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How To Become a Creative Conduit and Create More Easily

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Don’t get a big head. You are not the creator. Just a creative conduit. You are merely the medium that was chosen for God or that higher intelligence to work through you. All you need to worry about is to how to become a creative conduit more easily.

Allow, allow, allow.

Allow for the universe to flow through you. Just allow for the grace of the higher intelligence to flow through your fingers and your heart.

Don’t resist and don’t censor. Let go. Breathe. Deeper. Go deeper. Don’t stay at the surface. Don’t be superficial about it and let go even more. Breathe even deeper. Belly breaths now. That’s it.

A creative conduit doesn’t have it easy, but we have to keep going. Keep on at it. Letting go and relaxing into the process.

A Creative Conduit Has To Relax Themselves More and More

How relaxed are you right now? Take a look at your body. How tight are your shoulders? Your belly? Are you holding tension in your jaw? The muscles around your eyes – are they tense?

Relax everything. Take a deep breath right now with me. Inhale and exhale. Deep. Relax. LET GO.

It’s hard for you to become a creative conduit because you are holding way too much tension in your body, for the universe to work through you.

Have you ever played a game in which your friend flopped themselves on you and you have to move their arms and legs for them? Have you ever danced with someone whose body was too stiff for you to direct?

The minute they relaxed in your arms, you were able to move them easier. The stiffer they were, the harder they were to direct.

The same applies to you. Relax. If you want to become a creative conduit and let the universe work through you, you need to let go. Flop about as if you were ready to be directed.

Don’t Bring Your Ego Into It

You are not the creator, the higher intelligence is.

Think about it this way. Does a mother create the baby in her womb, or does the higher intelligence do it? A mother’s womb is the conduit for the creation of a new life, but she doesn’t direct it in a significant manner. All she does is create a safe and healthy environment for the baby to grow in, by taking care of herself.

The higher intelligence takes care of the rest. A mother doesn’t decide every day what body part she’s going to create that day. “Ah, today, I shall create some eyes or some brain cells for the young one.” She doesn’t say that.

She lets go and lets God or the universe take care of everything.

The same thing has to happen with your creative babies. They are in your ands, but they aren’t yours to create. They aren’t yours, repeat it with me. You are just the conduit for them, holding space for them, so they can be born into this world. You are a creative womb. That’s all.

The rest is taken care of by the universe. Let go and allow that.

Don’t bring your ego into it. You are not the creator, so you don’t need to interfere with the creative process.

Spend Time Relaxing Into the Creative Process Everyday

I spend some time every day letting go and relaxing into the creative process as a creative conduit strengthening exercise. It’s a daily workout for your body, mind, and psyche to let go of the process. Let go, let go, let go.

You are not the creator. That takes the pressure off you, but it also allows you to be free in your creative process.

Ah, what a relief. You are not the creator, so you can create whatever you want. If it’s not accepted by the mainstream, it’s not your fault. If it’s loved by everyone, it’s not your doing.

Both ways, you are saved. You don’t need to worry about the censor or the critic anymore. They are both speaking to and about the higher intelligence. Not about you. You are not the creator.

I Didn’t Write This Post You Are Reading

This post you are reading – it’s not mine. I didn’t write it. It was written through me. The higher intelligence realized that it wanted something written in this manner, and chose me to write it. It chose me and I said YES. Vehemently.

I said yes and we started working together. I sat at my desk and I wrote. My fingers moved on the keyboard, clickety-clacking away, but they weren’t my words.

If you asked me what I was writing, I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly.

Hmm. If you asked me what I would write next, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

Ah, if you asked me afterward what I wrote, I wouldn’t be able to tell you.

It’s the same with writing, dancing, singing, moving, and everything else. The universe is doing everything through me. I’m not the creator. I am not the creator of this life and nothing in it is mine. I own nothing and I am nothing.

The relief. Oh, the relief.

I can just let go and create.

You Too Can Be a Creative Conduit With Practice

When you sit down to write words on paper, how do you do it? Do you work hard and think hard? Can you see fumes coming out of your ears? Can you see the gears grinding in your head?

Stop! Take a deep breath. Let go. It’s not you. You have nothing to do here. You are merely the physical being that has been chosen to create this particular story or article. That’s all. No need to get a big head over it.

Take another deep breath. Close your eyes. Imagine the creative light of the universe flowing through you, moving through you, and creating through you. You are not the creator. You are merely the creative conduit.

Let go and allow. Feel the surge of words pouring out of you. They are not your words. They are not yours to hold and be proud of. Not yours.

Feel the urge to type, type, type away. Let go into that urge and let the words pour out of you. See them marching onto the screen one by one and let go. They are not yours.

Type, type, type. Create, create, create.

Let the universe run through you and flow through you.

Does the Creative Work Seem Too Good To Be True?

One way I know that I haven’t written the words that came pouring out of me is when they seem too good to be true. Wow, I think to myself, these words seem like they are way beyond my current level.

They are not mine. Of course, they aren’t. They came from a deeper creative wellspring than mine. I was merely the creative conduit.

Why congratulate me? I am not the creator of this. Whatever this might be.

I was able to relax enough to allow the universe to create through me. How lucky am I?! How lucky are we all? I get up every day and create. Wow! How did I end up with such an amazing life? I must have been a saint in my previous life. Right?!

I don’t even have to do the work; I just have to receive the critic or praise.

If people critic you, let go and shrug it off. If people praise you, let go and brush it off.

The higher intelligence needed some creative work produced and chose me for it. That’s all.

A Creative Conduit Comes and Goes – Let Go of Your Ego

A creative conduit like you and I come and go. We are replaceable. But that’s not to say that we aren’t important in our own way.

Just realize that you are not as imperative to the process as you imagine yourself to be.

That should be a relief and not a detriment to the creative process. Relax and let go. You are here for a brief moment, so you might as well enjoy it. A flash in the pan, so you might as well make it a good one.

Maybe these words will survive me, maybe they won’t. Either way, they are not mine anyway, so there’s nothing to fear and nothing to worry about. The pressure is off. Phew. Time to go create now, without any stress.

I hope you enjoyed these non-words of not mine. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. I must commend on how easy this blog is on the eyes. The images, the fluency. It was an absolute treat for my eyes, heart and brain. Cant wait for the next one! Thanks Boom.

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  2. This post was incredibly deep and important to me on many levels and regarding many situations. You were talking about writing and I have been published thousands of times. Many times writing has just flown through me and when I would see it published, I would not remember having written it. What you wrote perfectly describes some of what I have experienced in the past in my writing. Your post explains how my wishes have brought me things, as well as my prayers have. It also explains the extraordinary coincidences that have happened in my life–far more than most people have experienced.

    1. Boom Shikha Post

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