[Ep 90] Trust Your Intuition Without Disbelief And Question

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about our intuition and why we should always trust it, no matter what. Your intuition is strong and powerful, and it can see more than what us mere humans can see. We are literally blind compared to our intuition’s sight and vision.

If your intuition is telling you to go down a certain path, then it’s most likely for a reason that you can’t see yet. But you will eventually be able to see the reason if you keep on trusting your intuition. Gut feelings. They cannot be explained. They can only be lived. The only thing we can do with them is to trust them and experience them.

Podcast Content

  1. What is your intuition?
  2. Why should you follow your heart?
  3. Don’t doubt it, just trust
  4. Our intuition is bigger than us
  5. Believe and trust in your intuition

There have been times in my life when my intuition has told me to take a certain path and I know deep within my heart that it is the right path to take. There is no way to explain how or why. It’s just a feeling inside of my body, deep within.

This is my intuition speaking to me, guiding me. If I meet a person that might be dangerous or if I’m in a bad situation, the hairs on my body will stand up. This is my intuition telling me that I need to be alert and careful.

It can be scary not understanding why you’re doing something or why you’re taking a certain path in life. But your intuition does really know what is best for you and will always guide you correctly. It doesn’t want to play games or hurt you. It cares for you and wants to see you flourish in life.

If you just take a leap and trust your intuition it will put you on the right path. Trust and believe in your gut. It will not lead you wrong.

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[Ep 89] Stay Open To Every Experience As Much As Possible

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In this episode, I will be chatting about why we should say “yes” to everything – as much as possible. We have a tendency as humans to label something as good or bad, even before we have had any experience with it. We are preempting our hatred of it, because we “think” we will hate it.

Why do we label certain experiences negative and some as positive? It is to do with our past experiences, and our ancestral trauma. We label things as good or bad, because we think they are going to cause us pain or bring us pleasure. But how about we try a different method? How about we experience the item before labelling it either good or bad?

Podcast Content

  1. Stop closing off your mind
  2. The universe is our playmate
  3. Stop labeling experiences
  4. Experiences help us grow and learn
  5. Your emotions matter

The universe is incredibly clever and wants us to achieve great things in life. New experiences that come into our paths are not there by accident. The universe has placed them there for us to use. We grow from experiences and learn more about ourselves and this life we live.

Experiences are only negative or positive because we label them so. If you go into an experience with an open mind and a happy heart, then the experience is going to be positive. But if you go in being negative and close-minded, then you’re not going to enjoy the experience.

You need to stop and ask yourself, why do I perceive this experience as a negative? There are many different factors as to why this could be. You are always creating the world around you with your thoughts and emotions. What kind of a world do you want to create?

We need to change our own perceptions and take everything that comes into our stride with a smile on our face. Every new experience will help us grow as a person and learn new things to help us live our ideal life.

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[Ep 88] Having A Hard Time Getting Ideas?

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about muses and how I get all the ideas for all of the awesome, cool, different things I do every single day. And the real heroine of the show is my muse! Ta-da!

For those who are unsure, a muse is a force that is the source of inspiration and it’s where all our ideas come from. Not only mine, or yours, but every single creative person on the planet gets their ideas from their own muse. Muses are always floating around in the air with ideas attached to them. Searching for a human like us, creative, and determined to get their idea out into the world.

I have so many ideas coming to me all throughout the day and it is confusing me as to why some people don’t. Why do some people come up with ideas easily and others do not? The answer is as simple as do you trust your muse and more importantly, does your muse trust you?

Podcast Content

  1. What are muses?
  2. Where do our ideas come from?
  3. Giving up your ego
  4. Please don’t write with your thinking mind

Muses always guide my way and send me ideas. Incredible ideas. When I’m writing, I drop my ego and let myself be free and the muse takes over. I can write for hours at that point. I am given so many ideas. Sometimes I can’t write them all down. Ideas are always there, waiting for us to take a chance upon them.

Even if you don’t believe in the muse, ideas are all around us. You can find inspiration from people, places, sounds, or anything else. You just need to start paying attention, and being alert to the ideas all around you. Once you have an idea, don’t doubt it. Just go with it. Believe in the idea and work with it. Massage it into a thing of beauty with your creativity.

