The Less We Want And Need, The More Creative Energy Remains

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I have been realizing more and more that every time I purchase anything, I am giving away some of my precious psychic energy that I have inside of me to that item. To store it, to take care of it, to move it around, to hold it, to use it, and so much more. It is the same with anything we put into our schedule, anything we have in our emails, any relationship we have, and everything else you can imagine.

We start off every single day with a certain amount of willpower, and creative energy. Depleting it over the day. But the same thing applies to psychic energy – we have a limited amount of mental energy stored in our minds and bodies. Every moment of every day we are giving our energy away to so many random unimportant things.

For example, we might get bumped by a person walking on the sidewalk with us or on the subway with us, and it was unintentional. But instantly we get angry, and ready to kill them. We start yelling at them, either outwardly or inwardly. Putting so much energy into something that is just a random coincidence, and doesn’t deserve so much of our attention or energy. 

Everything Takes Up Our Energy, So Be HyperAware

It is actually scary how many things are probably taking up your energy right now, without you being aware of it. The hundreds or thousands of items that you own, and store in your home, or several homes. Or, the hundreds of relationships that you’ve gathered over a lifetime of online and offline meetings and gatherings. The hundreds of items on your to-do lists that keep on getting moved week to week because you just don’t have enough time for it all.

There are hundreds of other examples like this.

Without even being aware of it most of the time.

I have realized this, and I am really careful nowadays to add anything to my house, my to-do list, my friends’ list, or anything else. Nothing new enters my home or mind without a lot of prior thought, and analysis.

Perhaps, you think, I am wasting time on this, but to me, this is important work that is going to prevent the item stealing psychic energy from me for the rest of its infinite life.

We Are Taking Away From Our Creativity This Way

When we are spending so much of our time catering to all of these useless items, and relationships, then we are taking away from our precious store of energy.

Instead of doing our creative work with this energy, we are spending it all on useless endeavours. If you look back upon your own life, you will be able to see how much of your own life is going away towards nonsensical tasks, people, and things. It is quite scary actually.

That is the reason so many of us never actually get any real creative work done, because we are empty. We have nothing to give to our creative work, we have given it all to random useless things.

The Priority Then Is To Take It All Back

Our number one priority then is to reduce all of these drains on our energy so we can take back our energy and use it for the real important creative work. The kind of work that we are on this planet to do. Life purpose and unique talents decides that.

How we do this is by looking at each area of our life, and taking back our energies appropriately every single moment of every day.

For example, you might start by looking at your closet. If you are like anyone else on this planet, you probably have way too many clothes, and shoes fit into that closet. Hundreds of items, when you only wear 20% of your closet all of the time. Take back your psychic energy by getting rid of that 80% of your closet that you never ever use.

Another way we could do this is by looking at our to-do list and seeing how many items are on there, that we have been moving from week to week, without actually completing them. You might have been moving some items for months on end.

Also, if you haven’t done these items in a few months, they are not urgent. Perhaps, it would be better for you to get rid of them completely. And reduce that drain on your psychic energy.

Lastly, Do Not Add More To The Plate In The Future

We are not taking things away from our closets or to-do list, so we can just add more items to them in the future. We are doing this, so we can keep on going, keep on going, further and further. Until we get to a certain point where all of our psychic energy is going towards our most important tasks, and nothing is being drained unnecessarily.

Be very careful of adding random items into your life, either clothing wise, or to-do items, or friends, or free things. In fact, stop accepting free items in general, unless, they are something that you are really going to use and adore.

Everything in your life should be something that is contributing at a high rate to the joy and abundance in your life.

If it doesn’t do that, then eliminate that item instantly. Do not keep it around year after year, hoping that you will be eventually able to do something with it. It is a waste of our precious psychic energy.

The more creative you want to be, the less you need to want and need. The less stuff you have, the more you can direct all of that psychic energy to your creative work.

Ultimately, that’s what all of us want, don’t we?

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