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If You Want To Be Anything, You Have To Work Like A Dog. Or Do You?

tread lightly child

As with everything else in life, I come across exactly what I need to hear in the moment. It is exactly what I need to read in that moment. Or be with. This quote came across my laptop screen from a friend, who shared it with me, because he was going to use it as his new mantra. I agreed with him, because I am in this mode of being lazy. Wanting to follow the pace of nature, I realized…

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Creative People Need Time To Play And Frolic

creativity needs play

Recently, I have been having a lot of conversations with myself about play. It is a really recent phenomenon, actually, only ever since I moved to Chiang Mai (CM) and started playing a lot, and allowing my inner child to play and frolic. It’s been a long time. As most children that have to grow up way too fast in this competitive and mad-about-money world, I was the same. I needed to get rid of my stupid inner child mentality…

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