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1. 108 Steps To Spiritual Awakening and Transformation

I have been on my journey of awakening for almost 15 years now. When I first started, I was all alone. There was no one who was accompanying me on this journey. I began by reading hundreds of books, listening to audiotapes by philosophers and self-proclaimed gurus. I was about 21.

I felt like there had to be more to this life than was prescribed to us by society and the media. My parents, my friends, my colleagues, were all happily coasting along questioning none of the tenets of this society we were living in.

But I felt unsure. I wanted more. I needed answers. I created the Awakening Odyssey to be a source of answers, solace, and community for those like me, who are seeking more, seeking answers, and seeking companionship on this lonely journey. I hope that this space that I have created will give you the push to keep going on this journey without feeling alone, lost, or lonely.

  • The beginning, first stage. We are still innocent, young-at-heart, interested in bodily pleasures.
  • The second stage. Beauty. We believe we are just a body and nothing else. Work it!
  • The third stage. Foodie. Get in my belly. All we care about is sensuality.
  • The fourth stage. Worker. Obsessed with productivity and getting more done.
  • The fifth stage. Lover. Loves everything and everyone. Here and there and everywhere.
  • The sixth stage. Scientist. Exploring not only the world, but our place in it.
  • The seventh stage. Questioner. What is energy? What is life? Why am I here?
  • The eighth stage. Meditator. Meditating to get behind the illusion of maya.
  • The ninth stage. Awakened. Is this the end? No. There is never an end to learning.

A journey of awakening is a terribly transformative and sometimes painful journey. But to others, looking at us from the outside, everything seems exactly the same. I hope you enjoy this journey that I have created for you, and that you can gain consciousness and spiritual, physical, and mental benefits from it.

What you get:

  • 108 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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Boom Shikha
Boom Shikha

2. From Perfectionism To Completion – How To Set Long-Term Goals

So many people email and message me every day asking me the same old question. And I’m sure I’m not the only one online who gets this question.

  • “I have a hard time being consistent over a long period. What do I do?” or
  • “I want to set long-term goals to achieve my dreams, but I get bored or lose interest really quickly. How do I change myself?” or
  • “I am a perfectionist. I want to set long-term goals, and achieve them, but I feel like I can complete nothing. Help, please.”

Once I started spending some time thinking about this, I realized these topics were exactly the same in their essence. They were all talking about consistency. People want to be consistent over the long-term, but they cannot.

I was exactly like that about 5 years ago. I wasn’t consistent with anything, and therefore, I wasn’t consistent with anything. Having gone through a bout of failure, after failure, and having lost everything, I decided what I was doing wasn’t working, and I had to change my life. I started reading a lot, and I realized the message from all self-help gurus was the same.

Be Consistent.

That’s all. That’s the formula to success in any field. If you wish to be a writer, write a lot over a long period, forever, until you die. Same thing with artists. Or musicians. Or clowns. Or course creators.

Perfectionism comes when we feel not good enough, and that causes us to feel that nothing we do is ever going to amount to anything, and that’s when we stop doing what we are doing. It’s all interconnected, as life always is, and I wanted to create this course to show you what I did to help myself.

Hope you will take me up on this offer to help you change your life. See you there!

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  • 21 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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3. Build a Podcast From Scratch for Non-Techies

Podcasts are not new by any means, Business Insider says, but their popularity is growing. Almost 20% of U.S. adults ages 18 to 49 listen to podcasts at least once a month, according to a new report from comScore and audio network Wondery. This data tracks with an earlier report from Edison Research, which discovered that 21% of U.S. adults listened to a podcast in the last month, up from 17% in 2015.

This is absolutely outstanding. Because when your podcast is being listened to by someone, they have their complete attention on it. They spent their time listening to something that you are speaking about. You are the absolute authority in their mind. They are choosing you as their personal guru at that moment in time. Also, your voice is the only voice playing in their heads when their headphones are in their ears (or however they are listening to you).

For an entrepreneur, this is absolutely crucial. We want to get at our audience, but we don’t want to sell. We want to help our audience feel empowered, but we don’t want to sound salesy. We want to be known as a thought leader in our field, but we don’t want to do it in a crass manner.

That’s where podcasting comes into play. Podcasts are an exceptional, cheap, and effective way to get at your audience without that much to it. In fact, once you take this course, you will discover just how easy it is to set up a podcast, and you will kick yourself in the butt for not doing this sooner.

I had the same experience myself. For years, I had been listening to other people’s podcasts, wanting to have one of my own. But I am not technical at all. In fact, I am a non-techie in all the ways. So I feared that starting a podcast was beyond me.

One day, enough was enough, and I said, I am going to make this podcast of mine happen if that’s the last thing I do. I researched online for days, and then I started my podcast. The more I learned about it, the more I saw it was so easy to start one. I don’t know why I was so afraid.

