Consistency Is My True and Ultimate God

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Let’s start off with a story as always. I recently started posting once a day, every morning, on YouTube. It’s nothing major. I do a video on things I am interested in, and I post it up as one of my tasks of the morning. It’s easy for me, as I don’t edit it, and I just do it impromptu as I do all of my videos. So here I am posting every single morning without thinking much about the result. In less than two weeks, my subscribers have gone from 30 to 57. Not a big rise, you say. Not a big deal, you say.

Agreed. It’s not such a big deal. It’s just a raise of a few subscribers. But it’s literally like the universe is telling me, “You are on the right track with consistent efforts. Just doing something every single day for a long period of time is the way you become a master at it, and the way you get to your goals.” 

Most Big Things Are Built On The Back Of Small Things

It’s such a small thing. Just posting one video every single morning. Seriously doesn’t even take me any effort. I do it, without much thought or effort. I am basically on automatic with it now. It’s one of those things that I do, and if I don’t do, then I feel like something’s missing. It is now a habit for me, which makes sense.

I guess, it’s also a habit that stuck with me, because I have noticed the impact that it has had on my subscriber-ship. Just doing one video every single day has boosted my subscribers by a lot (to me) in just a few days. That matters to me. It really does.

I makes me realize this fact about life.

They are built on these little things we do everyday without thinking about it. A great life is built because those baby steps are great. And a sad life is built because those baby steps are sad.

There Is No Such Thing As An Overnight Success

Nothing major happens because of an overnight success. There is no such thing as an overnight success, and the more people start realizing that fact, the less misery there will be in the world in general.

When I was a young ‘un, I used to dream about that day when I would be a millionaire and I would lord it over all of those people who didn’t believe in me. But I wasn’t actually doing anything to make this million happen. I was just dreaming about it. If I did do something, I tried it once or twice, and when that one or two times didn’t result in millions, I gave up.

I used to be like that. I’m not like that anymore. I have learned the folly in my tries. I wasted so many years, working towards things, by dreaming about it, but not really doing anything consistently towards it. Such a waste of time, energy, and effort.

You Will Be Ten Years Older No Matter What

They say that you will be ten years older, no matter if you start learning how to play the piano, or if you don’t. In one scenario, you will know how to play the piano in ten years, and in another, you will have spoken about learning how to play the piano for ten years.

So many people do this, especially in the instant gratification world we live in. We live in this world, where everyone wants everything right now, without any effort, and without any consistency.

I realize the conundrum here. Everything we want is really sexy – like a million dollars, and a flashy car, or whatever else it might be. They are all sexy things. But the steps to get to them are highly unsexy – putting a few dollars away every week, or making that one sales call every hour.

The steps are unsexy, but the end result is sexy. That mismatch gets us every single time. We don’t want to work on unsexy steps, to get to a sexy result.

The same thing applies to fitness. You want to be sexy, but you don’t want to do unsexy pushups to get to that sexy state.

Thus, All Of Us Sit Around, Waiting For A Miracle, To Be Discovered

That’s what happens then. I have had so many people say the exact same thing to me. They are waiting to be discovered. They know, deep in their heart, they know that they are awesome, cool, funky, and top-of-the-pyramid human beings. But no one else knows that yet.

One day, though, one day, everyone will know about their awesomeness. They just have to walk around in the world, strutting their stuff, talking their shit, and someone cool and famous will take notice of their awesomeness, and introduce them to the universe. That day they will have arrived, because they will be discovered.

The sad thing is that while we wait to be discovered for eons, and rot away, there are people out there, who have perhaps no talent or half the talent we have, who are hustling, and working, and networking, and strutting their stuff while working their ass off.

They are the ones who end up being the starlets, or the really famous, successful authors, musicians, painters, entrepreneurs, and all of that.

They Worked And We Waited – You See The Difference

The difference between us is quite clear. At this point, you are probably thinking up of all of these examples of people who were discovered while they were working in a bar, or in a coffee shop, or at a baseball game.

I know of these examples myself. These people were not doing anything special, and they got discovered. Or were they? Were they just discovered randomly? Or were they working in the background – were they working out, staying in shape, working their lines, working on their charisma, working their stuff, or working in general. Perhaps, they were. In fact, I would like to believe that they were.

