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I live an unusual sort of life, but I don’t really notice the difference until I mingle with the Muggles. The magic that I experience on a daily basis because of the flow state that I have cultivated in my life. Everything I do brings me into the flow state. It is about living life so fully and so experientially that everything is absolutely perfect. I guess what I am trying to do here is put into words something that can only be experienced.

I could try and talk to you about it, and I have tried. But you are just going to look at me like I am insane. It is how I used to look at individuals who spoke to me of flow, magic, and creativity in the past. They used to tell me about their own life and how intermingled with faith, the divine, and the ecstatic it is. I would listen and in my head, I would think as you probably are, ‘What a lot of crock!’

I don’t try to explain anymore. There is no point in explaining a state of consciousness that has no parallel. No parallel at all.

There is nothing that can touch it. There are no fake substitutes here. Either you are in it, and you know it, and can’t explain it. Or you aren’t, and you want it or you don’t know that it exists and you are oblivious to everything.

Either way it works out really well for everyone in question.

How Did I First Discover This State?

I started thinking about this a while back, and I wondered, how did I discover this state? How did I know it existed?

I am going to seem like I am harping on this, but it was through meditation. I discovered my flow state in the past, and even now, through a constant state of mindfulness, and a consistent meditation practice. Which is not to say that this is the only way to discover it. It has been the way for me, and I know it works really well with my personality and my consciousness level right now.

I am a fledgling, of course, compared to the hundreds out there who are expert flow state manifestors. But there is no comparison here. I am just so grateful I get to experience this state at all. I mean, out of all the beautiful things we get to experience on this planet, experiencing flow is one of the ultimate.

What Does It Feel Like?

Nowadays, it feels like pure and ultimate creativity. I sit down and write thousands of words without any effort. I am able to stay present with everyone and everything. I am so alive in every moment that sometimes I have tears in my eyes from the joy of it all.

It is a gift that has been showered over me. I bathe in its delight every day. I sit and I love everything every morning in my meditation practice. And then, that practice gives me back a hundred times over during the rest of the day.

Time sometimes loses all meaning. It is as if I know I am eternal and I have all the time in the world to do everything that I want to do. There is no need for fear or anxiety, because they are just going to dilute my flow state and I don’t wnat anything interrupting this gorgeousness.

I feel beautiful. I am beautiful in every way, but it isn’t important anymore. Once you have something, it loses its value perhaps?

I walk through the world, and I have this self-confidence that breaks everything and everyone that comes into contact with it. I meet new people with ease, and everyone wants to hang out with me, because they feel my energy and they want to know where I get it from.

The world is a magical place and I get to be one of the guardians of this magic. So grateful!

Dance, Meditate, Eat, Live, Create

Being in flow state, I am a data scientist, constantly collecting big amounts of data, and culling them into learnings. What allows me to get into flow state? What pulls me away from flow state? Why does this work better for me? What is my inner censor doing when I am in flow state? Where do I like to be when I am in flow state?

So many questions that are still waiting to be answered. Some are already answered and awaiting execution. Every day is a magical blend of trying new things, and doing more and more.

Experimenting with all that comes at us, and becoming better, faster, more awesome human beings. As much as possible. There is no one and nothing to compare to.

We are and we will always be worthy and loved. No matter where we go or what we do.

I am a creative being as you are. So I spend a lot of my flow state in creative mode. Writing, videos, course creation, meditations, podcasts, websites, and so much more.

It’s all about doing more and more and more. Let’s experience ecstasy now.

But as time loses meaning, we can do so much more in the same amount of time. Our concentration level also magnifies so we are able to stay focused for long periods of time without blinking.

Flow State Is The Next Super Drug

We are always searching for the next wonder drug. What is going to get me there – to that best version of myself that I am wanting to become? What will get me there? I don’t know.

Well, now we do know. It’s getting into that flow state. You want to get younger, get into flow state and the years will just melt away. You want to get faster, get into flow state and time and effort loses all meaning. You want to get more productive, get into flow state and you will become that demonic machine that you want to be.

That’s the joy and magic of it all. This state is accessible to everyone. Everyone on this planet can live in this state permanently. A lot of people do.

I do.

I know it seems like a mystical land where Harry Potter and elves live. But it isn’t so mystical anymore. It’s here and it’s now. We just have to believe and partake. This is all well and good, and because it is all well and good, we are going to get there. Doesn’t make any sense. Don’t worry it won’t make sense to you until you are ready for it.

Like the red and blue pill, it only appears when the user is ready.

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