When You Are Working On Your Stuff, You Are Never Alone

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I was having coffee with a friend of mine the other day, and she asked me a question that made me think. So as usual, I used it as fodder for a new blog post, and here we are.

She asked me the following question. ‘Do you ever get lonely when you are working all day by yourself? Or when you are travelling on your own as a digital nomad?’

Wow. Such a great question. She said a lot more, but this particular question caught my attention. I wanted to share my opinion on the matter, which is just my opinion. Let’s see how it goes.

So here it is.

I Am Loneliest In A Crowd Of People

It wasn’t because I disliked the stuff I was working on, which was true. But because the people I worked with weren’t part of my tribe, and I knew that. I would say all of these things that came from my heart and they would look at me, like I was crazy.

I remember that look very clearly, and in order to avoid that look, I kept all of myself away from these individuals. I didn’t share my true self in the office in order to fit in, and I did fit in, but I lost myself.

I hated that.

So I decided never again. No matter what I do now, no matter where I go, I am myself. Truly, wholly, and fully. Thus, I’m never alone, or lonely. Because I always, always have myself. I hang out most days with myself and I love hanging out with myself. I’m fun!

People don’t really matter much to me. I mean, most of them aren’t going to contribute anything of value anyways. They are just way too self-involved and way too in the dramas in their heads, to offer any kind of support to me. So people are usually a moot point.

As long as I never lose myself, I’m never lonely.

I Never Get Lonely When I Creating New Stuff

I also used to dislike what I did in the past, in my corporate roles. But now, I am highly autonomous. I am doing what I want to do with my time, efforts, and energy. I do not do anything I don’t like to do, or when I do it, I know it’s resulting in my business growing, which matters to me.

The work I do now recharges me. Unlike the jobs in the past, that left me discharged, lonely, and exhausted, I finish off most days nowadays, energized, and ready to go. I go to sleep bursting with ideas, and energy for the next day. The days aren’t long enough for all the things I want to do.

When I am creating new things, like blog posts, videos, podcasts, and so much more, I’m surrounded by all of my stuff. I am putting parts of myself into these things, and therefore, I’m surrounded by all the different versions of me. How could I be lonely?

I write my novels and I have my characters. I create my video courses, and I have previous versions of myself lending me company. I write my blog posts, and I have my own voice telling me all of this great stuff that teaches, and enlightens.

I Do A Lot Of My Work In Coffee Shops

I am an introvert at heart, and when I was younger, I didn’t know how to manage my energy. I gave up way too much of it to people when I was around them. I didn’t know how to control how much to give out, and how much to keep. Way too often, I would go home after a social event, drained, nothing left inside of me.

But now, I know how to manage my energy a whole lot better. I know how to do it so I can spend hours and hours around people, and still be able to go home and do a lot of work. Thus, I’m more balanced, and I am not always drained by people.

This has bought the joys of working in a coffee shop to me. Whenever I work in a coffee shop, I have moments where all of the motion around me, causes the motors in my mind to whir and spin, and I write a whole lot more. This means, that again, I’m surrounded by people and I am never lonely.

Creativity Is A Solitary Job

The end of it all is that being creative is a solitary job and I am fine with that. I might never have a partner, and I might die alone. And all of that is fine with me, as long as I have left a legacy of creative projects behind me, famous or not.

If you are uncomfortable being creative for long periods of time, of course, entrepreneurship isn’t for you.

But, you have to realize, I am never ever alone. Surrounded by people, or surrounded by my work, there are always ghosts around me – the ghosts of my work, the ghosts of my past versions, the ghosts of my characters, the ghosts of my past muses…

Even in my dreams, my peeps walk with me. I’m never alone.

No one is ever alone. We always have our support system behind us. I have my family behind me always. Whenever I need some solace, I have them to call upon.

But I know, in the end, I am going to have to spend a lot of time on my own to do all of my creative stuff. And I’m quite alright with that.

It isn’t a sacrifice to me at all.

It is a small price to pay for all of this awesome goodness I get to create.

Don’t you agree?

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  1. Totally agree with you. It is so true about being authentically you in everything we do, I find that is more important how I see myself than how others do.

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