Time Is Nonrefundable, Spend It On What You Really Care About

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I am a published writer of the lowest calibre. I have some science fiction novels published on Amazon, and I write because I absolutely love to use my imagination to create new worlds, and new stories. In all honesty, I hate, absolutely hate sharing my writing experience with people, because there’s only one thing that comes out of it. Actually, two things. People either ask me if I have made money from my books yet, which really taint the whole experience of sharing my joy with people.

And/or, they ask me if I could read one of their short stories or novels or the first chapter of their book. It’s actually hilarious to me, because the reason they give for it, is that you seem like someone who is a doer, and I need someone who’s going to actually do what I ask them to do. Most other people in their life are not like that. They cannot be asked to do something like this, because they are too lazy or unfocused or unmotivated to comply.

Okay, so I think to myself, because I am motivated, and I am getting shit done, you are going to dump more shit on my head? Wow, what an ironic twist of situation. (more…)

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