My success is not lucky

Don’t Let People Attribute Your Success to Luck

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Let’s talk about how my success is not lucky. It’s due to consistent hard work.

I recently got my dream job offered to me on a platter. It was unexpected on all counts. Not only was I not expecting to get the job, even though I applied for it with a full heart, but I also didn’t expect to get it so quickly.

I applied one day in the afternoon, in a random meeting with my current boss, and then the next day, I met with the owner and my boss, and they offered me the job.

I mean, it is insane. I still can’t believe it. I have to pinch myself every day to believe it.

Now, I am surprised that they offered me the job for many different reasons. But the main thing is that in my head, I had this delusion or disillusion that I am not ready to work at my dream place yet.

I have to grow more. Maybe even become more. I have to do more work on myself.

I have to learn more about myself and this world. There were all of these assumptions that I had in my head.

But I didn’t let them hold me back. Even if I didn’t believe I would get the job, I applied wholeheartedly with visualizations and affirmations. “I believe I will get the job. I believe I am ready for the job. I believe I am the perfect person for the job.” And so on.

My Success Is Not Lucky – It’s Preparedness

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not boasting at all. I have been preparing for this moment, this moment to get this job, ever since, the first time I landed on this island, Koh Pha Ngan, and realized this is the place for me.

I wanted to live here, but I didn’t want to be a beach bum. I didn’t want to be purposeless. Rudderless.

I wanted more. I wanted some purpose. And because I loved this place so much, I wanted to enhance it in some way.

Working for this yoga and detox resort was the perfect opportunity.

But I didn’t just jump in unprepared. I have been preparing for this moment for the past 9 years. Or more.

Once I decided that I wanted to work for this company, I began the work. Not only on myself, but my ethics, and my integrity. I started figuring out what kind of person would they want to hire, and I started molding myself into that person.

Not only because I wanted to work for them, but also I wanted to be better. I wanted to be the best version of myself, and that’s who these people want to hire.

What Work Did I Do To Get Here?

A few days ago, a friend at the island said, “You are unaffected by bullshit. You are emitting powerful positive energy, and that’s why you got hired so fast. It’s just visible from a distance.”

I was surprised to hear that because this person saw it so clearly, but I wasn’t surprised that it was visible. It is the work that I have been doing that brought me here. And it’s the work that I will keep on doing that will take me further.

Now, you are wondering, what was this work, right? I know, it’s an interesting and poignant question to ask.

I want to forewarn you – the work that I have been doing will seem boring, and ordinary. It won’t seem useful or like it matters. It is rather drab, and dull, doing it every single day. But I know it matters.

It is my morning routine. As simple as that. I get up every morning, and I meditate, journal, move, and write.

That’s all. That’s every morning. It doesn’t matter what is going on in the world.

There might have been an earthquake at night time, my room might be a mess, and my life is a complete shambles. But I know when I do these four things, I am set up right for the day and my life.

Consistency With My Routine Boosts Me Up

I have to do these four things, and the more I do these four things consistently, the more I know that I am awesome. Now, is that boasting?

No, what I mean by awesome is that I believe in myself. I know that if I can stick with my routine for so long (it’s been 2 years now), then I know I can do anything.

It boosts my self-esteem, my confidence, my love for myself, my belief in myself. I walk through the world knowing myself and knowing that I am doing the best I can.

I have integrity not only for the things that I do for myself but for others. I keep my word, as much as possible.

All of these things boost me up. They make me better and better every single day. Even if it is by 0.0001% every single day, I am getting to that point where I can say, “Yes, I’m being the best version of myself today. And thank you for observing or noticing that.”

No One Sees The Consistency – They Just See The Results

Now, the cool thing about this is that no one notices the consistency part.

No one sees that. No one cares.

It’s boring. Yawn-inducing. Yawn!!

But, they notice the results. They see the awesome changes that are happening in my life. They see me living my ideal life in my ideal location, getting my ideal job, hanging out with the ideal people, being my ideal person, and more.

They don’t see the drudge work every single day. I get up every morning and do some consistent, but drab work.

Nothing to write home about. Nothing fancy, or movie-worthy.

I get up and do my work. Like a pro would, as Steven Pressfield says.

But, there’s nothing noteworthy about it. No one cares about it. They don’t.

I talk about it with people, but they don’t want to talk about that stuff. They want to talk to me about my ideal life.

“How are you living such an awesome life?” They ask.

I tell them, my morning routine is the catalyst for it all. They refuse to believe it. They don’t want to believe it.

It can’t be as simple as that, they tell me. I tell them it’s so, but they don’t believe it. We are back to square one.

My success is not lucky. Get it!

The Results Came Over A Long Period Of Time – My Success Is Not Lucky

Now, I have to tell you something. A secret of sorts.

I was an inconsistent fool not that long ago. Yes, I know, it’s hard to believe.

But I was all over the place, only a few years ago. I started being consistent only in October 2014.

That’s not that long ago at all.