That’s why I want to share this knowledge with you. The reality is many people come to me asking how they can start their own podcast, but I know that they all have this basic fear in their head. They think it is going to be way too technical for them to handle. They worry that the technical jargon is going to go over their head. I am here to tell you that that is far from the truth. In fact, the reality is quite the opposite.

You can start your own podcast this week with no issues at all, and with no technical hurdles. It is that easy. Believe me. I am not technical at all, and if I can start a podcast, you can as well!

Let’s get this podcasting party started!

What you get:

  • 35 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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4. Build a Morning Routine to Crush Your Goals

I am 37 years old, and I have never been consistent with anything except writing and meditation. I have been writing hundreds of words every day since I was 12 years old. Most days it was just journaling. But recently, I have been realizing more and more that I want to write fiction not only to teach but to inspire and entertain. I love to use my imagination to create these amazing worlds that are full of characters and situations that are only prevalent in my mind. It is my joy. And it is my one thing.

Over the past few months, I have become more vocal about the fact that I write so much. It has been such a part of my life that I never really thought much of it. Until some people started telling me that this isn’t normal. It isn’t normal to write so much every day. Only a minor percentage of people can maintain the discipline to build consistency in their writing.

They asked me for my secret.

How am I able to write 3000 words every day?

It’s because I have an outstanding morning routine that I follow consistently every single day, that allows me to build the rest of my day with efficacy and efficiency. I start off great, and I keep going even better.

Check out my course and learn more about how you can create your own morning routine that you will stick with, and that will help you build your ideal life around your ‘One Thing’.

What you get:

  • 24 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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5. Access the Magical World of Muses to Create and Write Better

I have been writing using the help of my Muses since I was 12 years old. So for over 2 decades, the magical world of Muses has been part of my creative experience.

Recently, I was speaking to another writer, and it surprised them I had the world of my Muse laid out in such detail, so that it wasn’t just an idea in my head, but it was reality. I use my Muses daily to write out thousands of words, and I have been using them for years now.

I realized that most people might have Muses, but sometimes the world and ways of the Muses might confuse us. I created this course to help all creatives on this planet, which includes basically anyone alive, so that you can use your personal Muse to create more, and better.

The creative person’s life is hard and filled with solitude. To have the Muse by our side, while we create, can be quite the solace. I want to help make this creative journey easier for you, because as creatives we are on this journey for life. I’ll write and create with the help of my Muses until the day I die, and I’m sure you are exactly the same.

Please do not falter, and keep going with the help of your Muse, who is always by your side, unless you annoy them for some inexplicable reason (or explainable reasons that I’ll talk about in the course).

This course is for all creative people who are interested in using their Muses better, communicating better with them, bringing them into their lives more, and creating as much as possible, so that they Die Empty as Todd Henry says.

What you get:

  • 40 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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Boom Shikha
Boom Shikha

6. Energy Management for HSPs and Empaths

We all start off each day with a limited amount of energy and we end up, usually using up our energy way too fast, so by evening time, we are tired, listless, and unable to do anything besides sit in front of the TV, watching endless meaningless dramas, one after another.

Energy management is all about using our energies so we can perform at our best and use our energies in the manner that we want to. We don’t let the world lead us around and let the world use our energies in whatever manner it wishes, but use it in a manner where we can divert our energies into the endeavours, projects, and dreams that are most important to us.

This course is all about learning tools and techniques that we can use in order to use our energies every day in the exact manner that is useful to us, and our projects. No wastage, no drama, and no giving our energies to meaningless people, situations, and endeavours.

This course is applicable mostly to empaths, Highly Sensitive People (HSP), Introverts, and INFJs - individuals who are especially sensitive to energy fluctuations.

What you get:

  • 17 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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7. From Procrastination to Productivity

Procrastination is one of those things that can get debilitating and degrading. We hate ourselves for procrastinating, but we cannot control ourselves from doing it. So it’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

I want us to stop this cycle. I want to use shadow work to get into the nitty-gritty of why we procrastinate.

I believe most of us paint the brown leaves green when we look at why we procrastinate by treating the symptoms, but we don’t get into the roots of it. Why do we procrastinate? It isn’t because we are lazy, or stupid, or whatever else we might tell ourselves. It is because there is something we should deal with, but we aren’t.

What is it exactly?

This course will help you figure that out. I am hoping through the mix of video lectures, worksheets, and quizzes, you will get ahead of the curve with procrastination. So that the next time it comes at you, you use that opportunity to collect data on yourself, and kill procrastination in its tracks.

We all have so many gifts that we aren’t using because we spend so much of our time procrastinating. Let’s stop doing that to ourselves. Our gifts are way too precious for us to do that. The world needs our gifts.