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[Ep 87] Do Your Business Your Way

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about how people tend to look up to and copy other people life strategies in hopes that they will emulate that persons’ success. I advocate the policy of modifying other people’s strategies to fit your own lifestyle, characteristics, and personality traits. That’s the way to be truly successful.

We need to do our own thing in life. Many people seem to think that if they follow the format that someone else is using to run their business then they will also become successful.

The problem is that just because one strategy worked for one person, that doesn’t mean that this strategy would work for you as well. It’s a hit-or-miss kind of strategy.

We need to stand out from the crowd, do our own thing and not be a sheep following the herd.

Podcast Content

  1. Following other people’s life formats
  2. My experience trying to use someone’s format for my business
  3. Follow your heart
  4. Your intuition is very important
  5. Make your own life format

When I first started my business, I felt like the only way I would become a success was to follow the path of other successful people in my field. After I while, I realized that even though the formats I had adopted for myself were good formats, they weren’t truly suited to the kind of person I was, and the sort of business I wanted to run.

It can be scary going off on your own and doing things differently than others, but it will make your business your own. And you may very well become the success that you wish to become, in your own way. You just need to follow your heart.

Our intuition is very powerful, and it shouldn’t be ignored. If your intuition is telling you that this is how you should run your business, then that’s probably the universes way of showing you the path you need to take. We should always go with what our gut and heart are telling us.

Life can be confusing and stressful enough, but if you just have a bit of confidence in yourself and your gift, then life will work out the way you want it too. You just need to believe in yourself.

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[Ep 86] Write For Yourself And Only For Yourself

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about my writing experience and how I feel that we should write for ourselves, not for anyone else outside of ourselves.

Nowadays, people tend to focus more on what people think about them, and gaining appreciation and respect from people, than anything else. Focusing on this makes us lose sight of what is important to us. When we write, we really need to focus on the joy and ecstasy that the art of writing brings to our lives, rather than anything else. This is highly important for success in the field.

Podcast Content

  1. Why do you write?
  2. Are you writing because you want to be appreciated by externals?
  3. What makes you come alive?
  4. Do what you want but make sure you do it for you!

Take a minute and think about what makes you come alive. Is it writing, watching a sport, playing an instrument or taking awesome photographs? Whatever it is, why did you start doing it? It wasn’t for the external accolades. You started with it, because you liked doing it, and it made me feel alive.

I have always loved writing. It is one of those things for me – that I would do even if I was sick or dying. I have noticed though that whenever I start getting a lot of praise on my writing from people outside of myself, I stop writing for the fun of it. I start writing because I want more and more of this praise. Writing becomes about other people and what I thought they wanted.

The problem with praise or external appreciation is that it’s fickle. It changes. And if we base our enjoyment of our craft on it, then we will be on this rollercoaster of wanting to work on our craft or not, based on the amount of praise we are getting.

Appreciation will come and go, but what should stay with you forever is that fire you feel in your soul, that glow you get when you see your own work come to life.

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[Ep 85] Change The World; Don’t Just Add To The Noise

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In this episode, I’ll be chatting to you about a quote I heard from the movie, The Glass Castle. Here’s how it goes – “Change the world; Don’t just add to the noise”.

I love this quote because there is way too much noise in this world. As a new business owner, I tend to hear a lot of noise. Whether it be from nay-sayers, people trying to sell me things or just other people’s opinions on how to run my business. Everyone has an opinion but it’s up to you whether you listen to it or not.

You must be critical of the noise around you or it can become very overwhelming.

Podcast Content

  1. Quote from “The Glass Castle”
  2. Be critical of the noise you hear
  3. Don’t put people on pedestals
  4. Shiny object syndrome
  5. Don’t be a source of noise

If someone is trying to tell you how to run your business, or how to do your meditation or work on your hobbies and they have little or no experience in that field, don’t feel like you must take their advice. You can be polite and listen to them, but don’t just accept their noise. Be critical of it and discard what you don’t need.

Don’t take advice from imperfect people. Take advice and noise from people you trust, people who are successful in your chosen field. Just because one person seems to be doing amazing and living the ideal life you crave; don’t trust everything they say. People can talk the talk, but when it comes down to it they are just adding to the noise. Don’t put people on a pedestal – focus on you.

Don’t add to the noise, do the work instead of just talking about it. Instead of wasting your time and energy and money on taking unneeded courses, focus on the work that you need to do daily in order to move your business forward. It’s hard enough avoiding all of the noise that is coming at you daily, don’t add to the stress by avoiding your work as well.

