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[Ep 83] Find Your Community To Create Your Safe Space

In this episode, I’ll be speaking about the importance of community.

Having a community of people doing similar things to you is crucial in winning the game. Life can be lonely, even despite a slew of people around us who love and support us. They might support us, but they won’t truly understand the trials and tribulations we are going through.

We all need people to support us, believe in us and hold our hand and guide us when the time comes, and there is no shame in needing people.

Podcast Content

  1. The importance of finding your community
  2. Why having a community will help you in life?
  3. How to find your community?
  4. What community should you be a part of?

Whether you are starting a new business, a new sport, moving to a new country or just simply going traveling, it can be lonely at times. It is useful to have people who are on a similar path as you.

Before I moved to Chiang Mai, I didn’t have a community. When I started meditating, I was so worried as to what other people would think of me, so I hid it. I hid my passion and I was alone. IT was a very lonely time in my life and I knew that I didn’t want to feel the same way when I was starting a new business.

Thus, I moved to Chiang Mai. I searched Facebook for digital nomads like me and found a whole world full of people in the same boat as me. I found my community, I found people who I could connect with, ask questions, and get the support and knowledge that I needed.

Finding your communities will benefit you in numerous ways. You will be able to connect with like-minded people thought have been through the same struggles as you. They can offer you support, information, a hand to hold during the difficult times and most importantly friendship. This way you will never have to feel lonely during your journey through life.

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