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Digital Nomads Are Forever Growing and Never Staying Stagnant

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When I first heard of the Digital Nomad lifestyle, I imagined that it would be the absolute perfect fit for me. In so many ways, it has been. But the reason why I love being on the road so much is that to me, a digital nomad is living the antistagnation lifestyle.

There is no way that a digital nomad after all of that travel, movement, learning, and personal growth, could stay stagnant in any area of their life.

Not only are you learning a lot from the process of traveling for a majority of your life, but also, you are learning from the other like-minded and un-like minded folks on the road. Each culture, and city that you travel to and live in, teaches you something new about the world.

In addition, each traveling day when you are far away from family, friends, and familiarity, teaches you something about yourself.

What Is Your AntiStagnation Lifestyle Like? Digital Nomads Know

Until I started doing the full-time travel, and digital nomad thing, I didn’t know what stuff I was made of. I really had no clue what I was capable of, and how far I could really go.

I mean, sometimes, I used to hope for an apocalypse so that I could test myself out and see how strong, brave, and capable I truly am. But no need for that anymore. The Digital Nomad lifestyle is great to figure out what your mettle is all about. What happens to you when a flight gets canceled and you have to spend 13 hours on a bus? Or what happens to you when a cop is yelling at you in a language you don’t understand and you are afraid for your very existence?

Every single day, as a digital nomad, you would encounter interesting scenarios… scenarios that until now, were only theoretical in your head, but now have been proved to be real. When you are able to handle all of these random, and oh-so-crazy scenarios with a cool composure, that’s when you truly realize that you’ve leveled up.

Personal Growth 10Xed – Digital Nomads Grow On A Daily Basis

When you live a stationary life, many times, it can also become a stagnant lifestyle. You take the same bus route every day or the same route to work every day. You speak to the same people every day. And you eat the same food every day. You might even end up having the same thoughts day in and day out.

Stagnation at its very worst.

But a digital nomad doesn’t really have that luxury. Each new city or country presents its own new challenges. You cannot take the same route to work, because every cafe you end up working in, is going to be located in a new place, with new menus, new food items to try out, new people to stare at, new people to interact with.

Everything changes daily. Sometimes hourly. It can truly be a tiring experience at times, and that’s one of the reasons, Digital Nomads realize soon enough that the best way to be one is to stay in each city/country for a minimum of a month, and ideally, for 3 months at a time.

It ensures that you are able to really truly integrate yourself into the culture, and you are not always just moving about, you are not always just off to the next place, without enjoying where you were before. That’s the antistagnation lifestyle at its best.

DNs – When You Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Look Like…

Digital Nomads (DNs) don’t ever know what tomorrow will look like. It might be truly terrible because the Internet company has gone on strike, and you can’t get any work done. Or it might be truly beautiful because you met a group of people who turned out to be your tribe and are teaching you so much about life, spirituality, and personal development.

That’s what it’s like. You never know what your life is going to look like, from day today.

And that’s what keeps things really exciting, interesting, and above-level. You are always swimming upstream, but all of that swimming upstream really grows your muscles. Both spiritually, intellectually, and physically. You are never sitting still. You are unable to sit still because there’s always something new going on.

There’s always something new that’s going to pull you into a new direction, teach you something new about yourself, and make you realize that you are even more powerful than you realized at first.

DNs Are All About the AntiStagnation Lifestyle

This is something that has been absolutely true for me. I have been realizing how much more powerful, intelligent, and brave I am than I had ever known before. It’s like I have been thrown into the deep end, and I know no matter what the world throws at me, I can handle it. I can handle all of the bullshit, and the madness, because I have done it before, and there’s nothing I can’t handle.

Throw at me all you got, world. Throw at me, everything. And I will just gladly deal with it. Because I can, and because I have in the past, and because it all just makes me stronger and stronger.

Better, braver, stronger, and more powerful than ever before. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Of becoming a digital nomad, and living an antistagnation lifestyle?

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