in the perfect of time.

I am a Type-A perfectionist child of perfectionist, high-achieving parents. My parents had a really hard life, and they always had to work really hard to get anything done. They had to do, do, do and do some more in order to live a good life. They instilled those same work ethics in me.

Burning out and killing my body, mind, and spirit at the same time – it was a typical way for me to live in this world.

So much so that I would end up in contorted postures where my shoulder spasmed so much or my back was so rigid that I could barely get out of bed in the morning. After medicating myself, and numbing myself as I could, I would get out of bed, to push myself hard once again. Over and over again.  (more…)

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Creative People Need Time To Play And Frolic

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Recently, I have been having a lot of conversations with myself about play. It is a really recent phenomenon, actually, only ever since I moved to Chiang Mai (CM) and started playing a lot, and allowing my inner child to play and frolic.

It’s been a long time. As most children that have to grow up way too fast in this competitive and mad-about-money world, I was the same. I needed to get rid of my stupid inner child mentality who wanted to play, and imagine different worlds, if I ever wanted to succeed. I couldn’t be wasting all of my time on nonsense like that! I mean, I had money to make, and empires to build.

Just like that, my feminine, playful side was pushed aside, into the depths of my subconscious, and I began the slow climb to the top. Only my masculine side was allowed to speak up, and if my feminine side did speak up when I was working myself too hard, or not having any fun, it was scolded, and told to shut up.

Play Is Something That Doesn’t Bring You Money

Do you have anything you do in your life just for the pure pleasure of it? Do you have anything like that at all? I didn’t until last year. I had nothing like that.

Everything I did had to bring me money. If it wasn’t, then it was a waste of my time and energy. I didn’t have time to play, and because I didn’t have time to play, I didn’t. (more…)

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