But, I have manifested and garnered all of this good stuff in such a short period. Well, it didn’t seem short, when I was waking up every morning and doing my work as a Pro, but it does seem short now when I look back upon it.

Even then, it was not an overnight success. It took years to get here, and I am still working away, moving upward and onward. Bringing more and more abundance, prosperity, and joy into my life. All the time.

This isn’t the end, nor it is the beginning. I’m going to keep on going forever.

I have discovered the secret, and it is boring, daily, and consistent work. It’s fine with me. I don’t mind.

I have seen that it works. As long as I keep on at it, I know it’s going to keep on working.

I can miss maybe one day, but never more than that. Never! It is a sacred rule to me.

I know that if I want to keep on going, I have to keep on going with my morning routine.

The rest of the day can be shot to hell, but not my morning routine.

I Am Here Now, But No One Believes Me It’s Consistency-Based

I have people messaging me all the time asking me how they can live like me, or how they can get their dream job, or whatever else. I give them the example of my YouTube channel. I am building up my channel, one video at a time.

Every time I consistently post a video, every day, at the same time, I get more subscribers. It is an automatic thing.

So much so that you could make a bet on it, and I would always win. It’s a sure thing.

I post at 7 am EST every single day. I record videos and I post them. In a particular niche.

The niche doesn’t matter as much in this article’s context. The consistency does. Until I became consistent with doing videos, I didn’t see the patterns.

At first, I was doing random videos at random times, and inconsistently. Then, I started doing them every single day from July 27, 2016.

I started noticing patterns when more people subscribed. I started doing more of those videos, and more consistently.

And now, I am at more than 1200 subscribers. It’s just the beginning though.

It showed me the power of consistency. I use this example a lot when speaking with people. I show them through a real-life example of how consistency has helped me be successful.

But, and this is important, most people don’t believe me. They want to know more. There must be something else.

You are hiding something from us. You have to be doing something else. I mean, c’mon. It can’t be as simple as that.

My success is not lucky. I say again.

Simple But Not Easy – My Success Is Not Lucky

I have been told this saying over and over again, but I never got it until now. “The important things in life are simple, but not easy.”

Being consistent with a simple morning routine is simple, really simple. But it’s not easy, definitely not easy.

You can skip a day so easily. And you think to yourself, ah, it’s not a big deal, I’ll make up for it soon. And then you never do.

It’s so simple to do a meditation practice every single morning. Sit down and meditate. Easy-peasy, right?

But, not really. Every morning, I wake up, and there are a hundred voices in my head, saying to me, “Well, you can skip today. You are doing so well. Nothing to worry about. One day won’t make a difference. You are fine. Everything will turn out alright. You are doing great. Just skip one day.”

And, I think to myself, “Yes, they are right. I can skip one day. I’m so great at it already.” But then the Consistency Gods – they talk to me, and say, “Don’t skip. Just do.” Kind of like Yoda, they are in my head.

Sometimes, I will do only a quick five-minute meditation, because I don’t have the time, but I will always sit down in the cross-legged position for at least five minutes. It is important.

Sometimes, I will write only 50 words, instead of 1000, which is my goal for every day. But still, I write 50 words, because it is me telling myself that my morning routine is important and it matters.

Once Successful, We Stop Doing The Things That Got Us Here

This is a really important one, so pay attention. A lot of times once we are successful or we got what we wanted, we stop doing what we did to get there.

For example, a lot of times, if we want more money, we will do affirmations, tapping, and all of that good stuff. Right? But, once we have that amount of money that we were working towards, we will stop doing the affirmations, tapping, and everything else.

We think, okay, I’m good now. I don’t need to waste my time anymore on this.

But, what happens? We don’t stay at the place where we were at. We backtrack. We slide back to normal.

To our normal. Whatever that is for you.

You might lose the money you gained. Or the job that you loved. Or the person you admired.

That’s the problem with success sometimes. It’s not a great motivator. It can be quite a deterrent.

But my success is not lucky. And your success is not lucky.

When you are poor or unsuccessful, you work hard. But once you get there, you think, I’m done, I can just coast now.

Don’t do that to yourself. Just don’t.

It’s not the way to keep going. I’m telling you this because I have done this to myself so many times, more times than I can count.

Thus, I am taking one step forward, and then five steps backward. No more! And you need to pay attention to this as well.

Finally, Luck Is For Losers, Consistency Is For Winners

I love my life. I truly do. I’m one of the luckiest people on this planet.

Truly. I believe that.

But I learned the hard way that consistency matters. My life had to completely fall out for me to believe that.

Now, when people tell me I’m lucky, I take it, but I know that it’s not true. I made this life happen.

I did. Through consistent daily action.

And you can, too!

It’s as simple as that (but not easy). So simple, yet most people will read this post and not do it.

Because it’s hard to be consistent, isn’t it? Those voices in our head – they are always there, telling us to give up, to be lazy, to just coast.

But, we can ignore them. We have the power to ignore them. We need to ignore them if we are ever to be as successful as we wish to be.

Good luck to you and let the consistency God guide you forever. And remember, my success is not lucky. And yours isn’t either.

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