Why Aren’t Gypsy Hearts Really Appreciated In This World?

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I have a gypsy heart. I wish sometimes that I didn’t. Believe you me, it is a difficult thing nowadays to have a gypsy heart. The world is set up in a manner where you are better off, if you don’t have a raving, roaming, travelling gypsy heart. It is better if you have a heart that likes to stay in one place for all of its life, one place forever and ever. Preferably the place where you were born and where you are going to die. The world doesn’t like too much movement right now. Why can’t you just be happy staying in one place, for God’s sake, people admonish me.

I am happy enough to live in one place, they say to me. If I can be happy like that, you can be happy like that as well. They give me examples of hundreds of thousands of millions of souls who are able to stay in place and remain quite happy. They give me examples of hundreds of thousands of people who moved to a different place and had a horrible ending to their life.

I sit down and listen to all of this. I nod my head, and agree, because that is all I can really do.

Gypsy Hearts Aren’t Logical Or Rational

You see, this gypsy heart I have doesn’t care about all of that. It doesn’t care about logic, or rationality, or the world. It doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what’s going on with everyone else on this planet. All it wants to do is be a nomad, be a gypsy. It wants to move from place to place, and explore, roam, and be free.

I mean, I could beat it down and say, we are going to stay in place from now on and you just have to accept it, my poor gypsy heart. My mind could try and beat it down. But as it always happens, my heart starts looking upwards at the sky whenever any plane passes by like a silver bird. My heart starts following travellers and nomads and gypsies on Instagram and Pinterest. It starts going to travel stores in the malls, and standing there outside the displays, just a breath away from crying.

I sit down in parks, and stare off into space, dreaming about all the different places in the world that I could be in, besides the one I am in, and I feel this huge desire in my gypsy heart to just give it all up and leave. This desire is so strong that sometimes I can’t breath for want of travel.

HeartBroken And Nowhere To Go

It’s like I am heart broken and I just want to see my darling one more time. My passport is always in my pocket, or purse, waiting to be used, and I take it out at frequent intervals to see all the stamps that are in it, and dream about all the stamps that are yet to come.

To say it is painful is to say the least. My spirit feels like it’s being wrenched out of its normal happy joyous state, and put into a bucket of cold water. It doesn’t like it, and it doesn’t want to be here or there.

It wants to be somewhere specific. Somewhere magical.

It’s Not Just About Travelling

If it was all about travelling, then I would be in agreement with you. It’s a bit hedonistic, and selfish. But I wish that’s all it was about.

It isn’t though. It’s hard to explain sometimes what it’s all about. It’s so hard that I wish sometimes I could be normal, and have a normal heart instead of a gypsy one. Gypsy hearts suck. They are powerful and they take over our whole lives.

The travel is all well and good. But I move to different places to experience that magic over and over again. It’s like falling in love over and over again, and having that honeymoon phase all the time. So full of energy and joy that everything just seems perfect. It’s the food, and the culture, and the people.

I change every time I travel.

No one I know likes it, but I love it. I love the changes that come over me. I feel so alive.

Flow State Becomes More Accessible

You know that state where effort disappears, and time multiplies. Flow state as it’s called. That state of ecstasy. I go so deep into it when I travel. No need to do anything or be anyone. I can be whatever I choose to be. I smile more.

Flow state also increases my creativity level ten or a hundred fold. I become this person who can write thousands of words every day without any effort at all. I can create courses, and other awesome stuff at the drop of a hat.

This flow state is addictive and I want to spend more and more time in it. I want to become a perpetual creator and I can do that in flow state. My flow state appears to me when I am in constant motion. To new places, and new digs. New cultures, and pushing out of my comfort zones causes all of that to happen. Perpetually creating that flow state in me, my gypsy heart is at rest when it can be in flow state. It wants it. It needs it.

It’s hard to explain what flow state is, but once you’ve experienced it, like an orgasm, you want more and more of it. I am always searching for better and better ways to get into flow state. Travel and movement, I’ve found to be one of the better ways for me. It’s not for everyone, but for my gypsy heart, it definitely is.

I Want To Keep My Gypsy Heart Happy

Seriously though, when my gypsy heart is unhappy, I’m unhappy. I want to keep her happy. And if all it takes is a bit of movement to new places, if that’s all the price of my happiness, then I am willing to do that. It’s so worth it.

Isn’t my happiness worth a bit of movement around the world? There are depressed and unhappy people around the world who would pay millions to experience the kind of joy I experience on a daily basis. I don’t have to pay millions. I have found the key to my joy. It is worth a few hundred dollars, the price of the next plane ticket. I am willing to make the sacrifices so my gypsy heart can experience the joy and flow state that it desires.

What are you willing to give up in order to be happy? Have you tried anything yet? Why or why not? If we are not willing to try, it’s because we don’t believe it’s worth it. Isn’t our happiness worth it? I believe it is, because I am worth more to myself happy than unhappy.

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