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  • 22 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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Boom Shikha
Boom Shikha

8. Feeling Like a Fraud? Get Over Imposter Syndrome Now.

Wikipedia says Impostor syndrome (also known as impostor phenomenon or fraud syndrome) is a concept describing high-achieving individuals who are marked by an inability to internalize their accomplishments and a persistent fear of being exposed as a “fraud”. The term was coined in 1978 by clinical psychologists Pauline R. Clance and Suzanne A. Imes.

As soon as I started my online business in March 2016, I started feeling the persistent digs of Imposter Syndrome. I felt unable to proceed according to plan because fear paralyzed me. I was afraid I did not know what I was doing, and I was afraid everyone would find out and laugh and point at me. Imposter Syndrome was so debilitating in my case, that I postponed creating video courses, and other such important deeds, for far too many months.

In fact, I wanted to become an entrepreneur in 2007, but I kept on postponing for ten whole years, because I was bowled over by Imposter Syndrome. It completely deterred me from doing anything creative or courageous for years.

I knew there and then, that once I had defeated it, I would create a course on Imposter Syndrome and try to get the message out to as many people as possible. Imposter Syndrome is something that sticks with us no matter how successful we become. In fact, it sticks even closer the more successful we are, because we can’t believe we would get to this pinnacle of success. I want to share the techniques I use daily in beating Imposter Syndrome, and to get my work done.

We all want to live self-actualized lives. That is the goal, isn’t it? We do not want to hang around in mediocrity and let the law of averages rule our lives. We do not want to suffocate in our comfort zones. We want to do more, and be more, and have more than ever before. That is why we are doing all of this.

But if we aren’t careful and present, we could get hit by a case of Imposter Syndrome, and that could take us down completely. I don’t want this to happen to you, so I created this course, to help you beat Imposter Syndrome dead in its tracks.

That is the goal here.

Even though you are going to never erase it, you can rise above it, and keep going on your path. That is what I am going to teach you.

Everyone on this planet feels the wrath of Imposter Syndrome. No one is immune from it, and that should be a consolation to all of us. We are not alone, and we can find others who will support us in this journey.

Let’s work on it together, my friends!

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  • 14 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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9. From Sex-Obsessed To Creative Genius

Do you have a lot of creative projects on the go, but you never actually get to any of them? Have you been procrastinating on your projects by looking for quick fixes on the side? Are you trying to make yourself feel better by chasing the instant gratification of sex, rather than doing the work? Are you trying to move from being ‘Sex Obsessed’ to a ‘Creative Genius’?

This course is definitely for you, if you answered yes to any of the questions above.

I have been running live versions of this workshop for months, and I realized that there is a genuine need for it. So many people email me weekly asking whether this workshop would be available online. I decided enough is enough. I stopped procrastinating and created this course for your viewing and working pleasure.

In this course, we will explore the connection between creativity and sexuality and how we can use one to drive the other. I have included techniques you can use in the comfort of your homes to move your creative projects forward using the power of your sexuality.

I hope this entices you to take this course and use all of its benefits.

What you get:

  • 12 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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Boom Shikha
Boom Shikha

10. Boundaries 101 Course – Learn How to Create Healthy Boundaries Easily

I had to figure it out the hard (& slow) way. I was never good at boundaries when I was younger. In fact, I would have been what they called a push-over. I was a people-pleaser, and I did whatever the crowd said, even if it meant doing something that I wasn’t comfortable doing.

I hated myself for being like this, but what else could I do? I wanted people to like me and I was afraid that if I told them exactly what I wanted or desired, they would get angry with me, and run away. I didn’t want to lose all of my friendships and relationships.

But this harmony that I created externally was fake and took a huge toll on my mental sanity.

I kept going with it, pretending like everything was okay, that it was fine that I needed days or weeks to get over the negativity, resentment, anger, and frustration I felt at other people trampling all over my boundary and not even feeling sorry about it when I got upset. I thought it was normal to be like this, that everyone was dealing with it, and no one else seemed to be upset by it.

Maybe I was just being too touchy. Too picky. Too rigid. I had a lot of adjectives to describe myself, all of which blamed me for my boundaries being stepped on, and not them. It was never their fault; it was always mine.

When did this all change? Well, I can’t name a particular moment when I blew up and decided enough was enough, but it was like a slow heat that finally came to a boil. Over time, the pressure inside of me had built up so much that I couldn’t bear it anymore. I had to let it go; I had to let it loose, otherwise, I would explode from the inside out.

I had so much I wanted to honestly say to the people around me, and those words were suffocating me from the inside out.

I know that you are probably in the same boat, if you are reading this. I have created a course that teaches you how I got over my fear of creating boundaries and started living a life that is truly free. I want this for you to so badly, I can almost taste it.

Check out the course details by clicking the link below and I hope to see you in there.

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  • 19 video lectures by Boom Shikha

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