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[Ep 84] How I Use Morning Pages To KickStart Creativity

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In this episode, I’ll be talking to you about morning pages and how they will help you develop and grow as a person in life.

Morning pages were invented by a lady called Julia Cameron and she first described them in an epic book called ‘The Artist’s Way’, which I highly recommend. She created them to be used as a tool people could use to help untangle their minds before they start their day. When you first wake up, you have so much going on inside your brain that it’s good to sit down, relax and clear your mind.

Cameron says that when you wake up, the first thing you should do is to try and write three pages of long-hand journaling in a notebook. Write anything that comes into your head. This will help clear your mind and show you the truths of your life.

Podcast Content

  1. What are morning pages?
  2. How morning pages can help you?
  3. How do I use morning pages?
  4. Some of the truths that I discovered
  5. What are your truths?

I started doing my morning pages just before I moved to Chiang Mai. They really helped me understand more about myself. They looked inside my soul and showed me my truths and what I wanted out of life. I realized that writing was what I have always loved and it’s what I needed to peruse.

Writing morning pages helped me become the ideal person that I wanted to be. I don’t think I would be where I am now in life if I didn’t do my Morning Pages. Morning pages might not be the right thing for you, but you won’t know until you give them a try. They could open up a whole world of truths for you and help guide you to your ideal life.

Please try doing the morning pages and see what truths come up for you. A lot of the time we are afraid of the truth and we want to avoid it. Don’t! The truth is powerful, and it can help change your life for the better.

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[Ep 83] Find Your Community To Create Your Safe Space

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In this episode, I’ll be speaking about the importance of community.

Having a community of people doing similar things to you is crucial in winning the game. Life can be lonely, even despite a slew of people around us who love and support us. They might support us, but they won’t truly understand the trials and tribulations we are going through.

We all need people to support us, believe in us and hold our hand and guide us when the time comes, and there is no shame in needing people.

Podcast Content

  1. The importance of finding your community
  2. Why having a community will help you in life?
  3. How to find your community?
  4. What community should you be a part of?

Whether you are starting a new business, a new sport, moving to a new country or just simply going traveling, it can be lonely at times. It is useful to have people who are on a similar path as you.

Before I moved to Chiang Mai, I didn’t have a community. When I started meditating, I was so worried as to what other people would think of me, so I hid it. I hid my passion and I was alone. IT was a very lonely time in my life and I knew that I didn’t want to feel the same way when I was starting a new business.

Thus, I moved to Chiang Mai. I searched Facebook for digital nomads like me and found a whole world full of people in the same boat as me. I found my community, I found people who I could connect with, ask questions, and get the support and knowledge that I needed.

Finding your communities will benefit you in numerous ways. You will be able to connect with like-minded people thought have been through the same struggles as you. They can offer you support, information, a hand to hold during the difficult times and most importantly friendship. This way you will never have to feel lonely during your journey through life.

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[Ep 82] We Are Living Lives Of Bliss, We Just Have To Awaken

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In this episode. I’ll be talking to you about how incredible the world we live in is and how we just need to open our eyes wide to realize this.

I am so grateful that I can do what I love for a living. My work, the place where I live, the people I associate myself with, all fill my life with joy. I’m in a constant flow state because of this. Sometimes though, when I speak to people outside my bubble, they always question me about money. Do I make money from my business?

Why is this the first question people ask me? Why don’t people ask me if I’m happy? Money plays such a big role in our lives and we often forget that there is more to life than just earning money

Podcast Content

  1. Why is money so important to people?
  2. Do what makes you happy
  3. Are you living a joyful life?
  4. What is your unique gift?
  5. How can you change the world?

I love my business, I love my hobbies and I would never stop what I’m doing even if I was not getting paid for it. MY writing makes me feel alive, and joy and this is how I want to feel every single day. There are so many people on this planet and most waste their life doing a job they hate for money.

Yes, money is important. We can buy the food we want, the home we live in and the clothes we wear but it’s not the only important thing in life. Your happiness and your mindset are just as important. Are you happy in your life right now? If not, why? What can you do to change that?

Even if you work a 9-5 job that you don’t really like, you could spend your free time on a hobby or passion that makes you happy. You need to discover your unique gift that fuels your passion for life and flow with it. Change the world with it.

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