Because Lady Luck, as they say, doesn’t hit the unprepared. It only hits those who are working and hustling and doing the work.

So we don’t do the work and we want all the results. They do the work, and they expect no results, but they get them.

Are you seeing the difference yet?

Every Career Requires One Consistent Action, Only One

When we think about all of the millions of things we need to do in order to become successful, we get overwhelmed and we end up doing nothing.

The reality is that every career requires consistency on one and only one item. Really it’s the most important and crucial one. But we get distracted by all the peripherals.

For example, as an aspiring author, all I need to do every single day is write. Write words. Or write sentences. Write paragraphs. Or write novels. Write stories. Write….

That’s all I need to do every single day. I might complicate it and say I need to go to a writer’s workshop to learn how to form characters, and to write dialogue. But the reality is that all of those are distractions. All I really need to do is write, write, write, write, write, and write.

I hope I have said write enough times.

The same thing applies to a musician or a painter or an entrepreneur. It’s all about that one thing that you need to do everyday until you die. What is that one thing for you? Figure it out and start building that damn streak.

The God Of Consistency Equals Success

Is this blasphemous? I don’t care, because it is the truth for me. Because, I pray to the God of Consistency every single day. I offer flowers at his alter. And I bow down to it. Also, I beg it for mercy when necessary.

Consistency is my God. All I need to remember with everything I do is to be consistent. To be consistent, and that’s all.

You want the magic pill for success? You want the ultimate little black book that is going to show you how to get to where you want to? No fear. It’s here. It’s the God of Consistency.

It is seriously as simple as that.

Do not give up, if everyone on this planet is telling you to change course, or give up, or move careers, or whatever else. The success comes to those who don’t get swayed by all of this nonsense.

The World Is There To Sway Us From Consistency

There is no real purpose to this world that we live in, except that it exists to distract us from our real purpose. Seriously – that’s the only real purpose of this world. You could go live in a cave in the Himalayas and you wouldn’t be distracted then. But that’s not us real human beings want to live.

So we live in the real world, and we get distracted every single day by all of the different things going on around us. That’s how the world works. The world is NOT on your side – if you believed that it was, you are quite mistaken. It is not on your side. In fact, it is only there to ensure that you are swayed from your purpose, and you stop with any consistent thing that you are focused on right now.

Stop being consistent, because that’s boring, the world tells us. Be cool, and switch from thing to thing. That’s the way to do it in this world.

But we know better, don’t we? We are praying at the alter of the God of Consistency. Are you with me here? With me still? Stay with me, until the very end, until the very last breath.

Build A Streak But Know It’s For Life

I read something really interesting, but I don’t remember from where. But I will share it nevertheless.

The person asked us why we were concerned about building a streak. If we start a habit, and we are already thinking about a streak, it means, that we are considering quitting that habit at some point. Why would you put so much effort into learning something and doing something consistently, if you are going to stop it at some point?

Our habits that we build in this Consistency world are for life. FOR LIFE.

They are started whenever they are started, but they are never going to end. I am going to meditate until I die. Also, I am going to write my words until I die. There is nothing else to it. It’s all about the long-term game.

I am here for the long haul. I don’t know when I am going breathe my last breathe, but I do know that that morning I would have woken up, done my meditation, my morning routine, my words, and my journaling. That’s a certainty.

That’s all I know for sure. I don’t know about anything else, but I do know what I will be doing in the mornings until the day I die.

Do you know?

Let’s Forget About Everything Else – Kill Shiny Object Syndrome

There is no need for you to worry about any other tools, and techniques. No other modes of working. There is nothing else you need to do. There is nothing else to work on.

Stop all of that.

All you need to work on is your consistent behaviour. That one thing that you do every single day as if your life depended on it. Because guess what, your life does depend on it. It depends on it highly. If you don’t stick with this habit, you are going to be one of those sad people, who are waiting to be discovered while they are 80, and on a stretcher going to the hospital.

Stop living on the one-day-I’ll-be-discovered train. It’s long gone and it’s never coming back. It is time for you to stay here, and work on your shit. Your shit right now.

Not some day in the future. Not some day far away. But right now.

What is your one thing, and did you do it today?

Boom Shikha

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