7 Donts To Beat The Consistency Monster At Its Own Game

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There are so many options in this beautiful world of ours. So many things we can try and do. That sometimes we end up doing nothing. We try and start a number of items. And we end up completing none.

Since I initiated the 30 Day Consistency Challenge for my loyal subscribers, I have had many tell me their stories of starting and never finishing. They call consistency the beast they never conquered. The monster that sits under their bed mocking their non-finished items.

I don’t want us to give consistency so much power by calling it a monster. We are the masters here of our own habits. Or at least we should be.

In my own life, I have found there are seven things I have to focus upon in order to stay consistent. Call them habits, or thought patterns. Whatever they are, they are necessary for me to stay on the consistency bandwagon.

Don’t Give Up Control

We are all in control of our emotions, our habits, ourselves. But we give up that control. We think that our habits are in charge of us. We say we can’t do it, because our habits are more powerful than us. We play the victim role and give up. We have to take back control of ourselves. Consistency will not happen until we realize we are the masters of our lives, our habits, and everything else. Take responsibility and take action.

Don’t Label Yourself A Procrastinator

So many of my friends and clients have labeled themselves procrastinators, and given up. They believe they are horrible at habits, and they believe fervently that they will NEVER complete anything. With that belief, even if they have completed something in their life, they don’t notice it, or they ignore it. They believe their assessment of themselves, that they made decades ago to still be true.

Don’t Try to Conquer A Mountain

So many of us don’t give ourselves a standing chance. We start off with the biggest mountain we can imagine, and when we can’t scale that mountain, we call ourselves a failure and stand off to the side. The most important thing you can do for yourself is start small. Start with the smallest step you can think of, and do it everyday. Write five words everyday if you want to write a book. Do 3 pushups everyday if you want to get fit. Call one prospect if you are in the sales business. Do these small steps and do them with pride.

Don’t Try To Go It Alone

We humans are social creatures. We need support in every aspect of our lives. Nothing in life can be accomplished single-handedly. Bring on as much support as you can. Tell everyone in your life you are trying to accomplish something. Get them to cheer you on as much as possible. Bring as many people into your side of the court as you can. Support matters. You can’t do it alone. Realize that and be smart about it.

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

We are so much braver than we think we are. We are so much stronger than we think we are. We are so much bolder, and bigger than we think we are. You can do anything you put your mind to. This is a true statement for everyone, not just the successful people. You truly can do anything you put your mind to. Believe it. Do it. You can.

Don’t Say No To Anything

We tend to have a habit of saying no to things before saying yes. I’m not saying overload yourself with ideas and work. But saying yes is more a mental thing than physical. If you are saying yes with your mind, you are saying I can do anything I want to, no matter what the task might be. You are pushing yourself upward and forward.

Don’t Be Afraid To Drop Things That Don’t Serve You

We are so afraid of being called a quitter, that we sometimes stick with things way past their expiry date. If something isn’t serving you and your needs, give it up. Throw it out for something new to come into your life. Don’t stick with something just because you started it. We are constantly changing and evolving. We need to keep current in our habits as well.

The Consistency Monster

Consistency isn’t a monster despite what a lot of us think. We are bigger and better than it. We just have to believe it. Most of us end up believing we are weak and give in to our temptations, because that’s what we have always done.

Everyday is a new beginning. Even if you haven’t been consistent in the past, it doesn’t mean that you cannot be consistent now. Consistency can start at any moment. Your past doesn’t dictate your future.

Do it now, start now, be consistent starting from this moment onward.

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